X360A & PS3T to Design GRID 2 Achievement & Trophy List In World First

Dan Webb

Since we set up these here sites, we've had ourselves a bucket list... Publish a guide book. Check. Become more than just a niche site. Check. By far the biggest personal goal of mine was to design an Achievement and Trophy list... I don't just mean, 'make one up and draw it on some napkins,' I mean, design a list for an actual game that will be actually used. It is with great excitment then that I announce that we're designing the Achievement and Trophy list for Codemasters' upcoming and hugely anticipated racer, GRID 2. Not only that, but we're going to document the process from start to finish to give you an inside look into the process. This never-been-done before adventure starts here, folks!

I'll shut up now, here's the press release...


Sheffield, November 23rd, 2012 – In an unprecedented move in the world of video games, Codemasters will be enlisting the help and utilising the years of experience of Xbox 360 Achievements (X360A) and PS3 Trophies (PS3T) to create the Achievement and Trophy list for the upcoming and highly anticipated racer, GRID 2.

Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies will work hand-in-hand with the designers at Codemasters’ world class racing studio, to create an Achievement and Trophy list that will perfectly compliment the game and play to its strengths.

Documenting the process from start to finish, gamers will be able to track what goes into creating an Achievement and Trophy list with a series of features, vid blogs and more, giving gamers a detailed insight into a process that is very much a mystery for most onlookers.

“If anyone knows the achievement and trophy crowd, it’s us,” said Editor-in-Chief of Xbox360Achievements.org and PS3Trophies.org, Dan Webb, “For years we’ve been criticising lacklustre Achievement & Trophy lists, and now, we finally get the chance to put our money where our mouth is. Codemasters have put their faith in us to work with them on creating  the ultimate list, and we’re looking forward to repaying that trust to design Achievements and Trophies with unique objectives that will put a smile on players’ faces with each and every unlock.”

“Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies are the recognised ‘go to’ sites for anyone interested in getting the most from their game’s Achievements and Trophies,” said Clive Moody, Executive Producer, Codemasters Racing Studio. “Their extensive knowledge coupled with our studio talent will make for a uniquely crafted list with insight from the experts, offering gamers real challenge and reasons to chase every possible reward. It’s a new approach, but we think it will be a lot of fun and a great way to give player’s an insight into this increasingly important element of game design.”

GRID 2 is scheduled for a summer 2013 release. Keep an eye on Xbox360Achievements.org and PS3Trophies.org for all the coverage as they embark on this never-been-done-before adventure.


Connected Media Solutions Ltd was founded in early 2008 to manage the exponential growth of Xbox360Achievements.org, founded in February 2006, and to serve as a business hub for the site. In June 2008, Connected Media Solutions created PS3Trophies.org and in doing so, established their online network of sites as not only one of the biggest UK based networks, but also in the world.


Codemasters, the award winning video game developer and publisher, has a 25-year heritage. With titles distributed globally, Codemasters is a leading developer and publisher of driving and racing entertainment games including DiRT, GRID and the official FORMULA ONE series of games including the BAFTA award-winning F1 2010, F1 2011 and F1 ONLINE: THE GAME. Codemasters employs over 500 people and operates multiple development studios from its Warwickshire HQ and Birmingham sites in the UK with a further art studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Codemasters is a winner of the coveted Grand Prix Award from the Develop Industry Excellence Awards, an award bestowed on the company felt by Develop to have contributed the most to the games medium in recent times. For more information on Codemasters’ product portfolio, please visit www.codemasters.com. Join in the conversation with @codemasters on Twitter or Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/codemasters.

  • Boom! Let the good times roll. I suggest an achievement for driving 1 billion miles - people will love it!
  • I've always wanted to design the achievements for a game. Good luck with your decisions.
  • You guys should just make the shittiest, most time-consuming list ever.
  • No bullshit luck MP ones!
  • I can't wait to see the review of this game from you guys... specifically the Achievement section of it.
  • Drive 1 lap - 1000G Make it happen!!
  • Wow this is awesome! It'll probably be the best achievement list out there seeing as you guys know exactly what you want out of a list. On the other hand making the whole list completely impossible might be a funny way to troll everyone :P
  • Nice one x360a!
  • Haha that's awesome!
  • Wow amazing, whats this book you speak of though? Would be interested
  • As cool as this is, when the game releases and you do the review,I think that you'll be bias towards the achievements because you made them.
  • Wow, congrats!
  • @#10 - We published a guide book many years ago =) --> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Unofficial-Xbox360-Achievements-Official-Guides/dp/0761561587/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234121299&sr=8-2 @#11 - Way ahead of you, we won't rate them when it comes to release =) (If we were though, we'd give them 100 of course =P)
  • @11 obviously but then they won't make crappy list as that would defeat the object. I would like some fun ones like an achievement for breaking 200 mph - in the pitlane!
  • Make it quicker than avatar!
  • Press start button on menu screen - 1000G 'Let the good times roll'
  • @13 - any thoughts to asking for opinions from us the comminuty. Because i would love to make some suggestions for example if there online ones make them fair and not stupid and id say put only 200G aside for online.
  • This is gonna go one of two ways. Either epic fail (highly unlikely) or totally epic! Please make this list an interesting one, and not just a generic racer achievement list. Example: Handbrake turn and smash every opponent in a single race, and win! 25g. That's something I'd probably do anyway, but getting an achievement for it would be fun. Its great news, and I couldn't be happier that you guys here will get to do something I've always wanted to do. Remember, make these achievements interesting!
  • @13 - an see if you can get some avatar awards linked to them and have is as a A360 shirt :P
  • just hope there`s no "bucket list" type of achievements dont mind a challenge but over 200 hours for an achievement... good luck and enjoy the challenge on the other hand at least we`ll know who to blame for them lol
  • And the winner of all categories of X360A's Achievement Awards 2012 is....
  • @#17 - Well, we're always listening, let's just put it that way. We've got a lot of cool features planned in the run up till launch and we'll be reading all the comments on every piece (like we do now, but more intently =P), so if we see a really cool suggestion that sticks with us, then we'll obviously look into it =)
  • Slave Labor.
  • We'd better get some recognition too! You know you love us that much!
  • Congrats been a user here and over on ps3t for a few years now great to see you land something like this. (about time a games company took advice from guys who know cheevos).
  • Congratulations guys.
  • @11 obviously. There not gonna put loads of time in to making the best list possible and then say its shit. Anyway, I don't usually buy this type of game, but I think I will get this one just for the achievements.
  • maybe you guys should bring thie site up to date first.fix some of the little things like getting our gt scanned properly, giving us some more options within the site better friends lists and a gaming scheduler. get some better moderators for the forums.
  • Nice one guys! It's about time achievements were made by professionals. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations :D Just one thing though, if you have to include MP cheevos, make em short and sweet like Halo 4 or AC3. Let's not have any soul-draining timesinks, nothing that requires 7 complicit friends, nothing that promotes boosting, nothing that requires as much luck as the lottery, just enough for achievement hunters to dabble with the multiplayer and get a feel for it.
  • I'm predicting a 100 score for achievements in your review.
  • Make sure to test the buggery out of it before you decide anything, only cheevies that can be got with the basic version. None of that you must buy the CE to get 100% crap. Definately a cheevie connected to completion. At least one for 90%+ and one for 100%
  • Make the most of it...do 100 ten pointer achievements :)
  • @22 - Legend RaceDriver "Reach Legend status" 50G You 1 - 0 360A "beat a driver named after an employee of xbox360A" 25G (of course this only work IF you got codemaster to name a driver after one of you)
  • Will we finally see an achievement for starting up a game?
  • @34 Its been done. The Simpsons Game comes to mind for me, but I'm sure there were a few others. As Comic Book Guy points out himself, "Easiest. Achievement. Ever."
  • Hopefully not too hard and not too easy.
  • 3 achievements thanks.
  • "maybe you guys should bring thie site up to date first.fix some of the little things like getting our gt scanned properly, giving us some more options within the site better friends lists and a gaming scheduler. get some better moderators for the forums." @ 28 ... so make x360a like TA.com then??
  • Very smart move on Codemasters part. Pretty much an automatic buy by most of the active x360a and ps3t communties. I know I will be getting it now since the list was designed by x360a/ps3t.
  • Will you please make some reference to the movie The Wraith, when creating the list? I mean afterall it's without question the greatest car movie ever made. Lol, that movie is a gold mine for one liners.
  • Way to f'n go, guys! This is definitely a awesome thing to be a part of, and I can only imagine the excitement for those of you who are on it. Can't wait to see how things go, and the final outcome. Congrats.
  • @ dan webb is there a chance that we will be able to suggest some achievements. maybe a competition with the best achievements going in the list.
  • How about this... "EVERY POINT COUNTS" - 100G - Finish in the points every race of the season.
  • or even a competition for the some of the achievement names. get some of our creative juices flowing ;)
  • So will the game have 100 points for achievements in the review? ;)
  • OMFG, nicely done, it's great to see a company actually caring about it's achievement list so much i mean every time a new game is released (or it's achievement / trophy list anyways) its usually followed by many comments of "generic list" or "uninventive"....now this should be the chance for a truly interesting list, and you guys have the possibility of drawing up some possible lists, then getting community feedback on it until the "perfect list" is found obviously, it would be impossible to make a perfect list, but something that the majority apreciate, which for most of us is no sodding online achievements....but, online achievements can be good if they are easily attainable, and fun...rather than win x ammount of races online etc that we usually get anyways, that reminds me, i still need to pick up a copy of the original when i've finally got some money looking forward to see what you finally agree on, and would it be the first time that achievements were known before they appear on xbox.com
  • I think you should let your loyal fans come up with a cheevo. Make a comp out of it or something. Either way think you'll nail the list. Love the Grid and love this site. Cannot wait to see the end product.
  • Would be just your luck to make the greatest achievement list ever and it be ruined by gamebreaking glitches...but I pray for the best from this. Its good for you guys to get some recognition :) Well done
  • No multiplayer achievements that need boosting is all I ask. Multiplayer achievements are fine, but don't have stupid ones like win 5 races in a row.
  • This is a freaking good idea ! You guys got some recognition for your hard work. Nice one.
  • 'Immersion' 'Complete a race driving in cockpit view' 30g. Oh wait... ('Immersion' is actually an achievement in F1 2012... they kinda shot themselves in the foot with that one)
  • That's really awesome guys - good luck! Plus any press release that starts with Sheffield just makes me full of Northern pride. I consider the whole thing apt recognition for the help you've provided in helping me organise and boost my gamerscore...
  • now that's just showing off. 20g. do a donut before crossing the finish line and win. that would be a fun one or something similar.
  • @ 38. it doesnt have to be like ta but it does need to keep up to date. it is definatly falling way behind it's main competitor. the site hasnt read gt's right for well over a year. the site is falling way behind.
  • I'm buying this now. Can't wait to see the list.
  • Not planning on playing the game but its pretty damn cool you guys get to design the list. Congrats guys, very well deserved.
  • Congrats guys on this achievement (No pun intended). Don't normally go near them type of games but I might on this occasion.
  • Achievement Social Club Join X360A -5G
  • Make sure you guys have an easy one you get early. That way you hook the completionist from the start.
  • Well congratulations, first of all! Now you want be even able to review this game on achievement aspect, so does that mean that rating (when review comes around) will be missing that section? We know you won't be objective, it's like game dev advertising their own game LOL). And to really keep customers happy, you should probably throw in 5 achievement worth 200GS each. Gamerscore whores on this website love that shit LOL Looking forward to finding out all the deets and what it takes to actually come up with the list=D
  • Congragulations you guys deserve this opportunity 100%!
  • Make sure the Platinum trophy is an actual achievement on the Xbox side so the numbers are the same for both. It's a pet peeve of mine.
  • Congratulations, great news for you guys!
  • (Secret achievement) called its a secret after unlocking it says, you figured out the secret but what was it? Unlock requirements? Start the game
  • Cool. I hope that is Sheffield in England. Best place in the UK.
  • Rage Quit - drive badly, chuck controller @ somthing & Exit race via power button
  • Should be a good list, lots of fun ones, a couple of generic ones, nothing too easy, hopefully not many grinders. You gotta put in GOTTA DRIVE 'EM ALL 2.0 and have it read "Its not glitched this time round." And have it be worth 60gs to make up for the first game.
  • and no damn Kinect cheevies, or any other peripheral device!
  • Great achievement itself for the nice. Good job guys
  • 10G - Insert disc into Console Surely time for that achievement?
  • This is awesome. Great going guys. Don't really need to tell you this, but just remember that the best lists are the ones that are personal and involved. Once you get to know the game and its specifics those ideas will start pouring out.
  • Awesome, looking forward to seeing the list, and playing game.
  • Great news, a real list of fun attainable achievements which add to the enjoyment of the game rather than a shallow list made entirely to prolong a short uninspiring game....couldn't think of anyone better to make a list apart from maybe Keith lemon look forward to seeing the completed list..... Here's a few ideas for your eyes... DRIVING MISS DAISY - cross the line with only 1 mph on the clock and win MIRROR MIRROR - finish a whole lap in reverse without damaging your car
  • congratulations, this is an amazing reward for your work and you surely deserve it. P.S. just remember, we hate online achievements that takes the fun out of the game and they make us boost them
  • it'll be interesting to see what the achievement community can come up with, just no online please. The Man In The White Suit - be undefeated in 50 races in solo or multiplayer. Captain sense of direction - cash 10 times in one race and continue to win. Its not all doom and gloom - Wreck your car Trolololo - Spin 3 opponents cars in one race. Velocity - Reach the max speed in the fastest car.
  • Read the news on another site and had to come here to say fair play. You lads deserve some recognition, and I'm looking forward to seeing he list you draw up. Got to hand it to Codemasters too. Nice to see they're taking an active interest and not just treating achievements as an afterthought. Great website and well done again.
  • YOLO (you only live once) - win a race by flipping your car over the line. 15G Inch or a mile - steal 1st place just before the line. 10G Vin diesel quote if anyone was wondering about the last one ;) seen tho someone mentioned avatar awards. (Mr.Webb mascot heads all round) that is all :P
  • Schuve made your way to the front - exchange paint with all cars and win the race That's all I have for now
  • it should just be power up the game for first time 1000G would sell quite a few more copies then :D
  • You have to have an achievement called "Every Point Counts" Thats some big news, congrats. Would never buy a game like this but will have to this time around because you guys are doing the achievement list!
  • Sounds awesome. But like you said, putting the money where your moth is so don't fuck it up :) Someone else suggested it but I also like the idea of some contest here to let a member contribute an achievement. If you have 50 to work with (that's still the max retail at launch right?) you can give one to someone here. @80: I like that idea, especially if they pull a Bulletwitch (very hard achievement for only 1 GS).
  • Agreed, a pretty difficult achievement for 1gs. To anyone saying to have an achievement for switching on the game, yeah maybe, but that should definately be worth 1gs. I remember Chime did it (50gs) and said something like "its for charity", cos some of the proceeds were. I like the Driving Miss Daisy one that was suggested.
  • Awesome keep it up at good works and good luck to finish 100% on it. :D Maybe have 50,000G hehe :P
  • Another vote here from me for an achievement called "every point counts"
  • @31 Seeing as never in the history of the 360 has there been a game that required a certain edition to complete, I don't see it happening here either.
  • Congratulations on this honour! Hope you guys do us proud and please just one request, keep the MP achievements to a bare minimum.
  • You have finally gotten the chance to show the developers, how it should be done. The list shouldn't be a piece of cake neither insanely hard and most importantly creative. This is the ULTIMATE CHANCE, please don't demand for insane skills like Shift 2 master every corner in day and night kind of crap or Grindfest achievements like Forza's Bucket list. Make them creative, there is so much room for creative things in here e.g classic fueds between cars or joke achievements, or as one friend mentioned do a quick turn and hit 5 opponents offline or crash your car 100 times or amass 100$ Million in crases e.t.c there are so many more things you can do but I won't bore you people, you are more smarter then me and have tons of more expertise too in the matter :) But please no Buy every car achievement or from every manufacturer achievement as there is never enough cash and it becomes a grindfest ALWAYS. Do make make MP achievements but make them simple and fun and do not include reach highest rank online or play online for 24 hours, it becomes a grindfest too. You should make Reach level 20 or 15 online (if 50 levels) so if anyone's interested till then so he'll play more otherwise he'll grind. And Best of luck guys please do tell them fans don't hate Avatar Rewards :P
  • Looks like im Getting Grid 2 now
  • Great opportunity - look forward to seeing the list! Should ask if you can have 1000 single point achievements.
  • well in guys that is totally awesome, and more sales as we wil lbuy the game just to support you guys so you get to do another one! everyone pre order grid 2!!! :)
  • 100G for driving 1.000.000 miles in total, will love that :) but no luckbased/win x times in a row online achieves.. and if you make online rank achieves, please not the highest rank like the first game has :P other then that i have good faith that the list will be nice and good to do
  • What an awesome idea. I was planning on buying the game anyway bit now I'm really exited!
  • I'm buying this game day one...only because of this announcement!
  • Holy shit, that's awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with
  • I didn't know this site was UK based lol This is an amazing opportunity for the staff. I'll definitely pick up the game to try out what you come up with :D
  • Nice one Webb! Tough genre for a first list though, not much room for creativity in the racing world. Add another one for an Every Point Counts achievement that's 1G and the hardest in the game. Other suggestions: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash 5 times in a race and still make it to the finish line. (dO YoU GeT TeH ReFeRuNtss?) You Just Don't Get it, Do You? - I have a feeling the game will have a song on the soundtrack about Not giving up/Not giving in/Never quitting/Never surrendering, etc. This'll pop when you quit or restart during a race where this song is playing. If this is anything like Midnight Club LA people willing be restarting alot. Possible secret achievement. If people need to look it up they can get it within 5 minutes. All Day, Every Day - Achievement for racing and completing a MASSIVE LiveRoutes race, i.e. 247 (24/7) miles or 365 miles. Who's know if the game will allow something this big? Fully aware Everyday is one word, but Every Day looks better next to All Day :p
  • "Try to drive into the Audience but got stopped by a big wall" 5G "Drive -20 Miles backwards in a Race" 500G "ride shotgun" 5G "backseat driver" 5G
  • I kind of thought that this would happen one day, just honestly thought that we'd get 1 achievement in a game as a dedication or something, not an entire list! Make sure to involve the community with voting, and stuff like that. And just because you don't enjoy MP achievements, don't scrap them completely.
  • @85 Mass Effect 3 released as a 1050Gs game. The last 50Gs requiring the ridiculously limited CE/LE, or purchasing 'From Ashes' that was released later. Freedom Fighter 25Gs Prothean Expert 25Gs
  • Too Legit to Quit. Finish 100 consecutive multiplayer races without being a douche and ragequitting. 1000GS
  • Law abider- win a race without going over 65 mph Stuntman- finish a lap while driving in reverse Faster than Santa- get in first place in less than 5 seconds
  • ...this will most likely NOT be the last time this happens...devs are focused on the game...and even though we are 7 years into this lifecycle and achievements and trophies are here to stay...so many devs STILL don't get this portion of a game right...
  • Make it the easiest 1000G! it would definitely help the sales for the game! because Achievements lists can dictate how well a game sells.
  • get the site fixed and up to date first.
  • Underdog - 8th to 1st in the final lap.
  • One achievement for 1000G
  • It would be awesome to design a games achievements! I find myself doing it all the time now! Endlessly thinking "this should be an achievement, and that should too" :p
  • MP achievements, mass effect 3 set the bar for them imo and any included should be like that do this in Mp OR do that in single player anyway good luck with this, cant imagine the stress its going to put you under to do well with it though
  • Please no MP only achievements. Make the achievements obtainable in any mode!
  • Can they fix Gotta Drive 'Em All from the first one ? Please make this happen.
  • #103: Maybe in La La Land they dictate sales.
  • Times are changing. Big Hoorah for X360 and PS3T.
  • This is awesome. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  • Don't f*** up! No pressure!
  • Something like "If you came to hear me beg" except slightly less frustrating. Not sure how that would work in a racing game though. Also, one for glitching out of the race track.
  • http://m.kotaku.com/5962993/grid-2s-achievements-will-be-written-by-achievement-hunters I gave Kotaku the news. You're now on their homepage! Just spreading the love (:
  • It's great that codies are the first conpany i've heard do this. Tho it'll not be on a game i'd have an interest in buying. I hate games that split cheeves into SP and MP. It's crap that you can't go back to complete old lists coz there's a load of MP ones on a game nobody plays anymore
  • you should do a fun one like punch a horse in face cheevo from....whatever it was...smash your opponents car up with something 100G
  • IT WAS LAGGING (0GS) - Quit moments before your opponent is about to win in a Online RANKED race.
  • I think you should do 50 achievements, 49 zero point achievements and one super easy 1000 point achievement. This way you can make a really good list and make the easiest 1000. @99- You can get the original 1000 in ME3 with just the regular edition. The achievement rules clearly state that a game must have 1000 points attainable with just the regular disc (or free DLC). A game can use paid DLC to go over 1000, which the extra 50 was from From Ashes. Bioware just decided to include it in with the CE.
  • this is truly a achievement good work and props to all who run the site.
  • Congrats people and the best of luck. Make it the greatest list ever!!!!
  • I honestly love refrence achievements. Either a tip of the hat to a famous quote or event would be awesome. Movie quotes are almost infinate and parodies are abundant. Please be mindful of the casual gamer, but don't make all of the achievements too easy. I usually think 400 for story, 200 funny/easy, 200 online, and 200 for challenges. Make sure you add some fun easy achievements. Like a achievement called "practice makes perfect" for the first time you lose or "Sorry dad" for the first time you total your car. I may buy this game now just to support you guys.
  • Achievement unlocked !
  • 1000G - start the game! I hope not, as I'll buy GRID 2 and would like a bit more depth. No online achievements I hope. Flawless Race - Don't make any contact in a Race. In a field of your own - win by large margin Nurse it home - Finish in points with Engine in Red Damage Bad boys, Bad Boys - Get a penalty/DQ or something. It costs how much? - Spend over a million dollars on a car. That'll hurt the resale value - Write off your car. Dizzy - Spin the car through 360 or spin someone else. Flatspot! - Lock up for longer than 15m in one go. Slipstream to glory - Take the lead by drafting New Paintjob - Trade paint with another car
  • Comment #38 by NITEMARECREATOR Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 12:23:44 PM ""maybe you guys should bring thie site up to date first.fix some of the little things like getting our gt scanned properly, giving us some more options within the site better friends lists and a gaming scheduler. get some better moderators for the forums." @ 28 ... so make x360a like TA.com then??" What is supposed to be on TA.com? The site is not video game related at all!
  • You should include 2 achievements for all those people complaining about their score beeing odd (not ending on 5 or 0). Because 5 is even, ya know ... Something like "I like them even" - 2GS - Finish races on every even position. (2nd, 4th, and so on) "Odd world" - 3GS - Finish races on every odd position. (1st, 3rd, ...) So getting both will "fix" their score. :-) Some other wild suggestions: "360" - "Spin another car." "Rubber" - "No reason!" (unlocks when you get crashed and one of your tires rolls away. reference to the movie "Rubber" ;-) ) "Fast and Furious" - "Crash every other car and finish 1st" And I would too love to see a 1 point achievement called "Every Point Counts". :-)
  • Review: Achievements: 100 We made them, they're the best!
  • 50 achievements. None of them worth a multiple of 5G. Do it.
  • Ugh i really don't like this idea.Its either gonna turn out great with good achievements or its gonna turn out horrable with tons of crappy ones.My guess is the 2nd one because i bet half the ones that get picked are form people that A never play the game or B only play one mode & want achi's for that mode only.
  • @#130 - We'll be designing the list. We're not necessarily saying we'll be taking suggestions, we'll be reading them though. We'll be designing the list with the best interest of the game and its audience in hand. We have every confidence we can create a fantastic list and we'll hopefully convince you along the way =)
  • Nice. Way to go!
  • This is pretty damn cool, just had to say that. I have no doubt we'll be getting a cool list out of it. Congrats to x360a, and kudos to Codemasters for having the knowledge and confidence to do something like this. I honestly wasn't thinking about getting Grid 2 (I played the first and loved it but just not a huge racing guy) but it looks like this will lock it up. I'll have to think about some ideas to see if I can come up with one creative to maybe make the list or have some influence, would pretty much complete my life (from a gaming perspective ;) )
  • Nice to see Codemasters doing something different! GRID was awesome, can only imagine GRID 2 will be better (fingers crossed)
  • grid was and stll one of the best raceing games out their so bring on grid 2 so lady and gentelmen start you engiens
  • Congratz, and do make us proud!
  • Very exited for this, but please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO "get to driver level _" type of achievements or "drive x amount of miles". i feel like you guys can be a lot more creative with the 50 achievements you are entitled to designing
  • A viral achievement would be great. X360A.org 10G (for Xbox version) and PS3T.org bronze trophy (for PS3 version). You played against a X360A/PS3T staff ;)
  • a staff member
  • Make the achievements similar to GRID 1 because that game was awesome and the achievements are challenging but fun to get.
  • win a race with every car in the game
  • Win a race without touching the break - 25G - "Metal to the Peddle to the Other Metal" Perform a high speed head-on collision - 20G - "Stuntman Mike" Finish all but the final lap of a race in last place and win (Min. 3 laps) - 20G - "Cardiac Kid" Complete a lap/race in reverse - 20G - "Bueller!" Hit a wall head-on going 88mph - 15G - "Doc... Wrong Car" Those would be fun.
  • This is going to be a great list. congrats
  • No multiplayer achivements please it becomes a chore, and it would be awesome if all the achivements are kept in the campaign mode.
  • how about 1 which relates direct to you/us. Put a sponsor X260A on the bonnet of your car- 10g keep X360A as a sponsor all your career- 40g A little like the wrc2 when you gave to get certain sponsors on car. I agree with minimum mp achievements- dont have coop ones- they get boring (f1)
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