New Mass Effect 3 DLC in the Works, "All Hands on Deck" At BioWare

Richard Walker

A few hints pointing towards the next Mass Effect 3 add-on have been dropped by BioWare, with the developer looking to follow-up Omega with something that apparently has "high potential for tears". Under development at BioWare Edmonton, the expansion will be having a lot of attention lavished upon it, with no less than eight writers, including lead scribe Mac Walters, working on the upcoming content.

"It's all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every Mass Effect 3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved," BioWare Level Designer Jos Hendriks writes on the BioWare Forum. "If my math skills are correct [that means] eight."

Mass Effect 3's composer Sam Hulick will also return for the DLC, with his last work on the game being writing the score for the Extended Cut add-on. His work was absent from both Leviathan and Omega. "What I'm up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC!", Hulick posted on his Twitter feed. "More details on this coming later on."

"Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears," Hulick added.

It's suggested that the next Mass Effect 3 DLC will take players back to the Citadel, based on hacked files taken from previous add-ons (the same file hacks outed Leviathan and Omega), and will also feature the return of Normandy pilot Joker, played by Seth Green.

"@SethGreen Thank you for yet another fantastic session. And thank you for being such a kind person," said BioWare Producer and Voice Director Caroline Livingstone on Twitter last week, essentially announcing Green's role on the DLC. "You are lovely!"

Kaidan Alenko voice actor Raphael Sbarge has also been back in the studio recording lines too according to his Twitter, which indicates Shepard could be reunited with his crew for this one, after teaming up with Aria T'Loak and Nyreen Kandros for Omega.

With From Ashes, Leviathan and Omega done and dusted, it looks like the next Mass Effect 3 DLC could be something substantial, and dare we say it, special.

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  • Let's just hope it wasn't as big of a let down as Omega.
  • I really hope this DLC delivers. The last DLC(Omega) was just too damn short for 15 bucks.
  • @#2 - You say that, but I bet you've spent $60 on a 12 hour game before. $15 for 6 hours means that if it was a full retail game, it'd be 24 hours long. It wasn't expensive.
  • Hush Webb, you're just biased as it's your beloved Mass Effect ;)
  • High potential for tears ? so does this mean we're going back to the citadel to look for Shepard ?
  • Hopefully it's a similar situation to ME2 where the first couple DLCs are ok then Lair of the Shadow Broker came out and set the standard for story based DLC, maybe this can be ME3s LotSB.
  • I havent got Omega yet but will be getting it this weekend so I will judge for myself....but any DLC is appreciated!! Kaiden back? Not for me....he died.....If Ashley is back in this too then hell yeah!!
  • @Webb, the problem is that you can't trade in DLC so yes it is expensive.
  • Joker is the best character in the series! (Though it's debatable of course):)
  • @3 Yes, I have spent $60 to play games that end up at 12 hours or less, but of course i'd have different expectations for different genres. It took me 3 hours on insanity to beat this DLC, not 6. So I guess I can't argue because every gamer goes at their own pace. But I just felt like this DLC was just too straightforward with no real choices to be made, also, the three side quests were lame.
  • @3 Webb, whilst we're on the subject of the Omega DLC... Is there anyway the site could make the DLC reviews easier to find? It used to be a tab would appear under the games actual review, but nowadays it involves traipsing through the news articles to found it :/ Just an idea :) OT: Like most ME3 DLC's, I'll probably get it on sale... Mass Effect DLC is one of those things I can easily wait for, but will enjoy regardless of the delay :P
  • I enjoyed both DLCs that have been released so far, but Omega seemed lacking to me, mainly because I was hoping for a new squad member. It should have been 800 rather than 1200 IMO, but keeping the squad member would have made it worth the cost. Hoping this next DLC finally lets me recruit a Krogan. While writing this I realized something I have actually spent more time on the MP of this game and had a more enjoyable time while doing so than I have the SP..... Uh-Oh
  • @12, Black Ops 2 is a new release while this is not... Call of Duty is the very definition of over hype.
  • Oooohhh, lots to reply to! Here goes *takes deep breath* @#4 - Ha ha, biased? I gave the DLC a 6 =P I'm just saying, the amount of hours the DLC offered is not a valid excuse not to get this piece of DLC in my eyes. The fact it's not very story-centric, now that is more of a justifiable reason. @#8 - Trade in? What's that? Heh. Well, I'm one of the few that trades nothing in, so I wouldn't know. I still don't consider it expensive. @#10 - 3 hours!? I did it on Insanity too (only ever play on that difficulty now) and it took me six hours. I agree on the whole lack of choices and lame side quests thing, and I'm not saying it's a must buy, but in terms of value for money, it can't be knocked. New environment, new enemies and a lot of gameplay (well, for me, it was, ha). On a Mass Effect 3 DLC front, it can be knocked. Choices were inconsequential, story was wafer thin... it felt like a generic TPS, not Mass Effect. The perfect piece of Mass Effect DLC would combine the story and squad interaction of Leviathan, the combat in Omega, with the choice in Bring Down the Sky. Would be nice to have a few more choices though than just the one. @#11 - Yes! We can do that again... in all honesty, I forgot we used to do that which is why it hasn't been done recently, ha! I think we'll go back and actually attach all the ones that we missed in fact.
  • Can we finally get a new damn squad member?
  • @ #16 Agreed, thats why I loved Mass Effect 2, with all the teammates to choose from and the 2 DLC ones, it was great in terms of squadmates. Plus Kasumi Gotto was the bomb, dammit I would have rather romanced her so I guess Miranda will always be my go to ass............I mean girl.
  • I didn't get Omega, which is a big deal considering I'll buy anything for ME games (except costumes) but I bought extra gun packs and the like. But the reviews seemed awfully lackluster. I'll probably give this a miss too, until such times as they go down in price. Bioware DLC for me has always been all over the place. It's not consistently good or bad, it varies even within a single game. Some of the Dragon Age DLC was great, some terrible. ME had the okay Bringing dow the Sky, and that awful AR mission one. ME2 had Zaeed who just irritated me, Kasumi who I found pleasant and Shadow Broker, which brought Liara into play (excellent) and was just generally great. I can't really remember the DA2 DLC packs to be honest, though I definitely did buy them. ME3's Leviathan was pretty poor imo. I just found it a little tiresome to play.
  • This is why I don't understand why they released the Trilogy Edition already. Surely it would have been a better idea to hold off until they where completely done with ME3 DLC and have the Trilogy come with every piece of DLC from all games for all platforms instead of random DLC for each.
  • @15 I think you need to check the batteries in your sarcasm detector Webb, I was joking :p
  • @15 Thanks! It's only a minor thing in honesty, but it's slightly more ease of use for people looking for them - just sprang to mind when I was looking for some of the ME2 DLC's once :P
  • Joker and tears? Tiptree.
  • 8 writers? Talk about too many cooks...
  • Omega and Leviathan had music? I never noticed.. What exactly do you mean by "reunited"? All this DLC takes place before the end of the game.
  • I'll grab it when it's dotw. I hate paying full price for dlc on a game that's not as good as the last one. (in this case 1 was the best) @12, go play it then and get out of our faces.
  • 8 writers is a good thing. I'm hoping we get the same kind of quality we did in the main game. With all writers on board, they will all write the same characters so hopefully we'll get personal dialogue for each one and not just all the squadmates having the same dialogue like in Leviathan DLC.
  • Giving info so quickly since last DLC ... which looks like it wasn't well received... seems like bioware is ready to just put all their cards on the table.
  • ME3 is nothing but a shallow and cliche story. It's pathetic, this DLC wont be any different.
  • @#20 - D'oh! Ha ha, fear not, I've changed them now =P @#21 - Hey, if it helps with navigation around here, then we're all for it. We're actually on it now ;)
  • @#3 Hey Dan, didn't you say yourself that Omega takes 2-3 hours?=P OT: Since I almost cried reading about how about Omega was, I am actually inclined to believe their words. Will bring tears, but not ina good way LOL
  • ***how bad Omega was*** - my bad o_O
  • High potential for tears? I already cried enough when I saw the ending, and not in the "this was a really well done emotional scene" way that The Walking Dead did. On the plus side, more Seth Green is always welcome.
  • I really enjoyed Omega.
  • #6 made me so excited right then!! please be right #6!
  • @3 6hrs, I think not, unless you mean you played it 2 or 3 times. OT, Ill get this for completion sake but so far all ME3 dlc has been pretty poor and over priced imo. Maybe this next one will be good
  • I genuinely hope this is the DLC I've been whining to my friends about, desperately hoping for. They've received no end to my relenting on the perfect ending after the Extended Cut, I would love to see what happens in the aftermath, whether my Shepard gets to go see Kaidan once more! :D
  • I am so excited!!!!! I still liked Omega a lot, but was well aware of it's flaws.. Aria and the setting itself held that DLC up big time.
  • What would be nice is if they added DLC for at least a new character to keep. Like From Ashes, it could be anything from someone we know and like to someone new and mysterious. Possibly a new love interest to Shepard.
  • Six hours for Omega? How long does it take you to watch an episode of 60 Minutes? Three hours?
  • i'm hoping this dlc makes some of our choices over the 3 games have some kind of impact, i mean i had numerous playthroughs each with different choices but none whatsoever made a difference, ie if you uploaded the reaper tech at the end of 2 shouldnt cerberus be more deadly/more powerful, more of a threat than they actually were, and saving the rachni shouldnt they have featured more, i could go on and on with the amount of choices that failed to make a difference between paragon/renegade playthroughs
  • @Webb: Umm... I'm sorry but no. I beat the dlc in less then four hours on insanity. The latest DLC was a huge let down. And no, I have never spent $60 on a 6 hour long game, (or three seeing apparently I tanked through it...) I usually don't preorder games anymore for that reason alone. Plus even if it was 6 hours, the amount of content, or lack of, was not worth the pricetag. OT: I'm hoping this DLC will be good. I really want to support Mass Effect, but sadly its getting harder to do that...
  • Um.. Will this be the last piece of DLC? Kind of enjoyed the other ones..
  • @41 He said $60 for a 12 hour game. Divided up that makes $15 for every 3 hours of gameplay. That is about equivalent to the dlc size is the point he was trying to make. If the dlc lasts longer than three hours or you play it multiple times then you are getting an even better value out of it than you would have with that 12 hour game.
  • So excited for this ^_^
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