Ubisoft Working on Fixing Assassin's Creed III Hidden Secrets DLC Bug

Richard Walker

Yesterday, we reported on an issue affecting main campaign progress in Assassin's Creed III upon downloading the new Hidden Secrets DLC, available a week early for Season Pass holders. Ubisoft responded to the issue last night, advising a course of action for anyone planning to download the DLC while the studio works on a fix for the bug.

"Just a quick heads up, we're able to reproduce this issue at the studio and are working on a fix/workaround," Ubisoft Community Developer, Gabe Graziani wrote on the game's forums. "From what we can tell, this problem seems to be rare and should generally only affect a very small number of players. That said, we're taking the speedy and complete resolution of this very seriously."

Graziani also gave advice to anyone looking to download the DLC: "AVOIDING THIS BUG: Do not load your saved AC3 game while the DLC is downloading in the background. This appears to be the key trigger for this bug. You can do anything else you want to do, just don't load up your saved game and play it while the DLC is downloading."

Assassin's Creed III's The Hidden Secrets DLC is available to download for Season Pass holders now, and will be available to everyone else on December 11th. It includes three extra missions, including the Lost Mayan Ruins, the Ghost of War and a Dangerous Secret, for over an hour of extra gameplay, as well as two single-player costumes and two new multiplayer characters: the Redcoat and the Sharpshooter.

  • oh oh!
  • Oh boy!! now their new DLC is glitched aswell? What about the common men achievement thats still glitched for so many? Besides the fact that the DLC is basicly a bundle of stuff ppl got when pre-order ACIII. I loved and enjoyed ACIII but not be able to get this common men achievement drives me nuts after spending so many hours scanning those pesky farmers and my logbook says i recorded 3/3 activities but no entry made into logbook yet, not to mention a few other bugs and glitches..oh well Ubisoft hopefully more luck next time and now get it fixed!
  • Got the Join Or Die edition and still haven't played Ghosts Of War yet. Should probably do that. Sharpshooter is one of the cooler MP characters, as is the Red Coat. Anything beats another bland white dude in a hat (Montebank, Commander, Huntsman).
  • Well this happened to me yesterday hence the reason for the news article and i have begun to play through the main missions as that is all that is erased. If they are fixing it then i may leave it but i don't see how it will bring my save back to 100%
  • "Do not load your saved AC3 game while the DLC is downloading in the background" of course - how stupid of us. nobody every does that... /s
  • @5 ya because they do it so often, they're used to it haha
  • @#5 Do you always have to reply about CoD on every single topic?
  • Obvious troll is obvious.
  • LOL
  • Huh, forgot background downloads were possible.... and by forgot, I mean how long has that been possible?
  • @2 the common man was sorted for me with a thanksgiving? update, that might have been fixed for you too
  • I didn't know anyone even did that anyway...I mean, what's really the point? By the time you get anything done in the game, it's time to restart so the DLC can take effect. Just seems a bit pointless to do anything in my opinion, unless it's a totally different game. ...Plus I've always been somewhat paranoid about this type of thing, in honesty.
  • When I downloaded the dlc, even if I decided to look at my control pad it would cancel the dlc, so gosh knows how peeps where playing the game as well. These people need to invest in an Amstrad 464, load a game for 45 minutes, then when its loaded, it will crash, and you need to start again.
  • @12 No it hasn,t been fixed for me tho, unlike most that had the woodworkers or Lance glitched on 2/3 for me its the farmers saying 3/3 activities scaned but no entry in the logbook unlike the rest where it all says "All activities scaned entry saved into logbook" But not for the farmers, tried everything went back and forth even used the weather cheat but nothing. There is two activities i can,t get Prudence done its the making butter thing and plunge a chicken and i bet thats what might been missing.
  • there goes my game!!!
  • is there anything released nowadays that isnt glitched or bugged to fuck?
  • Hey Ubisoft, you should fixing some in game in AC III's full version. It is need some fix bugs not only that DLC. :):)
  • I got this message "Missing downloadable content", went to system settings, storage, to see if it was corrupted or something. The dlc was all good. Went back into the game and tried again. Worked. Odd..
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