God Mode - A Multiplayer and Co-Op XBLA Shooter That Takes You to 'Hell in a Toga'

Richard Walker

Atlus has announced God Mode, a shooter that riffs on ancient Greek mythology with a twist. Taking you to Hades, or as your 'spirit guide' calls it in the announcement trailer, "Hell in a toga", God Mode gives you an array of customisation options for tailoring your "worthless corpse", which you then take out into the arena for some frantic shooty action.

Featuring RPG elements and a dark sense of humour, God Mode casts you as a descendant of an ancient god who's turned mortal upon his family being banished from Mount Olympus. Cue a battle through the Maze of Hades in the underworld "to seek redemption and reclaim their place in the pantheon".

Boasting "non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting, hordes of on-screen enemies, and stunning visuals," God Mode has a single-player mode, alongside online and offline LAN modes, co-op play for 1-4 players, and 11 different weapons to choose from. Each character also has a special upgradable ability fuelled by 'Rage', accumulated by racking up kills.

Players can choose from several different powers that fulfil either offensive, defensive or support roles, joined by a series of in-game modifiers known as Tests of Faith that alter gameplay on the fly. With options to customise your character, you'll earn gold and experience that can be used to unlock new weapons and new powerful abilities, both of which can be upgraded.

Check out the announcement trailer and screenshots for God Mode below. It'll be coming to XBLA in early 2013 for 800 Microsoft Points.

  • looks interesting...
  • Wow I'm interested in this! Look at that weirdness!
  • the co-op and upgrades could bee good once borderlands gets old.
  • looks awesome and for 800msp it seems a steal.
  • This looks promising. Definitely keeping an eye on it.
  • might have to try this one!
  • Looks cool - wonder what the gameplay is like.
  • @ #7 The video is at the top. Also, this looks fantastic. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one for sure.
  • I really want the voice to be like a commentary, for the life of me I can't think of the name of the game I loved so much because of smart commentating... Still nothing. Looks like a bit of fun anyway, will keep an eye on it
  • For 800 this looks like a no-brainer for me.
  • #9: Bastion?
  • I like it
  • im sold!
  • Shut up and take *realised bank account is empty for obvious reasons*......dang Plan b then, be good at release THEN shut up and take my money!
  • Reminds me of Painkiller, definitely interested.
  • this looks awesome, and at 800 points, i'm definitely sold on it
  • It seems like bad a spinoff of God of War LOL And I am interested. Will defo check out trial to see if this is in fact game for me=)
  • Where are the classics like Sunset Riders, D&D II, Knights of the Round, Captain Commando, King of Dragons and great ARCADE games like that? Why the fuck do they keep releasing shit like this? These fucking things aren't arcade games, they're half assed pieces of shit meant to steal kids money. It's a terrible half baked multi-player crap fest with generic looking garbage going on... bleeeeh.
  • @18 - You're kidding right? Did you forget it's 2012 and the "arcade" has drastically changed to appeal to a wider range of people? In fact, Arcades from back in the day were designed to do the same exact thing you stated: STEAL KIDS' MONEY. How many Arcade games back then were quarter eaters? About all of them. Most were half assed PoS, and a lot even had terrible multiplayer with a ton of generic looking garbage going on. Nostalgia has clouded your view and made you an angry gamer.
  • That voice is SO annoying! And why does the advertisement video + title screens have to be as long as the gameplay trailer?
  • @18 *Looks at name and sees X's at the beginning and end* Speaking of generic...
  • IDDQD.
  • I'm sold!
  • Looks effin Killer... this one time a old lady with a glass eye told me she'd keep an eye out for me ewww BRAAIINNS ahhg get it ...
  • victorias secret huh....nice vid
  • finally a xbla game that intrests ME!
  • Looks interesting. Hopefully it doesn't suck.
  • Looks pretty good.
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