Ubisoft Planning Ghost Recon Movie

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft Motion Pictures boss Jean-Julien Baronnet is reportedly working on a Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon movie to pitch to Hollywood studios.

The Motion Pictures division will be hoping to continue their good run of form, after securing deals for Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell movies in 2012.

Of course, Ghost Recon is still long way from becoming an actual movie and an even longer way from being a good one. Would you go to the cinema to watch Ghost Recon? Let us know.

[via The LA Times]

  • They should have done a Far Cry movie instead.
  • @1 Nothing to say they won't. Would I go and watch this? No idea tbh. Depends whether the AC/SC movies are any good. If they come out first, and are any good, then it increases the chances that I'd go and see a GR movie.
  • I wonder if it will be delayed?
  • assassins creed movie...oooo i like that ghost recon, wasent the game shit? usually a good film neeeds to be made from a good game in the first instance?
  • Lets hope the movie's better than the game ...
  • Screw a Ghost Recon Movie! (no offense) What we need is either what #1 said or an Assassins Creed movie.
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  • Hope it's better than their last game...
  • @7 Budget $30 million Box office $753,264 (Worldwide) I just googled it. What a waste of money.
  • Ghost Recon Alpha (The short movie) was pretty good, but at the end of the day it's all just a little derivative. American super special forces battle Russian dissidents threatening the world with some kind of nuclear threat. At least assassin's creed would be original. Oh and FYI there is a Far Cry movie, and it's pretty naff.
  • You can pretty much google anything related to that talentless hack 'uwe boll' and vomit. He's a one-man turkey-production factory.
  • @4 The latest game - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - wasn't very good. That was the 4th 'full' Ghost Recon title. The others were good. The franchise as a whole has enough content to turn out a decent enough movie. It's worth noting that @10 makes a good point though - it would be derivative. But then pretty much everything Hollywood churns out is derivative.
  • no.
  • ........
  • Will I go to watch it? Probably. All depends on who the actors are and if I deem the trailer good enough.
  • @4 game was bad gameplay, not neccesarily bad story, movie only needs a story tbh, not like the movie will have glitches and be laggy
  • I'll get negative comment hell for this but im really suprised they haven't considered a COD movie yet. Its got to be coming eventually, hasn't it?? Ghost Recom movie depends how they do it. Dumb action flick then no. If they do it say serious and film it like Black Hawk Down then yes it could be interesting.
  • Movies are about stories... there are far better game storylines out there than GR. As much as I enjoy the games, the stories of GR are generic at best.
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  • @17 Nothing is in the works for a Call of Duty movie as of yet. And, to be honest, do we really need one with all of the games available?
  • If it comes out good, then sure why not.
  • And nobody cares.. wewt!
  • Ubisoft, raking in the movie deals. Just don't make them shit.
  • @4 yes, yes they were.... Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is possibly the worst game i've played this gen
  • well it can't be more boring than the games at least, but still, i won't be watching it...there are many better franchises, why pick 2nd most boring (1st being splinter cell, don't complain if you never played the originals on playstation, they were boring, shit and should have killed the series, but somehow didn't)
  • Assasin Creed, Maybe. Splinter Cell, reminds me of Mission Impossibles. Ghost Recon, seems contrived and over done. I'm just gonna throw it out there and say there needs to be a HALO movie(s) made. I personally think there is plenty of good story to build upon. Although, I think that Halo would only be good with a huge budget and decent director w/ ILM effects and Weta props. PLEASE MAKE IT SO!!!
  • Act of Valour was presented by Tom Clancy, that was a great action movie... with horrific acting!
  • Ubisoft is making an Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and now a Ghost Recon movie. Hopefuly, Far Cry is next.
  • What ever happened to the GOW movie? Although I reccon it would of been a huge let down still would of been nice to watch
  • @1 they already did
  • COD movie= any Micheal Bay movie.
  • As mentioned above the short movie, Ghost Recon Alpha isn't too shabby. No character development and 'The black guy dies', but it's a solid example of how the gadgetry of the latest GR title could be implemented into action scenes. I wonder if it would have a main character or if they'd try to focus on the ensemble considering GR is mostly a team-based game. You'd think it's the latter but Hollywood has a tendency of doing what the fuck it wants with video game IPs. @7: "Jack Carver, a former member of Germany's Special Forces, takes journalist Valerie Cardinal to visit her Uncle Max on an island, where he works in a military complex. As they arrive, monsters created by Doctor Krieger capture Valerie. Jack does not care about her until his boat explodes." Fantastic synopsis. @1: A movie based on Far Cry 3 could invert modern day horror movie cliches with a bunch of minted, handsome, youthful American fuckwits turning the tables 15 minutes in and massacring the vicious pirates. Kind of like Korean movie I Saw The Devil where the main character's wife gets decapitated shortly into the movie and her windower repeatedly catches the murderer just to tortured and further dismember him with each encounter. MOVIE TALK.
  • Was prince of Persia a good movie . And mortal kombat was ok. Taken and street fighter the chun li story was worse than some of uwe bolls movies
  • Taken......Tekken dam auto spellchecker
  • @17 Honestly a Call of Duty or this Ghost Recon movie has me doubtful, both of these titles are nothing more than another war video with near future or available tech. The Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed movies would at least have some chance of standing out, Assassins Creed especially has the best chance since it would be fairly different compared to all the other movies out there.
  • I'm really looking forward to the Assassin's Creed movie.
  • I don't know about you guys but do you remember that short film they did for Ghost Recon Future Soldier? If they do it like that, it'll be awesome as fuck
  • This is cool news. I would be interested in the Splinter Cell movie if somehow it was voice dubbed by Michael Ironside (I know that is asking much, but a CGI Splinter Cell would be fantastic). The AC movie is a cool idea, since it is a money making name, but what assassin would it feature is my biggest question? I'll end by saying I do wish a Rainbow Six movie would be taken into consideration.
  • Makes me remember the cancelled Bioshock movie.
  • They will wait for the Call of Duty movie, and then make it just like that one "only different."
  • F*ck yeah I'd watch a Ghost Recon Movie! Love the franchise, so as long as the movie is well written it should be all good.
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