Is Dead Rising 3 Coming This Year?

Lee Bradley

Dead Rising 3 is - or was - in development, according to the latest reports.

The news comes from animation, design and VFX company Blur Studio, the outfit responsible for the title sequence of 2011‘s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, as well as a number of cinematics for video games including Dark Souls 2 and Halo 4.

According to the Linkedin profiles of a couple of Blur Studio employees (Noah Peterson and Jeremie Passerin), the company has produced as-yet unreleased cinematics for Dead Rising 3 and BioShock 3.

While BioShock 3 most likely refers to the upcoming (and announced) BioShock Infinite, Dead Rising 3 is a little more mysterious.

We haven’t heard anything on the subject since the tail end of 2011, when it was suggested that Dead Rising 3 was to star a mechanic called Rick.

According to that report the game would be set in Los Perdidos, California, a town not just overrun by zombies but also with a bomb at its centre waiting to explode. 

Playing as Rick it’s your job to repair a plane and escape the town before it’s blown to bits. You can read a little more on the subject here and there's an image of Rick below.

Now, all of this stuff about Rick is uncorroborated, unofficial info. Indeed, even if it was true over 12 months ago it may not be now. A year is a long time in video game development.

All we do know for sure is that Capcom, most likely Capcom Vancouver, has put significant work into another Dead Rising sequel.

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  • Replayed 1 a few times but never finished 2.
  • Everyone will complain about Rick, so we will get chuck dlc. then everyone wll want frank and we will get frank dlc. 100$ later we will wonder why we bothered. they should have left it with DR1 it was brilliant.
  • @2 Heheh. Sounds about right.
  • The way I see it the only way a mechanic character would be useful, is if the game takes part in a larger area, maybe a whole city.
  • I am excited for this! I enjoyed all the DR games :3
  • interesting. really need to catch up with the series though.
  • Fuck yes, Dead Rising games have always been a bundle of ludicrous nonsense... and I love them all.
  • If 3 has nothing to do with Frank or Chuck then Dead Rising 4 is inevitable as Case West left much to be desired in Chuck's Story (and Frank's)
  • One of the worst zombie franchises out there.
  • Loved DR1 (One of my favourite movies being Dawn of the Dead might have something to do with it) but then really got into DR2, it was fun for a couple of days but then fizzled out.
  • Frickin love the dead rising series case west seemed pointless just a cash in I take it we are well drilled for an imminent zombie outbreak....
  • agree with @2. Never could get into DR2.
  • I hope they wait until next gen. Get more out of it. Plus, I'll be pissed if they do another new character for the story. Wrap up the one you have with Frank and Chuck before you start another. And so help me god if they "reboot" it like they did to DMC.
  • @#2 Instead of DLC, we will probably get Dead Rising 3: On the record, Dead Rising 3: The Daily Record and Dead Rising 3: So you wanna be a Record Breaker. Even as a Dead Rising Fan, they do seem to be churning them out a bit too much. Needs to be different this time around, cause I was starting to get bored towards the end of playing the last one.
  • Will wait for more info before getting to excited.
  • Pass
  • Ever since the end of Case West I've wanted this game. The story ended with such a huge amount of climax and then over a year later we still have no DR3. Off the Record filled my zombeh need for a couple days, but i need my DR3 and even two new arcade games like Case 0 and West. Hopefully this turns out good.
  • Rick Grimes?
  • OMG! Dead Rising 3! I hope Capcom confirms it really soon. Enjoyed Dead Rising 1, 2, and OTR. It will be a mistake to not include Frank West again. Also I won't be surprised if they gonna release Dead Rising 3 arcade versions just like what they did with DR2
  • I like DR1 and love DR2 (minus the online bit). But I'll take a gamble on this third game but I mean what can be better than duct tape combo?
  • @9- Boohoo.. Too hard for you, Noob?
  • @21 Everything is too hard for him, all his forum posts are moaning.
  • 720 launch title, I suspect. It's been rumored before and DR1 was at 360 launch.
  • #23 Yah it is possible like to DR 3. :)
  • @23 Dead Rising was not a 360 launch title
  • Launch window is usually considered launch by people, but you're free to disagree.
  • Unable to edit: holy shit was I wrong. Why did I think it was launch??! *dies of shame*
  • sounds like dead rising 2 case zero where you had to build a motorbike and escape with the child to fortune city was good for arcade purposes but not a full game
  • One of my favorite series. I'll buy this day one and blow through it like I did Off the Record. *love*
  • #27 Hehehe we both mistake so DR came out in year later after Xbox 360 launched. I am expect DR 3 will be somewhere around part of next Xbox launch. :)
  • I felt DR more challenge and quite difficulty than DR 2 did. Although I did completed DR on my old account of GT in past. I did enjoyed those franchise but it weren't my favourite, fans or loved this franchise either. But I do like to see DR 3 coming because D2 is great fun and funny time with friends in co-op drop in and out from online. Maybe have big linear and depth story telling in singleplayer alone and other mode is coop where it is like DR and DR 2 take place that open area / sandbox into Mall and outside mall. Would be cool. :) I really want DR 3 with depth story on alone just like ZombiU, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill series and more horror games. All those have their own single-player story with depth. DR 1 got quite depth story but isn't enough because it is all about survive throughout mall, rescue people and defend area etc.. So it not enough though. I loved gameplay on both series so DR 3 should have more depth gameplay with many of same ways from DR 1 and 2.
  • So do we now get a unfinished west or east plaza ? ;-)
  • gotta play all dead rising games again they were fun
  • Only finished the first one(loved it),still have the second one but hardly touched it,I wonder if the recent Walking Dead craze will have an impact on the story of number 3(more holy shit moments) I love my Dead Rising 1,as its in a cool metal case like my Bioshock 1..I did get the metal case for Dead rising 2(that came with the Pen Syringe thing),but the case is not as cool
  • Hopefully they add good rewards for completing achievements that was worth the time and effort put into em DR1 52,563 Zombie Kills aka Genocider achievement and got the Mega Buster which ruled! C'mon Capcom please do another! An Infinite Handcannon (from resident evil) be nice but am doubt it lol
  • Having completed DR1, DR2, DR2 OTR, DR Case0 and DR Case West, this is a day one buy for me. I'm actually more excited about this than RE6 which I still havn't touched yet. Btw, anyone else here think that DR1 used a smoother in-game engine than the rest of them? I popped it in the other day and the framerate and animations are much smoother. Anyone else agree?
  • @30 Ill finish it for you... DEAD RISING IS FUCK...ING AWESOME!!! I have all the Dead Rising games and I don't get bored of playing them. Just fix the saving style or add checkpoints like in OTR.
  • Gotta agree with @10, after watching Dawn of the Dead (Classic being my favorite), I was always hooked on the first DR game, but never really got into the second. I don't know what it is about me but I'm not one for change, that change being the controls or shooting system from DR1 to DR2, and Resident Evil 4/5 to the 6th installment.
  • please be true!! i LOVE dead rising! xD
  • I really hope it's true that it comes out this year. I really do enjoy the DR games and this would be a day 1 purchase for me.
  • Even the massive long term zombie fan in me can't be bothered to try and play this awful, awful franchise.
  • Let's see how they screw it up this time. First thing they need to do is get rid of the clock. Sure, go ahead and have plot elements happen based on a time schedule, but get rid of the stupid timers to rescue survivors. I'd rather just have a window where I can go save whoever I feel like without worrying about time management so much. It's bad enough having to keep an eye on the main mission timers, but the survivor and optional boss battle timers just makes is so annoying. You spend most of the game just running to stuff. You can't stop and fight zombies at all really. It's just run, jump kick, run, get grabbed, shake analog, run, jump kick, run some more.
  • Wish we'd get a protagonist that wasn't a white male. Loved DR2 but man, I'd sure feel better about the series if it was less cookie-cutter.
  • Extremely excited for this. Still holding out hope for various other zombie-related games.
  • PLEASE NO TIMER!!! That really kinda ruined the game for me.
  • I don't see how anyone could love DR1 but not get into DR2. DR2 was better than the original in just about every conceivable way.
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