Assassin's Creed III's 'Battle Hardened Pack' Detailed. Coming This Week

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has unveiled The Battle Hardened Pack for Assassin's Creed III, boasting three new characters and three new maps for the game's multiplayer modes. New characters include 'the fearsome Coyote Man', while the maps include a tropical environment, a fort stronghold and ruined Boston neighbourhood.

Have a look at what The Battle Hardened Pack will include:

Three New Characters

  • The influential Governor
  • The resilient Highlander
  • The fearsome Coyote Man

Three New Maps (for use in standard MP and Wolfpack modes)

  • The lush, tropical environment of Saint Pierre
  • The moody, atmospheric stronghold of Fort St-Mathieu
  • The embattled, enflamed Boston neighborhood of Charlestown

You'll be able to download The Battle Hardened Pack for Assassin's Creed III from tomorrow (January 8th) on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, or you can get it as part of the Season Pass for 2400 MSP. Check out the three new multiplayer characters in the image below.

  • make sp dlc!!!!
  • Left guy is a nerd the middle guy is cool and the 3 guy is a british corrupt cop
  • King Washington.....
  • Please tell me where you would have found a lush, tropical environment in colonial America? Also, many people seem to be disappointed with this game, without spoilers can someone please explain why?
  • @4 There are many naval missions in the game that take place in the Caribbean.
  • Online Naval warfare, that's what I want to see out of this game. Really enjoyed those missions.
  • @4, many of the side tasks are tedious. For instance, there's one task (with an achievement) that requires you to follow NPCs to watch them doing ordinary daily tasks. While the game does a good many things right, the story just doesn't keep it all cohesive enough. Those are the two main gripes. Still a fun game in it's own right until your trying to tie up those loose ends. What I missed the most, was the catacomb type areas where you're scaling 75 feet above some old ruins. The new world setting just didn't let that happen. My suggestion, play the game concentrating mostly on story and naval battles. Then, go back and meander through the side tasks later so they don't muddle up the story.
  • @4 - For me personally, the biggest faults were: pacing, glitches, and characters I never quite connected with. That being said, it's not a horrible game by any means. Just kind of disappointing compared to how good 2 and Brotherhood were.
  • pls no achivemnts for this -.-
  • For those wondering if there are achievements.. check out until this site is updated. I don't think they're ps3 exclusive.
  • when r ppl going to wake up and say hey lets try something that everyone will like and put single player. its like they dont get out and listen to ppl at all.
  • Booooooooooooooo to MP. Give us some campaign DLC.
  • "The moody, atmospheric stronghold of Fort St-Mathieu The embattled, enflamed Boston neighborhood of Charlestown" I FUCKING TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU Ahem, *fixes tie* cool, looking forward for an excuse to get back into it. Highlander looks super disappointing considering the name. They all do. :/ Guess I'll stick with Independent, Sharpshooter, Night Stalker, Pioneer, Lady Maverick, etc. Seems like the first batch were the coolest looking.
  • No, fuck off Ubisoft, no achievements for the MP. Is that what they must do for people to buy this? (and I know, I don't have to buy it, blah blah blah...)
  • I was hoping that the next piece of information I would see regarding Assassin's Creed 3 would have been a patch to fix the Boston UFO mission for the frontiersmen. That's the only thing keeping me from 100% completion. DNA sync 99% 17064 out of 17070.
  • First
  • Achievement wise, this is easy. Perform 20 Revive actions with a new character. Complete a Wolfpack session on one of the new maps. Finish a match with each of the new characters. Stun your pursuers three times in one life with a new character.
  • I wonder when it says complete/finish does that equate to having to win the match?
  • Hope my season pass won't consist of mostly MP DLC or I'd feel like I didn't spend my 2400 points well.
  • Why is it always some multiplayer BS to be released first? where is that George Washington DLC? @9 of course there will be achievements.... they know that nobody would buy it if there weren't. and it looks like we might have a weird gamerscore total on this one aswell.
  • @19 You didn't
  • @19 why pay for something you have no clue about what your buying?
  • #20: And by nobody you mean the tiny fraction of gamers that actually care about achievements ? Most gamers still enjoy games without achievements. Not judging though, I'm a whore myself, just sayin'.
  • @7 You appear to be forgetting the OH-SO memorable Pig herding mission. Thirty seconds of pushing pigs into a pen, that's exactly what I thought a Creed game needed. But @4: I enjoyed the game, just felt Connor was a bland character and the main portion of the story lacking. Free-running through trees was the bomb; so was the Naval Warfare :3
  • @24, I didn't want to spoil that one. :) @23, I think you underestimate the power of the achievements. The one's who don't care about achievements are playing for trophies. It's the shameful reason that people bother to herd pigs in a game about assassins.
  • Everyone seems to want single player DLC myself included so why the fuck can't developers understand this shit and keep releasing CRAP like this? I will never be buying this or probably any upcoming dlc for this game. So I probably won't even try to get to the original 1000 now screw it.
  • @26 its so much easier and cheap to make MP DLC. re-skin or dress a character, knock up a new map or 3 and sell for 800 points. No doubt its the publisher forcing the devs
  • I have the Season Pass, but I'll definitely be giving this one a miss. I'm waiting for the Washington DLC and won't be getting another Assassin's Creed DLC until then.We had the same problem with Revelations. Please don't repeat the same mistake here Ubisoft.
  • WTB a bag of give a shit.
  • #28 what problem was there then?
  • Oh boy, maps and characters, with annoying achievements! (stun 3 times in one life). Yeah, I'm passing. Maps will be unplayable of course unless you find people with the DLC.
  • why no new female characters :/
  • @ i know right? youd think they would Add at least 1 more. we barely have any as it is and i hate playing as males.
  • not touching any DLC until they really start fixing problems (especially the synch % glitch which means i can't get completionist after over 45 hours wasted). fix problems rather than focusing on taking more of our money!
  • I'm amazed at how angrily uninformed at lot of you are. Yeesh.
  • @34: That is what game companies like to do best now. They like to rush a game, make it unpolished as hell, give it multiplayer, and say we want $60 for it. Then they expect a day 1 patch to fix all the problems and release more multiplayer since the SP mode is too messed up to fix how they want. I don't have the Season pass and not sure I even wanna spend more money on this game. It doesn't even deserve the name Assassin Creed.
  • who cares about MP, its all about SP DLC, its not a strong enough MP for DLC, this is not COD
  • i have the season pass, but i can't seem to download this pack. i can see it in the store for 800msp, but i read that this is also in the season pass, so why can't i download this BHP? weird stuff. second, why does everyone cry about SP DLC? at the end of januari, they will start to release the biggest SP DLC in AC history. it's a 3 part sp-action filled rollercoaster. so why cry? third, if you have the season pass, why on earth wouldnt you be downloading this DLC? it's beyond me. if you don't have the season pass, i can understand why you wouldnt get this, especially when you are SP orientated. so, kids, please inform yourself, before flaming down a nice piece of DLC.
  • @38 go onto disk 2 and head to the extras where it will start the download for season pass holders just done it myself
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