The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Dated For March

Richard Walker

Activision has confirmed a launch date for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Terminal Reality's first-person shooter based upon the hit AMC TV series. It'll be coming in late March.

Starring crossbow-toting badass Daryl Dixon as the lead protagonist, travelling with his brother Merle, played by Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker respectively, Survival Instinct is a prequel story to the TV show that sees you managing your resources as you fight walkers and strive to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Some rather shonky gameplay footage emerged for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct recently, which according to developer Terminal Reality is "old footage".

"It caught us off guard. It was a fan trailer cut together from another interview I had done," Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble told Eurogamer. "The game looks incredible. It was old footage. It's what we had at the time. We've made big strides since then."

See if you think it's improved in the five new screenshots below. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is out on March 26th, 2013 in North America and March 29th, 2013 in Europe.

  • MARCH! F*ck that, the 'demo trailer' looked broken as hell! (No pun intended) This game HAS to be delayed for fixes and such..
  • Michael Rooker looks awful
  • Can't deny there IS improvement... seems like it's not enough though.
  • Doesn't look much better tbh. I will give the game ago anyhow. I love the walking dead. I've never been to fussed about graphics. It all about gameplay!
  • reminds me lost game all over again
  • Looks like a cheap Left 4 Dead + It won't even touch how awesome the arcade game was...
  • Hells no. Based off what we saw last week in the demo trailer, this game doesn't have the slightest potential.
  • Activison FUCK YOU for trying to make a Walking Dead game and screwing it up!
  • looks as trash as the 3rd season of the tv show. i guess we will see.
  • Regardless, I'll be buying it. Not too fussed about graphics, as long as it plays good. Wish there was a pre order bonus or collector's edition or something
  • @1 Please read the article and you'll see that the "trailer" was a fan made trailer with very old footage. The game has been worked on a lot since then.
  • Not excited for this.
  • Those graphics look dated to say the least...
  • @8 Why are you hating on a game that you haven't played or even seen footage of the final build yet? You're angry just to be angry. Give the game a chance at least.
  • Cashing in hard
  • I still have faith, you never know it could be good, Im gonna buy it regardless, clunky low res zombies are still zombies at the end of the day, and zombies rock
  • Looks like an early contender for the shameless cash-in of 2013 award! Lets hope that video was really, really old.
  • Hopefully this turns out good. Either way I'm buying it.
  • This looks terrible. They really just wanna cash in on the success of the AMAZING arcade game... I want to have higher hopes for this, but knowing Activision this is going to break a lot of hearts...
  • Well, at least that 1 zombie they show doesn't have that awful plastic hair the ones in that 'trailer' had. The cars do still seem to be a little out of scale, tho...
  • I think March Next year still isn;t enoguh time to finish this pile of shit. I've seen a more complete looking game from Bethesda on Launch
  • That looks more like the teacher from Glee than Rooker.
  • It's not the graphics that'll put me off, it's the gameplay and animations.
  • Well then. Certainly looks better. There better be a demo because I'm really not sure after than crappy footage put together by a 'fan'.
  • @22 You watch Glee?
  • It is Activision, please do not buy it.
  • So what are franchise will Activision turn into a FPS next?
  • Teletubbies front lines join the four on a tour in Pakistan FPS veteran mode included activision have the rights as do EA though
  • It looks like Call of Duty with melee weapons. Am I supposed to be excited?
  • PS2 GOTY.
  • F this. I want Season 2 of The Walking Dead XBLA!
  • I predict solid sixes across the review boards upon release. And look for every journalist to say something along the lines of, "It doesn't capture the magic of Left 4 Dead or conjure the emotional response of Telltale Games masterful take on the franchise. Even die-hard fans won't find much to like here."
  • I hope this obvious cash-in/possible shovelware gets buried under the stream of quality releases we've got coming these next 5 months. #32: I'd say less well received than MoH: Warfighter.
  • March? March!? All we have is an old footage thing for it, and it's being released in 2 months and a bit? What the hell? Do they know it doesn't look good and want to mask it any way they can by not showing the game it's self? :/ I know they'll want to cash in near the season 3 finali, but throwing out an incomplete game just doesn't cut it. I might be judging too harshly to soon, but I have every right to, when the series has been good in everything it's been involved in thus far, i don't want to see that end.
  • TellTale Games will laughing at Activision for release their awful The Walking Dead game. :):):) If this is happen!! Look forward this game just for Activision's achievements. :P
  • If anything I will rent this.
  • So, you play as Daryl and Merle, so... online co-op? If no, then as much as I love Walking Dead, I'll give it a pass, until I see it for like, $10.
  • "It caught us off guard. It was a fan trailer cut together from another interview I had done," Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble told Eurogamer. "The game looks incredible. It was old footage. It's what we had at the time. We've made big strides since then." Yeah, footage from November, 2012. ;-)
  • just watch it become game of the year
  • @38 That's what I'm saying! The game maybe good but Terminal Reality's games have all blown, this maybe be the one that proves me wrong but I doubt it.
  • Why this looks shit for a full retail game, if your paying retail price you at least expect the the graphics to look better, The Walking Dead: Season One looked as good/ if not better than this and that was only £18-£20, I also doubt the story will have much depth as this is Activition the mindless FPS nuts. I can see this flopping and AMC regretting ever letting Activition touch it.
  • I have zero interest in this game.
  • Well at least that looks like merle
  • two words of warning for all of you...TERMINAL REALITY...after their treatment of fans and refusal to fix their broken game that was Ghostbusters (even after a patch that took a year to come out it was still broken for half the community) I will never touch anything else they ever produce.
  • i think i'll just grab this one for free on my RGH jtagged console woop woop!
  • last screen looks like Frankenstein
  • Im really getting bothered with how SHIT this game looks. The Walking Dead is all about story but the game looks so bad its making me worry the story wont fare well either. Oh well new Walking Dead in a month Fuck Yeah!!
  • Looks like a crappy half life (1) mod
  • I think activision rushed them and they want a money cash-in not spending that much money on the actual work of the game.
  • Call of Zombies: Undead Warfare
  • Looks like a cheap cash in, just like the family guy game that was released last year...
  • 360A is an achievement-based website, so... Terminal Reality = Ghostbusters = No way!
  • You know this game may be good, people. Why not just wait and give it a shot. I happen to remember a lot of hate being put toward a licensed game around this time last year, with people saying it would suck and the gameplay was stupid. And that turned out to be most people's game of the year. I speak of course about Telltale's Walking Dead. Why not just hold your anger, and wait to see what it is.
  • Still better than CoD's graphics.
  • I'll wait for a demo and some reviews. I am surprised this is getting pushed out so quickly. I figured it would release a little before season 3 started.
  • Well that trailer was fan made then, that explains why they chose some very strange things to show, at one point it looked like they were show casing the fat you could climb ladders...
  • I really. REALLY hope this game suprises us and has a very fun story line cause I love the show and the other game. Dont mind the grapocs all to much. If the grapics arent the best, I wont mind if they make up for it in gameplay and awesome fun fun time.
  • @54 really...BlOps 2 did a much better job recreating Michael Rookers chissled jaw. The textures just look hideous.
  • I really don't like how the zombie looks...
  • @9 please tell me you mean season 2. Season two was okay, but not great. This third season has been awesome, stuff is actually happening with actual problems that need to be solved.
  • I thought this was coming out Dec 2013? Oh well. I agree with some of you about last weeks video looking terrible. I'll wait til the game comes out and a review. Before purchasing.
  • #60 Agreed, I enjoyed 3rd season very much. I mean who doesn't think prisons are great fortresses? After you clear it out first lol.
  • give me a demo of this game first.
  • A demo would be nice. Kinda feels like a War Zish cash-in. maybe an early contender for top cash-in of 2013
  • Terminal Reality did well with some games but recent of their games were medicore and awful like Star Wars Kinect. It's shame to see this developer is in stuck with rush developing of games because Microsoft and Activision want them to do. Wish this developer is escape those publishers and do developing of game with different publisher and publisher give this developer more time, give what they like or take time through progress of developing something like this. I do not want Terminal Reality is next developer closed down. I wish Terminal Reality to bring back Timeshift and Ghostbuster in one day future. :P
  • I knew Terminal Reality is not developed of Timeshift in 2007 but I do wish this developer will to do with Timeshift 2 or something like spin off because I knew this developer could to do with new Timeshift game. :)
  • Bet you will not see reviews of this game before official release.
  • Still looks like shit. Plus its Activision so you just know its going to be a shameless cash grab. It'll probably sell a ton of copies too, because CoD fanboys that like the show will see Activision and think its going to be like CoD...well actually it probably will be like CoD since it looks so terrible.
  • Michael was hench in black ops 2!
  • Oh dear another retail game that looks like xbox arcade graphics , no sale for me
  • its activision clearly trying to cash in on a sucessful this turns out to be shit
  • The graphics look great, what I don't get is why Merle is so clean looking as if he just took a shower. He would look better with that dirty gritty look.
  • @8 grow up
  • @32 Insighutfull. Heissenberg FTW!!
  • I've already got my March disappointment lined up in the new gears game I'll likely get it when I drag my self away from bioshock
  • Something is seriously wrong when not only is the Michael Rooker from the Black Ops Zombie DLC 'Call of The Dead' more convincing, but even fucking Harper from Black Ops 2 was a more convincing Rooker than this. What the fuck Activision?! You've made him before, how can it really be that hard? And really, March?! Fucking March?! This game is gonna bomb and it's gonna bomb hard.
  • Really? The trailer looked like crap... I hope the is a delay in the relase date!
  • @77 it was a fan made trailer....
  • big fan of the walking dead so without question I am getting this, I'm sure It will be good fun :]
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