Resident Evil: Revelations Coming to Xbox 360

Richard Walker

Previously an exclusive for Nintendo's 3DS handheld, it looks like Resident Evil: Revelations will be heading to Xbox 360. How do we know? We've only gone and obtained the complete achievement list for it. You can get them right here.

Oddly, Capcom has yet to officially announced Resident Evil: Revelations, but based upon the achievement list, it looks to be a full retail release, with 50 achievements as opposed to Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica's 12 apiece. Presumably, it'll be given a lick of HD paint too.

There's no further details to be gleaned pertaining the console release of the critically well-received Resident Evil: Revelations for now, but knowing that it's coming is good enough for us.

  • Sweet! I don't need to buy a 3DS until Pokemon X and Y now
  • more resident evil is always good, but a hand held game on a console be interesting to see whether that works :D
  • Looking forward to it!
  • @2 - MGS Peacewalker.
  • @2 half minute hero
  • Really looking forward to it. I wonder if it will feel like a handheld game, in my opinion peace walker feels like a handheld game on a console, played the revelations demo and it plays like a handheld game. But either way I'm looking forward to it. Got the fll version on 3ds but yet to play it. Played the demo when first got 3ds
  • So is it a new game or is it based on one of the previous games?
  • @8: I think I remember hearing that it takes place before Resident Evil 5 though i'm not entirely sure. Been a while since I looked up the game. Either way i'm glad its coming to XBLA! I wanted to play the game but I don't like playing such games (lengthy action-adventure types) on handhelds I prefer them on consoles. Looks like i'll be getting my wish. :D
  • I would like to hold a physical copy from RE1+RE2+RE3 HD Collection (with achievements ) in my hands. That`s the only thing about RE which could get me realy excited. If i remember right, RE Revelations plays after RE4 but before RE5.
  • 'we've got the achievements see' why did i read that in the style of baby fark mcgee-zax from south park... OT: looking forward to it. never owned a ds and it was the one game i wanted off that. :)
  • Already got it for 3DS but I'll pick it up for 360 no doubt. Great game.
  • @7 It is a port from the 3DS-game :).
  • This got good reviews iirc. One to keep an eye on:)
  • i'm still getting the 3DS one just because i've wanted to see what it looks like but this i might rent or buy to.
  • The real Resident Evil 6 finally coming out.
  • @2 Kingdom Hearts: Re Chain of Memories... GBA Game on Ps2! Yeah...Handhelds work...
  • I'm not remotetly suprised since it did lot of attention. Just hope it's not £50 like some games on demand do Ps can't wait to see if the claims are true about this or misleading since some claim it's like re1/2/3 But I guess it'll have to do till they port re1/2/3 or at least remake re2 like I keep hearing.
  • great game! will definately pick this up to play raid mode with some friends.
  • DS is for Pokemon, not Resident Evil
  • @16 Actually it was already a PS2 game (Which most Kingdom Hearts games are)! I think you meant Kingdom Hearts: RE Coded. I have that for the DS. I agree though that certain handheld ports can hold up onto a console. I've never played Revelations, so this will be a first for me.
  • This game is better than RE6, trust me. I bought this on 3DS after 6 and I was pleasantly surprised.
  • @2, God of War Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.
  • £15- 20 or so will be a good price for this. Any more and it's just a bit to steep.
  • @20 Actually Chain of Memories was for GBA. And most Kingdom Hearts games AREN'T on PS2 at this point. Coded was the cell phone game.
  • Resident Evil just needs to end, or it needs a complete reboot. The series is just getting worse and worse with each release. If they are going to continue with 3rd person views, fix the controls, Dead Space proved you cam have good controls and still be a scary game. They also need to go back to horror or action horror like Dead Space. RE4 RE5 and RE6 are basically just action and they have kind of destroyed the series IMO. Yes I'm including 4 in that, I still think that game is HUGELY overrated. I know I'm in the minority there, but oh well.
  • Sorry about double post but I agree with #9. I would love a HD compilation that has RE1 2 and 3 on it. Those and Code Veronica were the good RE games, bad dialogue, bad controls and all. 3 was the worst one, but I suppose it'd have to be included lol.
  • @25 I love RE myself but it is true. 4 was the best out of the current style of REs but the first 3 were probably the scariest. Scarce ammo, zombies popping out of every corner, hell even having some zombies come out during the load screen was phenomenal! Also Nemesis and Tyrant were badass. I would gladly buy HD remakes of the first 3 if they did them.
  • Yeah finally!!!!! I will buy this for Xbox 360. This game will be also on PS3 and Wii U by rumours mention too. So I will get Xbox 360 instead because of raise up my gamerscore. Look forward to it.
  • @4, @5, @16, @22 these are all true so let me rephrase that, be interesting to see whether a 3ds game which is designed to be played using 2 touch screens will work on console, every decent game i've heard moved from hand held to console so far has been a psp one :D
  • #25 I understand how you feel about Resi Evil getting worst those days but Resi Evil Revelations is quite true Survival Horror but not higher as what Resi 1 to 4 offers. But I do still want to see Capcom to bring more of Resi Evil games. I look forward this one for Xbox 360 then we all expect to see Resi Evil 7 for next generation consoles of XBox 360, Wii U and PS4. I believe Resi Evil 7 will be next after Resi Evil Revelations had been released. :P
  • Opps I mean next Xbox not Xbox 360 as my comment above. Sorry mistake hahaha. Xbox 360 is this generation console. FFS my fools. :P
  • @17 yes it is true , this is proper resident evil,pre resident evil 4 style.I love all resident evils ,but defo prefer the old school ones.
  • Tis wasa great 3ds title, looking forward to xbox version.
  • Amazing news, I wanted to play this so bad. I hope it turns out to be a good port but they better watch when they release, Q1 2013 is kind of packed...
  • All good news. The 3DS game is amazing, so seeing it in HD on 360 will be good .
  • I've heard it's a fantastic game, really hits the Resident Evil mark. I played the demo on my 3DS, but I never bought it. Guess I can get it, now. =D
  • Got a sour Resident Evil taste in my mouth after Resident Evil 6... Passing..
  • I still can't believe they got rid of the old project what Resident Evil 4 was supposed to be, search it up on YouTube, it has the old camera, scares, creepy setting..I still love all the games as I'm a huge fan don't get me wrong, but the newer ones will never compare to the old days.
  • I have resi evil revelations on 3ds Xl and its not much to shout about I'm half way through and it's all same enemies just feels empty like there's something missing best parts are cut scenes graphics are great for a handheld achievo whores will prob love it
  • Best Resident Evil in a very long time, I hope it brings the online mode with it. If they're trying to charge £40 for it I will pass though, got the 3DS version.
  • @29, you honestly don't use the touch screen for much. The features could easily be mapped to buttons.
  • Yes! The gameplay/story looks awesome even on 3DS. Can´t wait for this!
  • Interesting. Still a little dubious about this though as it was designed for a handheld.
  • Reboot the entire franchise already or make a REAL better R.E. game. I only played the 1st 2 on Playstation (Those were fucking awsome) plus hearing and seeing from the previous RE games are lame. RE 6 demo was BORING! Reboot the series, put ALice back like the movies and start from there and make it simular to Dead space 1! Bring back the scaryness in us again!
  • You guys realize the reason they don't do scary RE games anymore is because they sell horribly. RE4 was by far the best RE game because it changed up the formula and wasn't horrible. Nowadays you're just looking through rose-tinted glasses. The controls in early RE are so abysmal that they ruin the game for anyone accustomed to current gaming. You might be able to go back and play it, but a 15 year old is probably going to hate it and not want to get anywhere near it.
  • @45: I guess it's a good thing that we want the atmosphere and terror that came with the old RE games back and not the horrible controls, then.
  • I cant help but feel like every game is getting milked these days.. Sad world
  • @44 "Put Alice back in the movies." Uh... she IS There are 2 sets of movies. The Live actions with Alice which are non-cannon to the games and the CGI ones with Leon that ARE, and if we made it like Dead Space it would be a boring, non challenging, predictable gore-fest with no originality, no tension and just be terrible in general.
  • Been on the fence for the 3DS one. I guess I'll wait and see how this one turns out. Wish it was just XBLA though. Not keen on dropping $60 for it... Or really even more than $20.
  • Still need to finish this on my 3DS! Fantastic game though, can't wait for the console release. As much as I loved Resi 6 it makes it look pretty crap, and makes 5 look even worse.
  • Cant wait! played the demo on 3ds and loved it,its alot like the old ones
  • resident evil 5 and 6 was good games but i do agree that they do need to go back to there roots i wouldnt mind them remakeing re 1 2 and 3 in the behind the back view if they leave everything else the same.
  • ok heres something resident evil revelations was an exclusive to nintendo and so was re4 and Umbrella C and Darkside C and now there all on different systems wtf capcom could make a killing cuz nintendo has re zero re 1 remake and re 2 and 3 so them games should be on xbox 360 cuz there no longer sony exclusive and so thats 4 RE games games that is no longer nintendo exclusive so theres no reason why they cant port the rest of those games.
  • how about RE 0,1,2 and 3 then im sold.
  • Best RE game in years. Have put well over 50 hours into the 3DS version and will gladly do the same for the 360 version. Raid mode is insanely addictive.
  • I never played any Resident Evil but i'd still like to know why so many fans are saying this serie is getting worse...
  • Wait you people thought RE1-3 and CV were scary? the only legit scary RE is REmake imo. Also revelations is good but it has it's problems. Hopefully this version has some added goodies though. It'd be a shame if it was just a direct port.
  • "Resident Evil just needs to end, or it needs a complete reboot. The series is just getting worse and worse with each release" Agreed. A reboot would start off fine but fall apart because Capcom makes the most ridiculously convoluted and poorly written stories ever. It can end and I'd be fine with that too, because...again, the story is just total shit not worth following anymore. The way it just jumped all over the place and never really had any solid ties to other entries.
  • 46: Makes no sense. New Resident Evil DOES have pretty good atmosphere. You've played Resident Evil 6 right? Leon's opening chapters are beautifully atmospheric. A few of Chris' later ones are as well. So was most of Resident Evil 4 and bits of Resident Evil 5 (atmospheric in a bit of a different way, though). The atmosphere hasn't really gone. Most people will actually admit to wanting the old controls and stuff back, too. Have any of you played an old Resident Evil game lately though? Atmospheric....isn't what I would call it...not anymore by today's standards.
  • 58: True that. RE1 was isolated storytelling. RE2 and RE3 were different stories in the same setting. RE:CV was Claire's quest for Chris. And from there, the games' only connections to each other are the characters. RE4 is Leon trying to get the President's daughter back, not even any Zombies in a traditional sense. RE5 is Chris fighting a random bioterrorist in Africa, which eventually leads to Wesker - the only really nice old connection to old games, which once again lies solely in the characters. And then RE6 is randomly fighting some bioterrorist senator person in China, Europe, and the US. No connections to previous games, except that a few characters return. RE just has no real continuity of events. The only semblance of it is that ever since RE4, it seems like something bigger is going on with Ada, but the games keep teasing it and never revealing it, so who cares?
  • #60 Yeah I agreed with your pointer of view. I hope Resi Evil 7 is all about Ada and force on her into story. I want her is main character alone while others will be part of story for cutscene so Ada is only playable character in story mode. Then it would made sense to story telling about how, what and something go on with her since Resi Evil series been teasing us about Ada. So Resi Evil 7 should explains everything about Ada. :P
  • @48, I meant to put it as "Put Alice back in"(RE Game reboot series) start from scratch. My bad..typo lol
  • @59: I never said the new ones didn't have good atmosphere, I said that we wanted the atmosphere of the old ones. And of course the atmosphere from the old games can't compare to the new ones, games have come a long way in that department compared to when the first 3 were developed, but it's not the quality of the atmosphere that we want, it's the kind of atmosphere, and by that I mean a scary one. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the new games(a little less with each new one, but still), but I enjoy them as action games, not horror games, because RE isn't horror anymore, it's just action. That's what we, the people who say bring back the real RE, want; for RE to become a horror franchise again.
  • @49 : Maybe it'll be a Games-on-Demand, like RECV and RE4 (which were, more or less, the cost of an XBLA game).
  • I swear if this game is anything like RE:ORC RE5 or RE6 I will personally murder Capcom.(Actually I won't do that,that's pretty psychotic and fucked up,but you guys and gals get the point) Well other than me bitching,I am still excited for this game because I really do love Resident Evil,and yes even the worst and most garbage RESI's I still love them :)
  • And also very well said #63,that's exactly how I fell about RE franchise.Awesomeness man lol
  • the franchise peaked at resident eevil 2...
  • @63 I felt exactly the same way until I played Leon's campaign on No Hope mode alone. That shit was scary. It's the first time since RE:CV where I REALLY didn't want to get hit by the enemy, and conserving ammo is a must. As fun as it is to blast through everyone with infinite shotgun, playing on No Hope mode really is survival horror. I suggest you give it a try if you haven't already.
  • @68: I'll give it a try once I buy the game, but I'm waiting for a good price used, limited cash and whatnot, but based on what I've read it just seems like No Hope is hard, not scary.
  • I wish that everyone would realize that the old RE games weren't scary. Just because you remember being young and it was probably the first game you played that tried to scare you, doesn't mean that it would still scare you today. Realize that you and I and everyone has grown since the first games came out. They've *always* had horrible stories and they were never, ever scary. You're just remembering them wrong.
  • One of the best 3DS games I've played so far.
  • Hmph. A new Biohazard. Good, I suppose, given I don't have a 3DS and all... *like anyone cares*
  • #70 Hmmm, Resi Evil 1 to 4 had their own scary, frights and true Survival Horror. Maybe Resident Evil series on PSone look less scary then GameCube version of Resident Evil series because graphics improved and look more scary and more darkness. Resi Evil 1 and 4 got amazing graphics on it with lots of scary. I had played them all Resident Evil series on GameCube and first series on PSone in my old days of gaming. Will be awesome Resident Evil 7 is full true Survival Horror with Ada's full story. :D I want that happens.
  • Want. Will get.
  • Excellent News - Cant wait.
  • Awesome!! I'm glad I passed on RE6....Traditional Survival Horror HERE WE COME!!!
  • i like the original RE on Playstation and then the remake on gamcube and RE4 (on Gamecube & Xbox Live) is STILL THE BEST!! RE Zero was good also
  • I put so many hours into this on the 3DS I can't wait to play it again in a bigger screen in HD
  • Sweet , i hope they release RE1 Remake and RE Zero in HD as well that would be soooo awesome but still i am happy to hear that Revelations is coming to the 360!
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