New Deadpool Screenshots Slice Up the Net

Richard Walker

It's been a bit quiet where High Moon Studios' Deadpool has been concerned lately, but today sees us being thrown a bone, with a few new screenshots.

The five shots don't really give away too much, but show more of Deadpool wielding his katanas and striking various poses akin to his comic book counterpart. These include 'sat down eating pizza' and 'folding arms with a head tilt'.

Check out all five screenshots below. Deadpool is out sometime this year.

  • Very much looking forward to this game, lets hope they don't disappoint.
  • looks like every other typical marvel video game. a crappy, repetitive beat em up
  • There's no mouth hole in his mask - does he just smear the pizza across his face and absorb it by osmosis?
  • Looking forward to this! High Moon Studios have done great with the last two transformers games and I'm sure they'll kick ass here too!
  • Severely lacking in the detailing department, looks just too plain.
  • It's...a low quality Spider-Man?
  • @3 He's not eating the pizza, he's having a stare contest with it
  • big big fan of deadpool, but i see this game being mediocre at best, reviews will try and compare it to arkham city or asylum, i can see the enemies being endless waves of clones and i wonder how long it takes for it to go down the usual boring marvel route of yes you guessed it dam robots, hate that, theres nothing imaginitive to do so lets spawn robots, but............... theres not a chance on this planet i wont be owning this game lol
  • This game is a day 1 buy for me, and if there's a Collectors Edition with a Deadpool statue then I'd stop at nothing to get it.
  • lol wtf is that shit, cheap ass spiderman?
  • The game does look pretty decent. I dont know about it being just another marvel time game. I see limbs and blood and what could be a fluent combat system. Never bought a marvel game before but I will keep an eye on this one. If its anything like DMC or Ninja Gaiden, then I might be getting this.
  • Looks good can't wait :) "Who was I suppose to kill again? Ah doesn't matter!" Lol love deadpool.
  • I can't wait for this game. Originally I was hesitant about this title. But the fact that the writer from the comic is working on this title, it should be fantastic.
  • 2013, year of the Hack'n'Slashers. Started off strong with a fucking brilliant game in DmC, next month we have a blessing with Revengeance, oh boy :)
  • Game play will probably be like wolverine game.. But I will be picking it up. Only way I'll pre order though is if there's a collector edition
  • I'm going to wait until it's down to $20 before I get this. I'm certain the only thing I'll like about it is Deadpool's humor.
  • looks like a reskinned version of spiderman but gameplay is what matters so next question, PIZZA? its like there showing an easter egg for TMNT.
  • High Moon Studios, better do not let us down. High Moon did fantastic job with their Transformers series (not movie based in 2011, this one is awful). I really want High Moon delivered Deadpool's great title. I keep my eyes on this one. Hard to believe about Activision because Activision alway release their medicore and crap games with less great games. Last year is hardly to believe and it is their rare great games: Prototype 2, repeatability CoD and The Amazing Spider-Man. That's 3 better Activision games in 2012. Lol I hope Deadpool do same to last year great Spidey game. Because I loved and fans of Marvel superheroes and I want Deadpool's first game to be great. "DON'T LET US DOWN", High Moon Studios!!!
  • If they put a statue out for this game, that would be amazing! But sadly, they won't.
  • should bring out a collectors edition which includes memoribillia that is related to the in-game story but you dont know that until you have played the game then you would be even more intrigued where each part of memoribillia fits in
  • I look forward to this, but I am weary, I don't expect to much from it, but do hope still. I love deadpool, have done for she time, and hope that this will do him some justice. ^-^ And to those saying he's a rip off, of spiderman... sure... if spiderman had no web shooters, and was a complete and utter psychopath that could regenerate himself. He's very different, hell, he's only been gaining fame since his creation a few decade's ago, and been in one of the x-men movies (though was a rather crappy movie).
  • graphics are poor
  • Activision? fuck, just lost all hope that I had for this game. Will probably pick it up when it drops to £10 just for the Marvel goodness.
  • Dead pool most over rated character in marvel he is cringy to listen to most times btw big fan of Nolan north have to admit he has done better voice overs than this stupidity great to hear mr north in halo4 lol should have give him master chief voice btw he really appeared in halo 4 at the end cap America game was good fun
  • Only Dead Pool can pull off eating pizza with a mask on.
  • All the people saying cheap Spiderman must not know who Deadpool is. I see nothing cheap about these screens unless you're misspelling AWESOME.
  • @24 The most over rated Marvel character is Wolverine, not Deadpool. If you don't like the looks of this game, then don't get it!
  • @9: Agreed! @3: In the comics he always lifts his music enough to clear his mouth when he eats. He's proly just talking to himself...or to the slice of pizza since it looks like its the first slice taken from the box in the screenshot.
  • looking good
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