Latest Deadpool Screens Confirm Cable and Death

Richard Walker

Activision and High Moon Studios have released a selection of wonderfully shooty screenshots for Deadpool, showing the Merc with a Mouth riding the kiddie's rocket ride, rocking his arsenal of automatic weapons and wielding his trusty katana swords.

The shots also confirm that Cable AKA Nathan Summers, the future Age of Apocalypse son of Scott 'Cyclops' Summers and Jean Grey, will be featuring in the game, which makes perfect sense since Deadpool and Cable have shared a comic book series in the past.

Also, Deadpool's unconventional love interest, Death has been confirmed for the game, and you can see her in a piece of new concept art below. Check out all 16 screenshots in the gallery and a few of the images down there. Deadpool is out sometime this year.

  • Sweet im looking forward to this, would like some gameplay footage now =]
  • I'm looking forward to seeing some game play videos.
  • So... much... want...
  • One of those games that may either end up being extremely satisfying or completely falling short. Duke Nukem Forever anybody?
  • Visually nice character models. This game has so much potential but there is nothing to suggest it is more than a dumb slasher/shooter. I know Deadpool doesn't use his brain too much but I hope there is some puzzling and a good story involved. Plus the sombat needs to be solid (Ninja Gaiden/Bayonetta); so easy to get wrong. Obvious points really, over to you High Noon...
  • Really hope he doesn't say bang bang every time you shoot a gun..
  • @#4, Everyone with a handful of common sense knew Duke Nukem Forever was going to be terrible. High Moon has two solid Transformers games out, and a forgettable movie-tie in. They aren't as well respected as Rocksteady, but they are considered a quality studio.
  • Wow, Death. Maybe they'll use this as a minor set up for the next Avengers movie? I think it'll be hard for them to do the whole Thanos and Death love story without some ways to approach the subject.
  • Wow those screenshots look really good.
  • Cyclop's and Jean Grey's son from Days of future past! hell yea!
  • @8 I doubt Thanos will be in it. Don't forget Death is in love with Deadpool and has been since his Weapon X days. OT: As a Deadpool fan, I'm seriously looking forward to this game. Here's hoping High Moon do this properly...
  • Deadpool using a P90?
  • ooooo! cable is in it!
  • will download this one
  • Not to be that guy, but your biographical information about Cable is incorrect. He was the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (The Goblin Queen), a clone of Jean Grey. He was also raised in a possible future timeline, not the Age of Apocalypse alternate reality. As a side note, the AoA produced Cable’s counterpart… Nate Grey (X-Man).
  • Those ps90s need to fit his hands better as that just looks shoddy!
  • @15 lol I was seriously about to post this (and the not to be that guy comment along with it ha) after I saw that in the article. The X-Men nerd in me was screaming when I read that. Not that I blame the article writer, X-Men history, especially a character like Cables is very complicated haha.
  • Caaaabbbblleeeee!!!!!!!!!! He does NOT get enough lovin'. He looks friggin badass in this too, definitely making me more likely to get this.
  • Oh man, hype meter just went up. I can't wait, the cast alone is making me foam at the mouth! Disappointed in Death though. Fleshy head? That should be all skull.
  • i never understood Deadpool as a superhero, swordplay AND P90s?
  • Honestly, these graphics look really dated. Deadpool's model completely clashes with Cable's. He looks like a PS2/Gamecube era model against an early 360 model. Cable looks cool, but when you see his hair in that pic with the two, the textures are awful and it's a blocky Ken doll style. Really bad. That said, still excited, because they're just graphics. I'm into games for gameplay. @#20 - He has regenerate powers. He can't die. That's the only thing that makes him a super hero.
  • Am i the only one who thinks Cable looks like Bruce Willis in these screens?
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