Bethesda: We prefer the 360

Joe Robinson

If you're a games journalist like me, you end up going to quite a few press events for upcoming games. The more you attend, the more tricks you pick up, but one thing you may also notice is that a lot of developers like testing their games on the 360. (If it's slated for a 360 release.) No-one is more notorious for this then Bethesda.

Speaking to Techradar UK, Project Manager Pete Hines explained why they prefer using the 360 over the PC or the PS3.

"If you have the PC as your lead machine you have the problem of not knowing what configurations people have, how many gigs of RAM or what graphics card they have," explained Hines. "Obviously we are more familiar with the Xbox because we are familiar and the other thing is that the Xbox is much easier to take to tech shows. We can just pop the hard-drive off the Xbox and put it on any machine which is an advantage. Taking the PC or PS3 to these things just isn't convenient."

In the same interview, Hines also confirmed that the downloadable content will be exclusive to the 360 and PC:

"When I say exclusive I mean it is exclusive to just the Xbox 360 and PC.”

"If you want to play the Fallout 3 downloadable content you will need to have an Xbox 360 or a PC."

Last but not least, Hines commented that Bethesda plan to continue the Fallout franchise:

"We didn't buy the Fallout franchise to just do Fallout 3 and then stop."

"But let's get this one out of the door before we worry about the next one."

Myself and Webb attended a press conference earlier today, where we managed to get some hands-on time with the current Fallout 3 code. Expect a preview shortly.

  • 1st?
  • Isnt it 'Bethesda'?
  • Awsome :) Can't wait for Fallout 3
  • @ 2 Yeah. 360 FTW
  • Yes you are right. Sorry. I've corrected it. School-boy error :) Joe R
  • the pants party give ChemicalXzibit a warning and woohoo fallout!
  • "Obviously we are more familiar with the Xbox because we are familiar and the...." Am I missing something? That just doesn't make sense to me.
  • @7 No you're not missing anything. Check the link out, that's how the quote reads. Not my fault this time :P Joe R
  • I remember hearing years ago that he PS3 was going to be a REAl challenge for developers to make games for, something to do with the technology the PS3 uses. I've not heard much about it since. Do you think this has anything to do with the DLC?? I understand the 360 HDD being much easier, but did they mention why the PS3 would not get the DLC?? PS / BTW: The current state of x360a member posts is saddening!
  • of course they prefer the 360! its straight pimpin! :)
  • @ 9 I agree... Also woohoo for exclusive DLC first GTA and now fallout sweetness. ( we don't count pc right?)
  • If I had a kick ass gaming rig, then I would buy this on PC. Shame we will have to pay for DLC.
  • I do agree with number 13 that we all should get the same DLC at the same time for the same price but if they prefer to make stuff for the 360 hey im not complaining
  • Yes it should be fair on both consoles after all GTA was originally a Sony Exclusive game but microsoft wanted a piece of that crack and gave loads of money just to get it and then gave even more just to get the content first, they tried it with epic for unreal 3 but they pissed them off so thats why we got unreal in july instead of the same time as Sony lol, but what are you going to do when you have the money to do something you would use it to get what you want.
  • W00T. Cannot wait for this game.
  • I have never been a fan of Fallout before... I actually just recently heard of it and I think that now I might ask for this as a Christmas present, My shelf is full, I can't fit my new Soul Calibur 4 on there either... I got 5 games lined up for trade in for Fallout if I hear more about it, but the gore is definitely pleasing, and since its also a Role Playing Game which also makes that more interesting, one more reason for me to pick it up is since Bethesda took it over, which just makes it even better since Elder Scrolls RULES!!! Conclusion: Christmas Present.
  • Not surprised in the least. I swear the only time developers show off a multiplatform game on the PS3 is when Sony asks them to do it. I'm sure it doesn't hurt to go from a Microsoft based machine to a Microsoft based console either. I can't wait for the Fallout 3 DLC. The game is already going to make be lose a hundred hours or more and the DLC will just push it further. I just wish I had a bad ass comp so I could get the DLC for "free" and get all of the sweet mods that will surely follow... but I do love my achievements.
  • Wow, really sucks to be a PS3 owner. First no GTA IV DLC, and now no Fallout 3 DLC.
  • @13 It's all about who pays how much for what ;)
  • this is just fanboy news
  • After seeing gameplay for Fallout 3 I'm not all that excited about it. They better show off its RPG side or else it's just another simplistic looking shooter.
  • Yeah, I'm with #22 on this one. Fallout is story and RPG first for me, the gore and wrapping is just flavor. Hopefully there will be a nice little demo to sink our teeth into not too far away.
  • I hope the game has a better story than oblivion. And even tho wandering around is cool... it just gets lonely and boring after a while. I hope there are more scripted/set piece story parts to the game to really give it a sense of story. Oblivion was just like go in this dungeon and get to the end of it, then report back. Eh...
  • #1 your an idiot!!!!!! i am really looking forward to this game cant wait to get my hands on it.
  • state the obvious
  • 360 rocks. Ps3 is shiny, I give it that.
  • #24 has it spot on how I also felt about Oblivion. I'm still quite excited about Fallout, but I do hope it will emulate Oblivion to much. Lots of freedom is cool, but I never got emerged in the storyline as it seemed disjointed.
  • Uhm, that had to be "will NOT emulate Oblivion to much" in my previous comment.
  • Yay, gotta love Bethesda.
  • I say we all get DLC and it's free for everyone, none of this exclusive krud. People shouldn't have to buy their consoles based on what games they want. The console market should be driven on hardware performance, not the software titles! It should be fair and people should choose their console based on their needs, not games they want. Sure MS can have Halo/Gears and Sony can have whatever, but all non-'mascot' games (eg, Mario on Nintendo) should be on both consoles with the same DLC. Think back to the old NES and SNES days...
  • #22 & #23 - They did show off the RPG side of it at E3. The V.A.T.S system is the RPG side. "V.A.T.S. allows you to pause time in combat, target specific body parts on your target, queue up attacks, and let Vault-Tec take out your aggression for you. Rain death and destruction in an all-new cinematic presentation."
  • Oblivion sucked comapring to morrowind and Fallout 3 will be nothing as good as previous two.
  • Oblivion was a brilliant game like Morrowind, they both had there good points and bad points. Further more , Fallout will kick ass!!
  • I own a 360 and a ps3, but stuff like this just makes it hard to buy anything for the ps3. Plus I just can't get into the idea of being a "trophy whore".... achievement whore just sounds better
  • Well, I guess if they're more comfortable with an architecture the entire industry has been working with for...well forever. I know I'd be more comfortable showing to the public something I'm confident it working with.
  • as a 360 owner and an owner of a ps3 thats on its 4th trip back to sony for the same issue, I must say 360 all the way...
  • #33 you've got it all wrong, it's Morrowind that was weak and Oblivion that rocked! I played both and loved Oblivion and spent many hours in it's world. I didn't even finish playing Morrowind cuz I got bored of it. Sure the story in Oblivion wasn't the best, but at least it was there (I can't even remember the story in Morrowind). Anyway, I already know my eyes are going to well up with tears of joy once I get my Collectors Edition of Fallout 3 and pop it in my 360!
  • PS3 is convenient as a shelf-filler or a book end. I've got one and haven't used it for over four months, as a shelf filler.
  • So we should be proud our specs haven't changed as the technology has improved? lol It's cool I guess.
  • @ 23, no demo, bethesda said that the game is "too" big to have a demo, but trust me this game will be great, possibly goty
  • Xbox 360 is the greatest system currently out on the market (Even better than a PC for gaming I say, but you also need a PC).
  • The only reason I have to not be excited about Fallout 3 is that Bethesda will be working on this game and its DLC which means we will have to wait longer for another Elder Scrolls. Still stoked, though.
  • In the end it's only DLC, the game itself is going to be incredibly huge and so PS3 owners only miss out of a litle bit of this enourmous world. Shame though (for them), but yeah the DLC will be sweet.
  • 360 KICKING ASS why won't the PS3 die. i don't even like it so that means no one else cares right
  • I'm going to bet that this is a time sensitive exclusive. Everything is these days. Isn't PS3 getting GTA IV DLC just it's going to be lightyears after the 360? Either way the only system I buy multiplatform games for is the 360 because I don't have room for my PS3 and Wii in my dorm :( and I don't want to wait until X-mas break to play Fallout 3.
  • haha playstation you just been kicked in the nuts by micro XD
  • @47. no its not going for ps3 at all. Rockstar.. one of the greatest game developers ever!... apart from the fact all their games have simular gameplay. not that its boring..
  • Bethesda: We prefer the 360 360 rocks!! :D
  • Oh boy Xbox fanboys all over the world just wet themselves.
  • @31 I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. Having exclusive content can be a good thing for the consumer. It creates more competition among developers and console manufacturers. Think about it, if you were going to buy Fallout 3 and wanted to get a next gen console, one of your deciding factors would DLC. Why bother getting it on PS3, which offers nothing extra, when you can get it on an Xbox and have access to the DLC, which gives your copy of Fallout 3 (which costs the same for PS3 and Xbox) even more playability. Also, you can't argue with sound business sense. If I want the majority of a customer base, I would have to offer a product that is better or exceeds my competitors. Betheseda can see the writing on the wall, the 360 has outperformed the PS3, and industry a
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