New Batman: Arkham Title Confirmed For This Year

Richard Walker

Amid rumours that the next Batman game to come from Rocksteady could be a prequel inspired by the 50s sliver age era comic books, it seems that the next game will instead continue the Arkham franchise, following up Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, with another Arkham-based story. What's more, it could be launching this year too.

The confirmation came via a Time Warner earnings call [via Yahoo! Finance], with the company's CFO and Chief Administrative Officer, John K. Martin stating, "And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013. And with a little luck, the year should be as good or maybe even a little bit better than 2012."

Sources suggest that developer Rocksteady might not be taking the reins for the next Arkham game, which means that the rumoured silver age prequel could still be in the offing for the studio, while another developer could be in the frame to take over where Rocksteady left off with the Batman: Arkham series.

With last month seeing a whole list of domain names being registered, there's a range of possibilities for the sequel that include Batman: Arkham Universe, Arkham Rises, Arkham Dark Knight or Arkham Begins. We'll have to sit tight and see which one surfaces once the game is revealed, and furthermore find out whether it'll be next-gen or not.

[Via VG247]

  • Hell Yes!!! On eof my fave series of this generation, have completed them so many timess!
  • Awesome news. Arkham City was truly fantastic albeit with a very short campaign, and I'm excited to see where they go from there. It'll be a next-gen launch title for sure.
  • Bet he was referring to another mobile game rather than a full Arkham game.
  • Great can't wait though I wish it would of continued where it left off from AC. But more from Rocksteady and this series and you have my money count me Excited.
  • This is some excellent news!!!
  • Man. This might be an expensive year after all, with titles as Bioshock and GTA V already coming, and maybe a new Arkham game on the way O.o
  • i believe i just freaked the f*** out just from reading the title
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Just hope they make the city bigger, well bring back the joker since it doesn't fee like batman without him.
  • Arkham Universe, full gotham takeover time
  • @10 - nonsense. I think the series will maintain far more integrity WITHOUT the Joker. Bats has a far greater range of villains to choose from than the clown. I just hope they've secured Paul Dini to write again, along with the previous voice cast. It won't be the same if they have a complete overhaul and still call it 'Arkham'. The other real question is whether Rocksteady are going to have any involvement at all in the title.
  • Yes I loved Batman: Arkham series so I really hope 3rd series to have less or small collectibles because ridder collectibles in Arkham series is bored since it is too much and grind. So I hope Rocksteady bring something new and interest that not too much grind and bord stuff like ridder collectibles. This is only problem that Arkham series had but it just one anyway I loved story, graphics, first game had great linear and 2nd series had fantastic semi-open world. :) 2nd series got main story quite short 6 to 8 hours so 3rd series need more then 11 hours like Arkham Asylum. :) Look forward to it!!!
  • Great Games, but Don't release them too close to each other. It will water down the franchise to where just the hardcore fans will be buy it & sales will diminish (See: The Assassin's Creed Games).
  • Holyshit!!! Thus just made my day!! Thank you WBs!!! :)
  • @13 agree with the more game play but disagree with the riddles think they should just make them harder that will make them less boring and if you can't do them you can always get a guide lol
  • @13 Looking forward to it*
  • will probably be set in Gotham city, that'd be the only way to top the last one
  • Arkham City Speedway, its going to be a batman themed kart racer! Or it might not be..
  • I'm just hoping they take out those stupid combat missions or whatever they're called, or dump the achievements from them. Either way can't wait for this!
  • @13 I didn't mind the collectibles at all. The way to get certain riddler trophies was quite good. In my opinion, the only thing that was really wrong with Arkham City was the DLC. We don't want to play the campaign maps over and over again. More story based DLC would suffice. Now if Rocksteady says they are working on more big titles. I wonder if this could mean...TMNT? (probably wishful thinking) Hopefully they can make a good Superman game, or a completely different IP altogether. I hope that they continue the Batman franchise. They are the only ones that did Batman right!!
  • It better be made by Rocksteady, or I'm gonna get a bit worried... Asylum and City are as incredible as they are because of the attention and effort Rocksteady Studios poured into them. A developer change could potentially be a very bad thing.
  • Holy poo!
  • Thats awesome! Before arkum was a asylum it was a hospital for crazy people
  • @13: Rocksteady are one of the few devs who do collectibles right. In Arkham City you had to earn the right to have them on your map and then you had to crack the puzzles or beat up bad guys under parameters to earn the trophies themselves. All can be done with the correct amount of skill, no bullshit internet guide consultation necessary.
  • Best news I've heard all week!
  • i liked the other 2 batman games. however i think they should make the main story longer and not include the combat challenges. they were the only things i hated about the games.
  • after the bullshit day i have had in work....seeing this news has definitely brightened my day up. :) @29 the combats in the first and campaigns in the second did my head in....still not finished either of them actually lol.
  • Okay with that news but not at full price for me (like I did for the first twos). Even with the sidequests, the second one was too short compared to the time I spent to finish the first one.
  • The developer is not taking the reins? Why do publishers switch development studios when the games have been top quality. Dumb motherfuckers.
  • Forgot to say, but of course, if it's not done by Rocksteady, don't count on me WB :)
  • wow no spoiller alerts by posts for ending to AC? anyways this wont be next gen. it'll be this gen. the next gen is at least 2yrs away. provided they announce it at this E3. this is based off of their sales. why stop making the 360. its making plenty of money in sales still. theres no reason for a next gen yet. i look forward to this game. the series has been great so far. i think the name should be the dark knight. that one suits it best.
  • I didnt mind the collectibles but I did kinda feel there was too many. I'd prefer they get rid of the easy ones and make more puzzles.
  • Well if Rocksteady isn't making the next Arkham game then I am skeptical. Only Rocksteady could have made the surperior-in-every-way AC
  • I am pumped for this game but I can't help but be hesitant and worry that this series is trending towards what Assassin's Creed was doing but just pumping out game after game in quick succession without changing much. And as #36 said, if it isn't Rocksteady behind the reigns then tread carefully.
  • WB are bitches, if Rocksteady made two great games why the fuck would you change that? Is it because this other company is willing to to it to cheaper? Whats next Kevin Conroy wont be voicing Batman? I really hope Rocksteady is doing this they should be the only ones making a Batman video game.
  • I fear that if Rocksteady don't develop this then there is a possibilty of the new developer adding MP to the series which wouldn't be welcomed. Rocksteady made a point of not including it in Arkham City which led to a better single player.
  • All of those names are crap
  • Very good news!
  • AWESOME! It's a going to be a hard job topping Arkham City but I have no doubt Rocksteady will surpass it ! Glad that the silver aged batman game is being put on hold for the third game in the Arkham trilogy! Big question is - What main villains will be used?!
  • Still haven't beat either game yet, just picked up arkham city for my ps3 looking to beat it soon.
  • To quote Daniel Bryan (before he started the "No!" thing): Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • There's plenty of Bat villains that still haven't been used or that only played a s,all cameo in Arkham City Black Mask, Firefly, Maxie Zeus, Hush, Red Hood, Prometheus, Killer Moth, Carmine Falcone, Great White Shark, Ventriloquiest Arnold Wesker with Scarface, Royal Flush Gang Also lets not forget e return of The Scarecrow
  • I know it's thinking quite far ahead but I really hope they create some great story based DLC Harley Quinns revenge was great, wish it was longer though!
  • Hmm without Rocksteady this sounds like a quick cash in from WB, I hope I am wrong.
  • So hyped right now :D
  • no challenges dlc please
  • I actually don't really feel like this game needs to be made. The way City ended was perfect and I'd hate to see the legacy of this series ruined by too many sequels. At the very least, they better keep Joker dead. Bringing him back to life in some half-assed way would just ruin everything. I'd like to see Scarecrow as the main villain.
  • @26, I'm pretty sure that's the definition of an asylum.
  • I'll just wait six months for the GOTY version like I did for Arkham City. Gotta save that money!
  • Yep the city needs to be bigger, more huge buildings, and more playable characters like Robin, Nightwing, ??Batgirl?? I don't know, and probably more villains from the series. Didn't like to play as Catwoman, wasn't comfortable with her.
  • Preorder most definetly. Can't wait to hear the release date.
  • Not sure on this, IMO they should have ended it with Arkham City, it won't be the same without Joker/Mark Hamill.
  • Without Rocksteady developing and Paul Dini's writing, I'm already worried for this game. When I read the title, I was optimistic, but as always, the devil is in the detail.
  • And now I have a new must have for the year, joining South Park, Tomb Raider, (Possibly GTA) and now this.
  • one of the few games I enjoy being churned out...I never tire of Batman Arkham style.
  • Its hardly churned out, its had one sequel at this point. The riddles are great, they add a lot to the game and get the brain engaged. But yeah, I would be apprehensive if its not a Rocksteady game. This is their baby.
  • Cant wait love these game Rocksteady should be nmaking it though
  • @29 I agree they need to dump those stupid combat challenges or at least just the cheevs for them. That was the worse part about the first two for me and honestly if they are included I don't know if I will be picking this game up despite me being a huge batman fan and a fan of the first two games.
  • "the 50s sliver age era comic books"...what was the "sliver age"???...was there a snake related bad guy who tried to take over Arkham City by using him venom to poison the water supply???...why does nobody ever tell me these things :( lol
  • I want them to not make the Predator Challenges so hard. I'm good at combat so those weren't too bad, but campaign with Catwoman was hard as fuck.
  • This I can't wait for, but there is no confirmation here, this could take years yet.
  • Ignore that last post, misread the artical, still can't wait though.
  • Well, I guess it's not going to be a case of 'He who laughs last, laughs loudest'... Harley's still kicking, the joke's not over until the Batman leaves.
  • ¡YAAAA! the best series ever isn't over yet.
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