Three New Need for Speed: Most Wanted DLC Packs Outed

Richard Walker

Another three batches of DLC for Need for Speed: Most Wanted have been outed over on our sister site PS3Trophies, with all three trophy lists revealing that more cars are on the way, alongside a bunch of new challenges and events.

There's both single-player and multiplayer content in the three packs, with a total of 10 new trophies divided between the DLCs. The packs are the 'Terminal Velocity Pack', 'Movie Legends Pack' and 'NFS Heroes Pack'.

No release dates or pricing are forthcoming for any of the packs at present, but you can get a look at the trophies below:

Terminal Velocity Pack

  • Velocity: Terminal 5 - Drive all 5 Terminal Velocity Pack cars (Single Player)
  • Velocity: First Class - Finish first in every race in the Terminal Velocity Pack (Single Player)
  • Velocity: On Final Approach - Unlock either Jump Nitrous PRO or Drift Tires PRO (Multi)
  • Velocity: Terminal Addiction - Unlock Ram Chassis, Drift Tires and Jump Nitrous for all 5 Terminal Velocity Pack cars (Multi)

Movie Legends Pack

  • Movies: It’s a Wrap! - Finish first in every race in the Movie Legends Pack (Single Player)
  • Movies: Gone! - Escape the cops in the Shelby GT500 (Single Player)
  • Movies: Fan Fiction - Get 5 Slam Takedowns while driving with the ‘Movie Fan’ License Plate (Multiplayer)

NFS Heroes Pack

  • NFS Hero: Need to Win - Finish first in every race in the NFS Heroes Pack (Single Player)
  • NFS Hero: Six Underground - Unlock all 6 ‘Under’ License Plates (Multiplayer)
  • NFS: Hero Worship - Win an event while driving with the ‘NFS Hero’ License Plate (Multiplayer)
  • Erm? YAY! Just been posting in another thread about how this was my favourite AAA game last year.
  • Game is crying out for the burnout multiplayer challenges. Not that linear pre selected bull they have now. Makes me sad, i like this game.
  • Getting the Movie Fan and NFS Hero Licence plates are probably gonna involve a lot of driving online. On the previous DLC, you had to unlock all the upgrades for each car which meant driving 200 miles in each car online.
  • AAAAAARGH! I just finished this bloody thing yesterday! Those MP DLC achievements were a soul crushing experience, I really hope none of these require you to get a big group of people together or drive 1000 miles.
  • I often hear of Trophies being outed on the sister site first. I'm curious if this sometimes happens the other way around as well, or if PS3 actually does get first word on these things.
  • Does anyone know when the Vin Diesel character download comes out?
  • People still play this shit? I wonder what the new NFS game is going to be.
  • The multiplayer should have been done more like burnout with doing challenges one at a time, and picking what you want to play in ranked matches. It get's boring fast when you want to race with exotics and have to do 5 events with trucks.
  • 200G spread over 3 packs that will cost 800msp a piece no doubt. Another 30 bucks for this half assed BP? Just no.
  • Nice moustache!
  • Yay...more online grinding :(
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