Brett Favre to Remain in Packers Uniform for Madden 2009 Cover

Jeff Lao

So it's official. The Green Bay Packers has finally traded Brett Favre to the New York Jets. How does this effect EA and Madden 2009? It really doesn't.

MTV Multiplayer has the word from EA that the cover will remain the same, with Favre in a Packers uniform. EA does not plan to repackage Madden 09, but will offer a free downloadable cover on featuring Favre in a Jets uniform. Fans will be able to print out the new cover and insert it into the game case.

There will also be a roster update on August 11th, the day before Madden 09 hits the stores. The roster update will be downloadable. Favre will indeed be the QB of the Jets, but the roster update is not mandatory unless you plan to play online.

What a Off Season for the Packers and Favre, huh? Not to mention a little extra work for EA Sports as well.

  • atleast there will be an update rite away 1st :)
  • I was just thinking about how horrible the timing had been for EA xD
  • what? so you can get rid of your shiny professionally printed cover and replace it with a crappy homemade one? because of a uniform? does anyone care that much?
  • fuck ted thompson. that guy needs to be killed.
  • too bad favre didn't go to the vikings...
  • i live in green bay and im a huge packer fan and now seeing this makes me even sadder
  • well i live in wisconsin, and personally hate the packers, and favre more. i think he should be on the Jets cover, which athletes on the madden cover were traded and had their old teams jersey on the cover..? GO BEARS!
  • after many years of wins for the packers they do this 2 him
  • Everywhere I go all I see is Brett Favre this Brett Favre that... and now even here I see it! S*!+
  • Nice, I'll most likely keep the GB cover on my copy.
  • wow it looks like ea might do something right for once
  • That's even more reason Sean Taylor should have been on the cover. HTTR.
  • I seriously don't get why you wouldn't want an Hall Of Famer on your team.
  • Told people that's what EA was going to do
  • Yeah Sean taylor dfinetly he died. Go Redskins!
  • Sweet. I was laughing too wondering what the heck EA was going to do with it's unretired cover boy. Now at least we don't have to make our own cut-out covers.
  • @#10 lol madden curse won't matter too much since he is going to the Jets... and a star QB with on receiver really doesn't work too well
  • **no not on sorry**
  • Im sorry but y would EA make you cut out your own cover thats oddly lazy
  • Didn't think that they'd change the cover, cool that they're offering a new printable cover though.
  • B F is rediculous!
  • @19 its not lazy of them to change the cover..somethings cost money and manpower and would be time consuming..most likly all the games are already pakced ready to be shipped
  • All the game retailers already have the game its just cause there is a street date they are not allowed to sell it or they are fined a lot of money... And...worst Madden cover guy EVER
  • Did you hear Pennington got cut? A little bit funny considering the hype around him a few years back. And the madden curse will hit Favre. Even if he'd stayed retired, it wouldn't have been a good season for him. No matter the uni, insert or no insert, Favre will get hurt. As for the cover, I could care less. And this was definitely better than recalling their product, but it's good there is the roster update and slip in cover for those who do care.
  • brett farve sucks anyway who cares.. ok really he is awesome but seriously needs to just retire lol im banking on a terrible jets season
  • Printable cover here I come! :D J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!
  • @25 -- Favre doesnt get hurt to a point where he doesnt play.. NFL record for most consectutive starts by a QB with 253, which is over 16 seasons. That's absolutely ridiculous.. Favre is untouchable by the Madden curse
  • i think it's going to be funny when on game 2 of the season, when brett favre is going to get tackled so hard that his rectum falls out and the whole city will hear his pelvis crumble under the weight of the monstrous sack that he's begging for. I'm rooting for the madden curse, here. Quit being a fxckin' diva, acting like the bill gates of football, and go get your old brittle ass injured so I can laugh at you. Then you can spend your millions on gold wheelchairs and silver crutches, you old fart.
  • News flash for all Packer fans: The Packers didn't screw Favre. FAVRE SCREWED FAVRE!
  • Farve on cover of Madden 09 cover in Green Bay uniform, and going to the Jets, BEFORE the game hits the shelves. Awkward!
  • @31 - EXACTLY! Fuck Favre and his bullshit primadonna ways...the Packers tried to be amicable about any deal while sticking with their plans (A-Rod as starter and defense as their focus in training when Favre retired). Oh well, there's still PLENTY of time left for the Madden Curse to kick in...
  • every sports game should make a roster update and what not right before they release a game so that there arent any mistakes.
  • Long Live The Curse!!!
  • Might download the cover just for the fun of it though.
  • yep madden curse.... I predict Favre gets hurt in Jets' game (vs Patroit) then retire again.
  • Here comes the madden curse!!! Here comes the madden curse!!! Coming down madden curse lane!!!
  • The Packers did the right thing. Argue all you want about getting rid of a hall of famer, even Favre isn't worth the demoralization to the team. If I'm a football player, do I want to play for a guy that just pulled that stunt on our team during the offseason? No. And if you don't care about it, because all you're playing for is the paycheck, then you can GTFO my team anyway. Or that's how I see it.
  • Yay Chargers!!
  • lol @#32 im gonna keep Farve in a Green Bay uniform... it wouldnt look right to have him in a Jets uniform
  • bret favre needs to friggin retire, i hate people who come out of retirement
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