Deus Ex: Human Defiance is the Movie Trademark, Not a Game

Richard Walker

Spotted last week, Square Enix's recently filed trademark for Deus Ex: Human Defiance is in fact the name of the upcoming movie adaptation, as Lee rightfully pointed out when he covered the news a few days ago.

It was thought that the trademark could have been a Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel or a spin-off, or even a next-gen title, but sadly that's not the case.

Superannuation tweeted both of the Deus Ex: Human Defiance domains, which are registered to CBS Films. The second domain is in fact for, confirming that the whole thing is indeed for the Deus Ex movie.

So there you have it, people. As you were. Nothing to see here.

[Via Shack News]

  • If a movie for this is done well it could be epic!!!(fingers crossed)
  • I played the first, although I haven't finished the first a next gen title would sound good, the progression in the first is fun,your opinion and decision actually is important and can alter the game making it very interesting at the least.
  • I would like to see a deus ex movie. I liked the first 2 deus ex games more than human revolution but even if this movie is more towards the human revolution side of the series I think it will still be worth watching
  • Wow. Hopefully it turns out good. I can't think of a SINGLE game-based film that is good. The best probably being Silent Hill, but those weren't very special.
  • I don't trust movies that based about games as many already either ruined and letdown. Just like games based about movies. Well it is same really. Games is way better then movies in my opinion as games is more fun because you "PLAY (Games), WATCH (cutscenes and pictures), EARN (achievements), LISTEN (sound, music and voice) AND READ (subtitles and story telling)". I might go see this film but I guess it will be another ruins. :/
  • We all asked for this.
  • Are they going show the part where the protagonist spends 12 hours just hacking random safes and alarm panels for no reason outside of his/her own amusement?
  • For all of you that haven't read it yet go to the link for the full story. "Deus Ex Movie Not Really Based On The Game, More “A Cyberpunk Movie”
  • Movie game=fail. Game movie=fail.
  • I think they can do it.
  • @3 You are wrong, your opinion is wrong. Deus Ex: HR was amazing and so much better than invisible wars. Only the original Deus Ex is better than Human Revolution. So there you go, I have set you straight. A pm saying thankyou will suffice.
  • they better not turn it into another shit hollywood FX film with no story or characters!! it deserves to be good!
  • @4 while i did find the resident evil movies and the doom movie enjoyable i know they got a lot of hate from many people.hands down the best game movie was the first Mortal Kombat it set the bar high for all other video game movies to come.just my opinion though.would love to see a Lord of the Rings-style Elder Scrolls movie or a fallout movie like book of eli.
  • I for one away the said but inevitable game of the movie of the game of the game of the game. (Deus Ex : HR, Deus Ex : IW, Deus Ex)
  • I Uwe Boll connected to this project in any way? If he is, then this flick is going to be a shit sandwich.
  • Interested in how this will turn out. Loved Deus Ex:HR. Great game. However, will the movie adaption do the series justice or will it be Deus Ex in name only.
  • I loved the game, but I don't have high hopes for any of these game-movies. Film studios tend to butcher decent game series'
  • Human Defiance makes it sound so straight to DVD for some reason, I can imagine the budget trailer voice now... As a tagline to a game it sounds fine though.
  • Are The Asylum making this?
  • Not in the mood for movies, I prefer TV Series so it'll be without me.
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