Happy Wars March Update Hits As XBLA Game Surpasses 2 Million Players

Richard Walker

Happy Wars has clocked up more than 2 million players, developer Toylogic has today announced, as the game's March update arrives for the popular free-to-play Xbox Live Arcade title.

This latest update adds the new Special Match Mode, the ability to enhance your items more and additional customisation slots to play with for each of the classes. You can check out the details of the update in full below.

The Happy Wars Title Update 4 includes:

  • Special Match Mode - Special Match mode is where new rules will be showcased moving forward. And new rules mean that you can get special rewards unavailable through the usual multiplayer modes!

Enjoy the first Special Match offering with the new “Save the KING” multiplayer rules; support your team’s KING player in the journey to the enemy castle. As soon as the KING enters the castle -- you win!

When you become a King, use your scepter to knock enemies away and lead the way to the enemy castle.

  • Enhance Items More - Item level cap is extended from 10 to 15. Level up your favorite item and create the ultimate item!

And you can check all items - even items you’ve never gotten in Item Encyclopedia now.
Find the best item for your tactic and get it from multiplayer games, Happy Cards, Special Match and more!

  • Additional Customization Slots - Now there are not 1 but 3 customization slots for the classes.

The player can customize each slot with character parts and items and select the slot to use when going into battle during the game.

Make customization slots to manage various war situations strategically!

Happy Wars is available free from XBLA with more updates promised in the future. Check out some screenshots from today's March update below.

  • With the game being free, for some reason I expected there to be no updates or support.
  • Before anyone gets too excited, the 'Special Rewards' in the special match are rigged and pretty much unobtainable
  • didnt like it because it was too hard for no apparent reason and you had to play multiplayer in order to unlock single player
  • It did receive a update around Christmas time and the "disconnections" (AKA games randomly stopping for no reason) have rarely happened since. You're more likely to have a game stop due to insufficient players, so this 2 million is almost definitely a cumulative number. I'll probably get every achievement apart from MVP and delete it. Only two to go!
  • @1 just because it's free doesn't mean its not going to get any support, and besides, they sell you stuff in game im sure a lot of people have bought goodies up to this point since launch.
  • I forgot all about this game, i'll have to get back on it and finish it off. New stuff in updates is always welcome.
  • is the game any good?
  • I finally tried this out the other day, and it's not bad! I mean, it's not *great* and I wouldn't pay for the actual game, but somehow I did spend $2 yesterday on some chest or something... i don't even really know what it was. Goes to show ya; FTP gets returns.
  • this last update has actually been kinda crappy, the new thing letting u level weapons up about level 10 actually needs you to have multiple copies of the same weapons to do that. pretty much making the game pay to win if you ever want to get the strongest equipment possible
  • @7 In my honest opinion it's all right, nothing special. But hey, its free so try it out for yourself you might like it
  • For this game being free, and to update it still, is a total feel of appreciation for Toylogic. This game is so fun when no games catch my interest ┬ŽD
  • I personally feel following the freemium model of games is what really killed its potential, I just don't enjoy it very much.
  • It'd be better if they had an in-game way to obtain happy tickets, without the micro-transactions. But, were that the case, they really wouldn't make any money. It's a fun/quirky/charming little game though. It's always something I revert to once I'm out of other things to play.
  • This is probably one of the few instances where freemium pays off. If this were 1200 msp, it would have been dead a long time ago. Not that it isn't enjoyable, but it doesnt stand a great game either. The other instance of perfect freemium would be 'The Hobbit' on mobile phones. A competitive wargame that doesn't actually require to pay to win, but the advantages are tempting enough to lure you into paying for it. I myself tipped the devs a bit, but I see some people in my alliance (and outside) going mental on it, spending what may be hundreds a month. From what I've seen though, only 'older' people play it (30+)... I guess the limited attention span of youngsters doesn't reach far enough to realise it's a war game and not a 'tapped out' building game. Talk about going off-topic...
  • i am really surprised they are doing updates for this game they rarely ever do updates for the free XBLA games
  • I stop playing this after completing all achievements and thank god because I lost several hours just trying to connect to servers and playing with the fear that the connection would be lost soon. This wasn't any issue of my internet speed or provider, it was Happy Wars's server issues and I hope it's all good now for current players.
  • i actually enjoy playing this game from time to time.
  • I'd much rather they had DC Universe Online, but that's never going to happen given it's a Sony title. A bit clunky, but great fun. Plus the dialogue is so fucking wooden it's unbelievable, especially from name actors.
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