Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Announced With Screens

Richard Walker

As teased yesterday, Dishonored is getting a second dose of DLC, but it won't be called 'The Other Side of the Coin' as first thought. Instead it's called 'The Knife of Dunwall', and has you assume the role of Dunwall's legendary assassin, Daud, who also murdered the Empress in the opening moments of the game, framing Corvo.

Daud will have his own weaponry, gadgets and supernatural abilities, as well as a legion of allies to call upon. The Knife of Dunwall picks up after the assassination of the Empress, as Daud searches for redemption after meeting The Outsider who reveals the key to his atonement.

There'll be a mystery to unravel involving 'Delilah', and as Daud forges his own path to pursue his ultimate fate, he'll visit never-before-seen districts of Dunwall, facing new foes with your band of loyal mercenary assassins, the Whalers. Daud will have a new arsenal of weapons and powers that aim to enhance Dishonored's combat, mobility and stealth.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall will be available on April 16th for 800 Microsoft Points. Daud's story will then be concluded in the third and final Dishonored add-on, The Brigmore Witches. Check out the first screenshots below.

  • This was such an under rated game, Amazing gameplay and setting. Too bad it came out at a bad time when a lot of other great games were released as well. Will be for sure getting this DLC!
  • I loved this game and will defo be getting this dlc at some point!
  • @1 Given the critical and gamer response, I don't think it was hurt by it's launch window at all. It was such a great game that it stood out and has done just fine. Very much looking forward to this DLC!
  • @3 I don't think it was hurt, I think it could have done a lot better. I know AC3 came out the same month and maybe that was the focus of October 2012. I think that's why I feel it was over looked even with great response from reviews and gamers. I just don't want people to miss out on a great gaming experience :)
  • Looking forward to this DLC. Hopefully it gets me I'm the mode for my final playthrough. Only (small) thing that bothers me: Why would the Assassins be called the Whalers? Shouldn't that name be taken by, oh I don't know, maybe the actual Whalers?
  • Yeah still look forward this!! I have plenty MSpoints sitting in my account for this DLC. :)
  • Dishonored did pretty damn well considering. Ignoring all of the awards it has won, it was the third best-selling game on Steam based on pre-orders alone a week before its release and was the number-two selling game on all platforms on its opening week (behind FIFA). It was the biggest launch and best-selling new original title of the year (surpassing Sleeping Dogs and Dragon's Dogma which both had very good sales). It did well enough that after only a month, Bethesda established to make an entire franchise out of it on those sales/reactions alone.
  • nice this gonna be some interest diversion, expect to see another expansion that let you explore Elsewhere oh,(pandyssian)
  • AC3 was "cleaner" and perhaps more polished... but nowhere near as fun imho. The Assassin's Creed franchise is supposed to all about freedom in gameplay, but every mission was jacked up by silly and pointless counter-intuitive constraints. Dishonored, on the other hand, only really had two constraints (three if you include not getting detected) and they were thematic ones based on high or low chaos. I purchased and played them both, got them both to 1000 gs, but I would pick up Dishonored again for fun way before AC3.
  • Finally! Some real story DLC instead of that time trial crap. Definitely looking forward to this one...
  • Under rated? Was by far the most over-rated game i've played. I really wanted to love it but had to force myself to finish it
  • @1 @4 - Please see @7's comment. Based on sales alone I don't think anyone is missing out on this :) @11 Can't please everyone I guess. But sorry, given how many CoD titles are on your Cheevo list I refuse to believe it's the most over-rated game you've played ;)
  • Jesus, even my pledge to not buy any more video games until I finish my current ones won't stop me from buying this DLC.
  • @9 AC3 was polished? That's a laugh
  • I wish they hadn't waited so long before at least announcing some campaign DLC. After months of no news, outside of those dumb trials, I finally traded this in. If they had at least thrown us a bone that they were working on something, I may have held on to the game longer. I am sure there are a lot of others who fit that description.....could have added up to many more sales of the DLC.
  • Can't wait to finally play this game. It's been on my wishlist for sometime! Hopefully I'll be able to play it in May along with Far Cry 3. I have a lot on until then :S
  • @9. AC3 was not polished, I think it was the glitchiest game I've played on several years. The forums are filled with people bitching about glitched.
  • I should probably finish this game at some point.
  • I didn't like this game at all. IMO it didn't look good nor play good at all. I let a friend borrow it, but I might give it another chance.
  • This will inspire me to actually go back and clean up a ton of the achievements I missed in my quick playthrough.
  • Since 'The Knife of Dunwall' DLC has been announced, the sub forum for this DLC needs to be changed from 'The Other Side of the Coin' to its current name: 'The Knife of Dunwall'. Looking forward to the DLC.
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