The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Behind the Scenes Vid Stars Reedus and Rooker

Richard Walker

Well, this is looking a damned sight better than it did when we last saw it. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct actually looks pretty decent in this latest trailer going behind-the-scenes on the game with actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, who play Daryl and Merle Dixon respectively in the TV show and game.

Both actors talk up the game and discuss their roles therein, with some new gameplay footage spliced in between the talking heads and behind-the-scenes segments showing Reedus and Rooker in the voice booth giving it some welly with lots of shouty bits.

A precursor to the events of the TV show, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct charts the Dixon brothers' journey to Atlanta leading up to their first appearance in the AMC series. Survival Instinct is out next week, on March 19th in North America and March 22nd in the UK and Europe.

  • Damn looks a whole different game than the last trailer
  • Looks better but I still think this game is gonna be subpar.
  • Yeah agreed, looks alot better - looks very similar to Left for Dead, which can only be a good thing. Actually quite interested in this now.
  • I have high hopes but low expectations for this game.
  • It is Daryl not Derle isnt it?
  • The game is looking good, cant wait for the reviews next week
  • Looks better than previous trailers. Chose to preorder this over anything else coming out soon. Hope it doesn't disappoint. But looks like it won't. The way the character shoots looks a lot like cod which will be good as their mechanics are spot on. And I'm not a big cod fan I just can't deny that it plays extremely well. If we end up with Left 4 Duty: Survival Instincts I will be very happy
  • I'm still on the fence about this one. $40 is a good price point, but I really wish I knew how the gameplay felt. I hope it's not too clunky. I might wait to read a hand on review by 360a staff.
  • @9 I no nothing of how this site works, but I don't think they'll be doing a review of this game anytime time soon, with two big games releasing in the next couple of week, and they only seem to mainly review big games, but I've been wrong before, more times than I can count actually but that's another story.
  • Have to get it because I'm a Walking Dead fanatic. If it sucks it sucks. I just want more Walking Dead!
  • Probably trading in 'Crysis 3' soon, and this seems to be the only thing interesting me. Looks like good, generic fun with some relatively simple, entertaining achievements. 'Gears of War: Judgment' and 'Bioshock Infinite' just haven't really interested me all that much.
  • It's not going to be great, but I'll play it because it is Walking Dead and the achievement list looks easy.
  • I almost didn't even click this link; I had sort of lost hope in in this game, but it has my attention again.
  • Think this will be a huge let down, here's to hope!
  • Too big of a name to be a bust.... The Walking Dead video game being published by Activision.... Probably will not be the best game ever but it will be a good time.... All for $49.99.... Why not? People spend that much on COD dlc.... Why not a freaking zombie game made after one of the best tv shows out at the moment? Activision should send me a check in the mail for posting this.... Hahahaha
  • @6 Yeah you're right. I'm not sure why Rooker said it was Derle for
  • Cool video, game still looks like crap though lol. I'll play it anyway since I'm a fan of the show.
  • When i First heard Michael his voice i was like "where have I heard this voice before?" apperenly he also Voiced Harper in BO2
  • @17: Pretty sure he was just joking around.
  • Looking forward to the bacon gun DLC!
  • WOW they really are good actors, they seem to have made most people re-think this game. Some 1 at Activision got that right
  • Love me some Derley Dixon. and yes, it IS Derle.
  • @23 yeah I'm just really not sure at all now. He is credited as Daryl on imdb, but considering I thought Merle was called Morrow when I was watching the TV says a lot about my hearing. And where did you find this information?
  • @24 Michael Rooker says so in the video
  • I'm looking forward to this game. Getting it for birthday, so have to wait until the middle of May. But should be a good laugh.
  • Actually pleasantly surprised by that vid. Game just went from a 'gonna get it because its walking dead but looks meh' to something that might not be all that bad.
  • annoying thing about this is game is that they have confirmed this back story has nothing to do with the fucking tv show storyline!! it's wtf why!!! might as well link it.
  • This game is surely bound to have something in common with vacuum cleaners.
  • @28 I think they are wanting to create a new story arc, with this game, so Acti game release sequels at will, while not making it so they have to follow the TV show, but that sadly means no epic metal fist thing for Meryle, or however you spell his name.
  • Cool, thumbs down for being right.
  • @16 unfortunatley it doesn't work that way. When the Game of Thrones game was announced i had very high hopes (being such a quality book and series) but the game was really bad. I think this will be the same however, i could be wrong. It does look a lot better than what i have previously seen. I might just pick it up, i really want too.
  • @24. Michael Rooker told me, in this here video!
  • The game looks great. Really looking forward to it and hoping it will be good :)
  • here's to hoping it's better than that awful writing on the show.
  • People with any kind of positive outlook on this game obviously have no idea what happened with Ghostbusters.
  • @ #36 What happened with Ghostbusters ? That was a great game IMO and others as well. Are you talking about the achievement issue I believe existed with Ghostbusters ? I will never like or dislike a game because of achievements, too many corn balls on this website do though. To each his own
  • Wasn't so much the achievements, but how the company dealt with the issue. Took a year to issue a patch that only worked for the fanbase that had not played the game before the patch was issue. People still complained and the company flat out ignored fans to the point they were banning people from their forums and erasing any thread or mention of the issue. I am not one to play a game for achievements alone, but will make attempts to go for them. I think games should be played for the enjoyment of the game. But when a company basically slaps consumers in the face and tells them tough and to deal with it, that company will no longer get my money.
  • I should mention I did enjoy the single player portion of the game too, it wasn't amazing but I played through it a couple times and had fun. Just the way the company handled everything else left a really bad taste in my mouth.
  • @#36 - The only thing wrong with Ghostbusters was the multiplayer achievements getting messed up. The multiplayer wasn't even made by Terminal Reality if I am not mistaken. Think it was outsourced. And they patched it. And single player was very good.
  • Ghostbusters was a fun game, cheeves broken or not
  • Oh god this is gonna tank :(
  • After the success of the XBLA/PSN game, which was actually award-winning, even if it was more a game of interactive cutscenes, that bar is kinda high. Looks fun though, as a fan of the show. I'll probably bargain bin it for sure.
  • I don't know why, but I was shocked when Norman Reedus started talking and didn't sound like Daryl :P On topic it looks like they went at this game with a supersoaker filled with polish since the last trailer, it could turn out to be a decent game after all.
  • I just got to download this morning!!! but played the first level and it's poo
  • i will still not bying it
  • Haha I have always said Derle because it rhymes with Merle, that's so funny that Michael Rooker said that
  • no demo = no buy
  • I'll pick it up when it's around £15, not paying full price for it, it won't come anywhere NEAR Telltale's Walking Dead series now that's a game I'd easily splurge £40 on. Sorry but with Tomb Raider and Bioshock: Infinite this month, why the hell would I buy this crap.
  • This does look better. Very similar to L4D, but as others have said, that's not a bad thing. Got Far Cry 3 ready to trade in, this could be a purchase.
  • @32 the game of thrones game actually got me watching the show, the combat might not have been brilliant but the story was really enjoyable (I enjoyed it more than the series tbf). This new trailer for walking dead really has turned it around compared to the shiny lego hair used too much conditioner zombies in the earlier footage, looks like it could be fun.
  • It's "DARYL" anyone saying otherwise can look it up. No need to argue either because I'm sure of this as I am the Sun is going to set in the west tonight and rise in the east tomorrow morning. Not sure how you spell the name in different countries regions but respect the fact that this is really has his character's name is spelled. Anything else is wrong.. PERIOD. I'm so backed up with games to play I'll probably pick this up new when it hits the $20 or $30 dollar mark. Definitely worth taking a look at if someone is a fan of the show.
  • He's saying Daryl. He's just doing it with a hard southern accent so it sounds like he's saying Derle. When he spells it out in the video he's just being silly.
  • Got this game and its ok, Even more with MoDs ;)
  • Gameplay vids are up on youtube. This game looks like trash. Way to go Activision
  • @16 What about Lost the video game?
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