Batman: Arkham Origins Rumoured for Next-Gen E3 Reveal

Richard Walker

More rumours pointing to Warner Bros. upcoming Batman Arkham title confirmed last month for release this year have surfaced today, suggesting that Batman: Arkham Origins could be heading to next-generation and current consoles, with Rocksteady once again handling development.

French website Gameblog claims it was given the tip by unnamed industry sources, with the 'Origins' suffix pointing to previous rumours stating that the game could be a prequel set during DC's Batman Silver Age period in which Bats first encounters the Joker, with Justice League members like Green Lantern and Superman tipped to make appearances.

With Warner already confirming that a Batman Arkham title is coming this year, the source's claims that Batman: Arkham Origins could be revealed at E3 2013 and released in late 2013 don't seem all that outrageous. Yet, until some official details are confirmed, this is firmly to be considered pure speculation for now.

[Via CVG]

  • As long as Rocksteady are developing the game, I'm happy.
  • Hopefully this news comes true, Rocksteady knows how to make the most enjoyable superhero games in recent memory
  • But isn't there 2 batman games being made? im still hoping this one gets develop
  • "I just shit and jizzed in my pants", says every lame-o,bugger eating 12 year old on this website.
  • @#3 That project was cancelled a long time ago
  • This just made my day
  • More Batman is never a bad thing. More Batman from Rocksteady can not physically be a bad thing. Just another reason to look forward to E3 this year.
  • I hope they include Man-Bat to the game
  • I haven't even played Arkham City yet.. one of these days I will.
  • I still want either a DC or a Marvel game where I play as the villain.
  • @9 you need to get cracking mate. excellent game. :) can't wait for the game to be released! even more so rocksteady are at the helm again.
  • Should be a another great batman title since rocksteady is doing it again.
  • My favorite games of this generation. Please god let them be on par with AA and AC.
  • Rocksteady as developer and I will be sold!
  • Man, suppose I need to dust off AC and finish it. To many games got in the way.
  • I just hope they'll get someone that can write the game and Batman as well as Paul Dini (for obvious reasons) did. Is anyone familiar with current comic writers who went back to Batman Silver Age era recently? Crossing my fingers for a good pick at the E3 reveal.
  • I just shit and jizzed in my pants But seriously this should be pretty awesome with next-gen.
  • @#9 I am in the same boat as you and I bought that game day one. /facepalm
  • Just bought the first two. Guess I better get cracking!
  • As long as this comes out for this gen I'm happy.
  • Great games - more of the same please. Just hope they ease up on making you do the challenges repeastedly with different characters.
  • here's hoping it's not another Joker game though, City ended so perfectly having a prequeal just to have him star in it yet again would just be so damn cheap
  • i hope they ease off on the predator/combat challenges this time. i didnt even finish yjem in the second game because it felt really repetative doing it with 4 characters with very little difference in them.
  • I LOVE the batman games. So awesome. All GOTY contenders. This one should be too!
  • Can't there be a game WITHOUT the Joker as a prime villain? I wanted to fight against some old-time villains like Hush, The Great White Shark, Man-bat, and The Ventriloquist... Firefly would be cool too, an aerial battle.
  • @25 Doesn't sell. Only way is to add them in like side characters.
  • They should give every comic book related game to Rocksteady to make and keep Activision well away from em.
  • Kind of disappointed Rocksteady aren't going to be doing the Ninja Turtles game like it was rumored back a couple years ago...I guess Nickolodeon is a bit too small for them to take on a project of that size yet. But any news on a new Batman Game is good news. I just hope it retains the same art style. As much as I like Adam West Batman I really hope this doesn't go that route. Raw and visceral please, like I like my women.
  • I hope the Boy Wonder is actually playable in this one. That Harley DLC was a bust when I couldn't play as Robin in the city.
  • Can't wait , loved playing Batman : AC haven't play AA yet but heard its just as good.
  • @26 It would sell, these games aren't just a one off die-hard fan game. They are some of the best action titles of this generation so the fan base extends beyond just those who like Batman and Joker.
  • What I'd love is some co-op action, same as Arkham, but you could choose to tackle missions alone or together. Co-Op is golden
  • @25 guess you havent played this game then... (presuming it will be a sequel that is) I'd say a prequel on why Arkham was built would be cool. Have to wait and see but im defo getting it, and not on the new console either
  • Batman met the Joker in the Golden Age... And if it's anything like Morrison's take on the Silver Age then it could turn out to be the best thus far.
  • Cant wait to see what the graphics will look like cause AA and AC where very nice.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Unless Mark Hamill is going back on his statement that he was done with the Joker after Arkham City, I don't know if I'd want Joker to be the villain of a potential prequel. While other actors can definitely play Joker, it'd be kind of a waste of continuity not to have Hamill reprise the role.
  • Anyone else wondering if games on the neXbox and the 360 will be stackable? Probably not but I've got 6 arkhams stacked up now. Be awesome to do the new one 2-3 times as well.
  • I have very high expectations from a studio that crafted one of the greatest games of this generation, Arkham City. I'm looking forward to getting my Batarang on!
  • I think we all have forgotten something if batman looks awesome thanks to rocksteady then green lantern is gonna look awesome and superman is gonna look bad arsed
  • @37 he also said he was done with the Joker after AA, I think if be likes the story enough he'll be back since doing a game isn't any where near the size of a commitment as doing a series.
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