Batman: Arkham Origins Announced, Not Developed by Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Origins Announced, Not Developed by Rocksteady

Lee Bradley

Warner Bros. has announced Batman: Arkham Origins, a third game in the celebrated series.

Developed by Warner Montreal and not by series creators Rocksteady, Batman: Arkham Origins is planned for an October 25th release this year on current-gen systems.

The game takes place before Batman: Arkham Asylum and will document a time when the Dark Knight was relatively young and encountering Gotham's various supervillains for the first time. As featured on Game Informer's upcoming cover, one of those supervillains will be Deathstroke, a dangerous mercenary.

The lead designer of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype, Eric Holmes, will serve as creative director on the game, which WB Montreal hopes will “capture the look and feel of the Arkhamverse."

  • I love the Batman games, and can't wait to pick this one up. Hopefully some more story DLC for this game like "Harley Quinn's Revenge" on Batman : Arkham City.
  • I wanna be excited for this game, but no Rocksteady worries me. Also, Hulk and Prototype weren't the most creative of games in recent memory... It's a great idea, just hope they don't fuck it up.
  • Hmmm. Let's wait and see
  • Really like the idea of an earlier batman story but not developed by Rocksteady is very risky hope it turns out as good as the previous two.
  • :/
  • Batman without rocksteady isn't the same
  • That they're keeping all the technical assets is a good thing, but that Lead Designer make me worry. Those past games are really free-roam hack and slashes. The last two Arkhams were heavily weighted by gadgets and timing (in a great way) and the story/art directions was equally supportive in quality. I think of borderline casual gaming when I think of Prototype with a drive to push macho for macho sake.
  • Batman without Rocksteady? They did an amazing job on Arkham City, but they aren't doing this one?
  • I hope this isn't a ploy to bring back the Joker. Cause going back opens up all the villains in the Batman catalog again..
  • Hmm I'm concerned. Why WOULDN'T Rocksteady want to finish off their own series of games?They did such an epic job with the other two.
  • I honestly don't think it matters if Rocksteady make the game since it's likely running on the same assets and will be the same engine. Everything from Rocksteady is there, they're just expanding upon it.
  • @11 maybe this isnt the end of the story, it said its before Arkham Asylum...maybe this is kinda like what they did with Lora Croft with telling the story before she became who she is known for. Just a thought
  • Im sure the game will be fun but it will take a dip in quality since there is no Rocksteady. I am sure Rocksteady is working on a new badass batman game for the next-gen consoles.
  • Not developed by Rocksteady? Uh oh...
  • Not made by Rocksteady? :/ gonna have to keep a close eye on this one.
  • /facepalm. I guess we can only hope for the best.
  • Guys, guys, calm down. I would imagine it's because Rocksteady is in pre-production or production of Arkham City's sequel whilst WB Montreal tides us over with a prequel. Don't get too worried about it until Rocksteady says "we aren't doing Arkham anymore".
  • "The lead designer of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype, Eric Holmes," - Game already sucks! Why no RockSteady!?
  • Rocksteady are probably working on something for next gen, and for those interested they are releasing Batman:origins: Black gate, on 3DS and PSVita.
  • @3 They may not have been imaginative, but they were a blast to play which is the main thing for me, fun factor.
  • Oh man. Four days is not going to be nearly enough time to finish this before Assassin's Creed IV comes out.
  • Sorry for triple post, but I hope they use this opportunity to build a different villain up, and don't just use it as a excuse to use Joker again.
  • No Rocksteady shouldn't automatically ring alarm bells... I can think of many games not made by the original developers that were at least on par with previous series installments, some even better. For example: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Halo 4 Forza Horizon Fallout: New Vegas (or even Fallout 3, for that matter) Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow DmC: Devil May Cry Gears of War: Judgment Far Cry: Instincts The Sims 3 System Shock 2 The list goes on...
  • Rocksteady made the best Batman games out there. I'm looking forward to this game, but like others said...hopefully the new dev doesn't screw it up!
  • No Rocksteady? Might as well label this "Arkham: Red Flag".
  • Eh not happy about the whole rocksteady thing but still will get the game
  • well not being done my rocksteady is a bit of a let down. but i'll wait and see what they do with it first.
  • I'll wait for videos and reviews.
  • It´s gonna fail big time without Rocksteady
  • I'll wait for more information before jumping on this childish bandwagon of "No [insert voice actor or developer here], no buy!"
  • @24 I though obsidian was made up of mainly black isle studios people who made fallout 1 &2. I agree completely with you that different developers arent necessarily abad thing.
  • @3 - Completely agree. Only time will tell, but Rocksteady made two amazing games! Why are they not on board for the third?! Has me a little worried.
  • The original report suggests that WB Interactive have Rocksteady working on the next gen Arkham series, so we could be seeing it become a yearly iteration franchise, alternating between RS and WB Montreal.
  • Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what Rocksteady is busy with now?
  • No one has seen the game yet, keep an open mind guys. Of course if it turns to out to be rubbish you can say 'I told you so.'
  • What's awesome is there's another game coming out on Vita the same day called Arkham Orgins: Blackgate that follows after thus game.
  • Given it's six months until release, it sounds like Warners decided to rush out a cash-in.
  • @38 arkham city was released in 2011 it is now 2013, just because game was announced now doesnt mean they werent working on it before the announcement.
  • Wait until either a trailer or gameplay (or both) is shown at E3 before judging. I'm sure the new company was/is smart enough to look at what people thought worked and didn't work in the previous Arkham games so that they can live up to the series name.
  • Arkham Island and City are both in my personal Top 30 games of all time ( Gayfish voice ) They were both developed by Rocksteady, this new one isn't. I think I'll wait, the only game I'm buying this year is GTAV, next gen consoles are where most of my money is going. I hope this game is as good as the Arkham's, those were so much fun.
  • While I hope this turns out to be good, the fact it's missing out on so many of the components that made the first two great (Rocksteady, Paul Dini's writing, Mark Hamill's Joker, possibly Kevin Conroy's Batman, etc.) means I'll be waiting on reviews. Not to mention I want to see where the story goes after Arkham City, with all the threads they left open in that. That said, I do like the idea of a Metroid-style Batman on handhelds (which isn't mentioned above, but is elsewhere).
  • We gotta give them a chance.
  • I love the batman games and a new arkham game is great news to me I'm just worried no rocksteady being involved might bring this game down but I'll hold my judgments until more details are given.
  • @45 How insightful
  • For those wondering what Rocksteady are up to. It's got that R-word in their though. "Rocksteady is rumored to be at work on a stylized prequel due in 2014 at the earliest. The game will reportedly detail Batman's first encounter with the Joker, and is based on the Silver Age of DC comics from the 1950s." From Gamespot's article on the same news. This rumours a few months old but it appears nothing's changed.
  • @24 I'll give you Deus Ex but... Instincts was just a marginal re-hash of the original Farcry with some new plot elements, environs and abilities thrown in, Halo 4 was just the exact same gameplay with a stupid story line, the Gears franchise was ruined by the "declassified" guff in Judgement, and Obsidian's New Vegas was just a bug ridden, bland mess compared to Fallout 3. Haven't played the others so wouldn't know. I agree that people shouldn't get worried about the lack of Rocksteady, but the examples you used are quite to the contrary to the point you are making in at least my opinion.
  • @48 Don't bother the other games he listed you have played aren't even close to the awesomeness of their predecessors
  • No rocksteady... idk. Still deathstroke vs batman is sick
  • *haven't
  • @48 I would have to disagree and I hope this game is just as good as the other two arkham games
  • Dear Warner, DON'T FUCK THIS UP! Sincerely, Everyone.
  • Guess nobody remembers Rocksteady was new to Batman when they made Arkham Asylum... The new developers, being under the same publishing umbrella, most likely have devs from Rocksteady consulting on Origins... I trust WB to know what they're doing and not screw up their top IP... If you're really a fan, why not just be happy about more Arkham? Typical that most are scared of change, this is why COD sells a bazillion copies every year and new IPs struggle for success... But then the same people complain about milking franchises and not enough innovation... Most of my fellow gamers really make me scratch my head in frustration and confusion with their cynical and prematurely judgmental opinions.
  • Dear Warner, DON'T FUCK THIS UP! Sincerely, Everyone.
  • No Rocksteady, no instant buy. I'll wait and see how it turns out to be.
  • No Rocksteady...? I don't know then... Probably not gonna be a day one buy, I don't want to waste my money if another developer ruins this :|
  • Huge disapointment that Rocksteady wont be involved in this game....
  • "Not Developed by Rocksteady" Not sure I care then. Who's taking over? "Developed by Warner Montreal" The useless fucks who made that shitty Wii U port of Arkham City! Keep talking and don't take my money.
  • @10: Oh fuck, you're probably right. Poor Mark Hamill just wants to stop being the Joker but they won't let him. :(
  • @24: I'm confused... You said you were listing games made by different developers that turned out fine, but then you listed Gears of War Judgment.
  • Interesting to read else where that Black Mask is the main Villain currently in the game and alot of the game map is the same from Arkham City.
  • @64 if that's the case it does sound like more of a cash in, but how could what is essentially a prequel exist in the same map area, or will they just un fence it to allow it to be open city before the asylum was expanded. Will wait for more info before I condemn it but hope it doesn't end up a cash in title on the popularity... Would rather wait another few years for a next gen decent title if that is the case.
  • Please, God, don't let anyone else mess this game up. Please. I don't ask much of you...and I even thank you for my meals even though I cook them, myself. So I entreat that you provide just enough divine intervention that this game is created properly. Thanks in advance.
  • I will be getting this in any event, as I am a huge Batman fan, but I am a little nervous about Rocksteady not being at the helm. I hope whatever they are working on instead of this is worth it. I will reserve judgment until I play it, and keep my fingers crossed in the meantime.
  • @63 Gears of War 3 is a much, MUCH better game than Judgment. There's no competition. But Judgment in my opinion is NOT a bad game, and I'd rather play it than both Gears 1 and 2.
  • I'm looking forward to this! Such a solid series. It will be interesting how the story starts. I guess they're saving the Arkham City sequel for Next-Gen? Seeing as that's most likely going to be in a 'Big scale' Gotham.
  • Just one question, what are Rocksteady working on then?
  • Dont judge the game by Rocksteady not developing it. Its going to be a great game just like AA and AC.
  • I think I'll hold off and wait for Rocksteady's next game.
  • I'll sit back and wait to see how this pans out, anything with marvel or dc gets my attention instantly (comic fan) but I'll always wait to see reviews before buying a game (good reviews, not payed for ones).
  • Like other people have said - a bit nervous that Rocksteady isn't handling it...but I love the concept and I'm going to remain optimistic.
  • No Rocksteady? NO BUY.
  • Rocksteady are not working on this because they're working on a justice league game people!
  • It most likely won't be a preorder for me but a wait and see approach and see what early reviews give it.
  • I think we can all agree that Rocksteady's absence has us all a bit concerned and rightly so. Is it feasible that they could be working on the next Arkham game for a next gen, you know featuring the cliff hangers from the last one like Azazel and Harley's baby.
  • So far I'm liking what I'm hearing; twice the size of AC not to mention more cases to solve along with main mission(s). really enjoyed those side quests in AC. So lets form an opinion when we get closer to the release date, or at least until E3
  • @76 Man i fucking hate people like you, we have next to no information about this game that could turn out to be amazing and your first thought its ''No Rockesteady? NO BUY'' idiots like you should be banned from the internet. (and this isn't me being a dick, i am worried that this game might be a total flop but im certainly giving it a chance)
  • I really like Batman but the only good batman games I played were Rocksteady ones (all the others were pretty crappy), so I'll wait for a demo and if there is no demo, I prefer not to take the risk to buy it (especially when the 60's batman don't really interest me).
  • @81 Unfortunately the Internet is home to people like him.
  • No Rocksteady huh? Must be Warner wanting to make some more cash on a last ditch attempt of current gen systems while Rocksteady is working on a Batman Arkham Next gen its the only thing that makes sense...
  • i just hope its good. arkham asylum got me back into games after an eighteen year break. so i just hope its good.
  • @83 : No one can deny that almost of Batman games ever released were crappy (except a good one on the nes, a good one on the gameboy, a good one on the snes, and a good one on the genesis). Since then, I never saw a good batman game except both rocksteady ones.
  • Going to be shit, Rocksteady made the game what it is, without them it will not be the same or as good.
  • I don't understand why they wouldn't have Rocksteady make this. Arkham Asylum and City were amazing and did anything but bad -- why take over if they're doing everything right?
  • I heard Rocksteady is working on a Batman game that involves Batman's first encounter with the Joker. I don't know if that was rumor or fact but at least they are working on something, hopefully.
  • Maybe Rocksteady and WB Montreal are partnering up. I hope this doesn't turn into a yearly thing.
  • glad too see deathstroke
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