'Dark' Skills Trailer Illuminates the Vampiric Action

Richard Walker

A trailer for Kalypso's vampire actioner Dark has stepped out blinking into the light, showcasing the skills you'll be able to call upon as the game's hooded bloodsucking hero, Eric Bane.

You'll stalk enemies from the shadows and use stealth to take them down with your vampire abilities, including distraction techniques, the shadow leap, the brutal shadow kill, and Eric's all-seeing vampire vision.

With graphic novel-inspired visuals, Dark will see Eric looking to unravel a mystery surrounding the shady global conglomerate Geoforge, while nibbling necks along the way. Dark is slated for release in summer 2013. Check out the skills vid below.

  • It looks like a fun diversion for a couple of hours. Not expecting much though.
  • Doesn't look groundbreaking much. Mix between Splinter Cell and Dishonored.
  • Finally, a Vampire Rain killer. That game has been too popular for too long.
  • Definitely going to give this a try. my expectations are not high, but I love stealth games. I wish there was more games of this style coming out
  • @3, I think you are awesome!
  • First Ive heard of this game and I think it looks interesting but wont hold my attention. I'll wait for reviews.
  • Seems pretty obvious that this is a budget title.
  • Coming soon to Xbox 360 in June 2006
  • These negative comments make absolutely no sense to me. How can you guys possibly bag a game with less than a minute worth of footage? What I see is the art direction of Crackdown with the gameplay of Infamous, both of which are amazing. Seriously, is it the fact the video only showed 1 aspect of the game, or are is it that 1 person says it looks bad, so erbody follows suit. =/ I'll be playing it without question, as I think it looks awesome.
  • @9 Maybe it's because we've played plenty of games, so we have a pretty good idea about what to expect? This is not the first video of the game btw.
  • Sure hope this is from an early build as it looks pretty poor even for a cell shaded type game.
  • The only Vampire game I've liked is Infamous: festival of Blood. But this looks like it could be quite cool, it looks like agent 47 got bit and lost his weapons.
  • @10: I've been gaming since Pitfall, so when did 'playing plenty of games' become the go to argument? I hear people say that all the time. I've played, and I assume you have too, countless games that have surprised me. Don't know man, I'm not throwing in the towel on this just yet. Later
  • @13 From the looks of it it looks a lot like Dishonored (Skills, sneaking, killing) and since the graphics are pretty poor for a cellshaded style I'm not impressed.
  • @9 so people can't say negative things about a game with only a minute worth of footage, yet you can say positive things from a minute worth of footage? As in it looks awesome and you will be buying it without question. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me, just the opposite side of the coin.
  • @15: Okay.
  • The art style isn't bad; the animations are.
  • This seems to be drawing some parallels to VtM or VtES. Especially using the term 'Celerity' for supernatural speed. If it launches at the right price, I'll play it.
  • It's Hitman with vampire powers.
  • #8 , well played sir
  • It looks like darkness, did i missed something about this game?
  • @21 This filth looks nothing like The Darkness... Take it back.
  • When that Celerity one popped up, I thought it said Celery at first... That would be a rubbish skill
  • When it Said "Dark skills trailer" for a moment I hoped it was something to do with Dark Souls 2...
  • Hard to tell if Dark turn out to be good or above. 1000G this then trade in off and it is easy cheevos list that already updated to Xbox.com and here. Gameplay look lots interest but still hard to tell since I knew this game will be turn out medicore. Will surprise if this game turn out good or above. Will be quite shock to me to be honest because I look at gameplay videos before and from this and in my mind believe it is medicore and some framerate poor showing in video anyway. Look forward 1000G this. :)
  • @2 Id say more like Blood Omen meets Alpha Protocol haha
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