God Mode Available Now on Xbox Live Arcade

Lee Bradley

God Mode is available on Xbox Live Arcade now.

The tongue-in-cheek third-person shooter is made by the people behind the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary remake, Saber Interactive. Or their subsidiary Old School Games anyway. Shhh, it’s near enough.

In the game you play as the descendant of an ancient God turned mortal by Hades. It’s your job to blast your way through the Maze of Hades in order to escape eternal damnation. Luckily, you can brings a few mates along as well, as God Mode features four player co-op. There's more info here.

Have a look at an old God Mode trailer below. It’s just 800 MSP and you can queue it for download here.

  • That looks absolutely terrible.
  • This looks pretty awesome for an arcade game, might get this.
  • IDDQD DAM IT! Thumbs up if you get the reference.lol
  • Total shit game. Well, maybe not shit, but it sure ain't that good.
  • @3 I doom get it.
  • well, comments 1 and two disagree.
  • @4 "it a shit game" "Well not that good" oh boy
  • i will wait for the sale for this one.
  • Is the trial only playable online in co-op? Can't seem to find the option to play alone.
  • Does anyone know if it MP only?
  • @10 nevermind, it's days SP in the preview. I'll download the trial just to be sure.
  • To the guy's thumbing me down, you guy's aren't any fun. ;)
  • @12 You misspelled, "damn" - if you're going to curse... get it right! ;-)
  • this game looks like some sick fun and everybody ive seen playing this so far have said its good. think ill get it this weekend.
  • reminded me of "painkiller"
  • Gonna pick this up alongside Bug Hunt for Sacred Citadel later today, sorry Blood Dragon but I'm gonna be skipping ya until a sale.
  • @12: You specifically asked for thumbs up. You had it coming.
  • I bought it, it's a decent game. I've lagged out in a few matches but over all it's pretty fun.
  • Is it splitscreen also?
  • @19 Unfortunately there is no split-screen co-op.
  • This is a fun game to play with people friends online. But...there's something missing in this game, i can't quite figure it out yet.
  • That looks awesome. The voice over is just awful. Just. Awful.
  • that guys voice in the trailer is hilarious.
  • saber is making the halo 2 hd game thats coming this year.i expect we will see the addition of multi maps added to halo4 upon its release. same as halo hd.
  • Game is not fun alone. I got bored and deleted trial after 10 minutes. I don't like playing with random people and my friends never play the games I do so I guess this is a pass for me.
  • Trial sucked, played one game and it lagged out.
  • People hating on it is ridiculous. A lot of morons will pay $15 for a crap map pack for COD. This game is an absolute gem for $10! The only time it lagged out is when some a-hole dropped mid-match, and I've completed at least 10 games so far. This is a great co-op game! Maybe the people complaining about it just don't have friends?
  • This game is pretty good, i would really like to see some more content for it in the future.
  • kind of reminds me of painkiller but whit 4 player co-op + its a third person shooter. it is fun to play you just need to give it a chance :)
  • asking for thumbs up is like asking for likes, and that just bugs me. OT. actually looks rather fun though the guys voice irritated me i hope he isn't there making comments throughout the game.
  • @30 The narrator doesn't talk all that much. He opens the level which is skippable, announces each test of fate, and makes fun of you when you die.
  • Looks like Serious Sam.
  • looks pretty decent
  • Tried it out earlier and it glitched on the first level. Terrible game.
  • Game isn't that great. I didnt have issues with lagging out or anything like other people but its just the game that was poorly put together. Id save your money. Besides Dead Island Riptide is out on tuesday,that 4 player coop we know will be a success.
  • @35 The demo doesn't really do this game justice and is poorly done, it gives you the weakest guns and teams you with people who haven't played the game before. The game is well made is fun once you get your weapons upgraded and complete a few mazes.
  • I misread it for g-mod.
  • I would have picked this up for mindless co-op fun with a buddy but without local multiplayer I have to pass. Too bad because from the demo I feel as though the game is not going to sell too well, it could use any help it can get haha
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