CD Projekt RED’s Michal Platkow-Gilewski Talks The Witcher 3, Its Huge World & Creating the Perfect RPG

Dan Webb

As far as triple-A studios go in the video game industry, I think it’s fair to say that CD Projekt RED is one of the young guns. Founded only in 2002, the studio literally came out of nowhere to capture the imaginations of gamers worldwide with The Witcher, and it’s quickly become a studio that gamers can trust thanks to their evolution of The Witcher series.

It’s a studio that’s been growing rapidly too, not only with The Witcher franchise, but their own REDEngine (now REDEngine 3!), they like to believe has the perfect makeup to create movie quality scenes and more. Obviously perfect for the next generation of consoles.

We caught up with the studio’s PR and marketing guru, Michal Platkow-Gilewski, at GDC recently to talk about their direction for The Witcher 3 and to see what we had in store for us next year. Platkow-Gilewski talks about creating the huge game world, creating the perfect RPG, the next generation of consoles and much, much more.

Keep an eye out around E3 for our first impressions of the title.

  • Sounds good to me
  • Witcher 2 is easily one of the best games i've ever played, I can't wait for this
  • Im actually very excited for this game.
  • Loving the new tile image for CDPR. Projekt Red is up there with my top three developers ever. Rockstar and Bethesda.
  • The Witcher 3 is probably my most anticipated PC title next year.
  • One of the best Devs out there. Loving Witcher 2, and will be diving back in shortly. That's if I can pull myself away from Lost Odyssey. Two world class RPG'Sthat I will be keeping hold of.
  • Looks good! Also, you put: 'a studio that gamers can rely trust' :)
  • @6 Can I borrow the last disc from you
  • I love the mindset these devs have. Gaming in general would be so much better if every dev was like these guys are. They're not nickle and diming customers with online passes. It just makes me want to buy their games brand new and support them even more because of the fact. Which is actually kind of ironic, seeing the reasoning behind the online pass idea.
  • Apathetic towards this and Witcher titles in general.
  • @6 Those are 2 of my favorite games this gen.
  • The Witcher 3 is going to be awesome. I can't wait to get it for my PC. CD Projekt Red is awesome. I especially love their stance on no DRM ever.
  • looking forward to play it on a new xbox console.
  • @9 i completly agree with you buddy, CD Project Red is this kind of developer you want to support (like Platinum Games). I wish them the best.
  • Cant wait, the witcher 2 was amazing, hope they bring back dark mode again! Was a real achievement! Nice to see an honest developer aswell, especially saying theyve waited until they do a big open world rather than rushing it. If only more developers had thier attitude, theyve always got my support!
  • @8 I had 3 copies of Lost Odessey before I found a 4th disc that would work.
  • @15 I dunno. I flew threw dark mode in no time at all. I had heard it was a seriously hard challenge but honestly I just strolled through it like it was nothing. Maybe because I'd played the game twice already very recently, but I would like it to be even harder in Witcher 3. Or maybe have a Hardcore Dark mode!
  • @17 Yeah to be fair i did aswell but i had played through twice before i started dark. Once you get your head round it, it isnt too bad, and you get those cursed sets. Think my worst bit was saskia, died a few times there! Still a good mode though. Id be up for hardcore dark mode! Lol
  • @16 @17 I had the same experience as well. Still loved that game A LOT, really excited for the third one.
  • Can't wait. Still have to beat the first two games on PC, but luckily I'll have them done by the release day. If you guys haven't already, read the series by Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • @10 - You mean this and the only other one then?
  • My body is ready for Witcher 3
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