The Thing Director John Carpenter Keen to Make a Dead Space Movie

Richard Walker

Legendary director John Carpenter, whose movie CV includes seminal horror classics like The Thing, Halloween, Christine and The Fog has told Game Informer that he'd be interested in making a Dead Space movie, noting that it's "ready made" movie material.

"I maintain that Dead Space would just make a great movie because you have these people coming onto an abandoned, shut-down space ship and they have to start it up and something's on board. It's just great stuff," said the Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China director.

"I would love to make Dead Space, I'll tell you that right now."

Dead Space - especially the recent third instalment - was clearly influenced by John Carpenter's The Thing, so it would be a good fit for the director if he chose to take on the project. But with Dead Space 3 underperforming at retail in comparison to Dead Space 2, and the future of the series in doubt, will a Dead Space movie ever be greenlit?

We'd certainly line up to see a Dead Space movie directed by John Carpenter... 80s-era Carpenter, that is.

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  • As long as they don't ruin it like most times they make a game into a movie this could be awesome!
  • Massive potential! But i dont think theyve ever made a decent game-to-film have they?! Mind you the first silent hill film wsnt too bad but i cant think of any others.
  • Dead space would be better suited to Michael Bay, after dead space 3.
  • Aw man I love The Thing and I'd love a film of Dead Space made by John Carpenter. Please make this happen (As long as it's good obviously), the first one would be great to be mead into a film.
  • He best get in quick, or Disney might and turn it into an animated musical with Mickey Mouse in the lead role. Would be a great film premise. Kinda like Event Horizon in a way. But hopefully a bigger budget.
  • Shut up and take my... Tungstens?
  • Loved The Thing (older version). Carpenter could do some good with a Dead Space film. Just don't make any sequels. A Dead Space film by Carpenter would do better than the banter "horror/thriller" films of the last couple of years. So many remakes, reboots, 3D re-releases...ugh.
  • Wow if they chose John Carpenter as a director for this I would actually watch it. One of my 4 all time favorite movies is They Live, and to see a video game movie directed by him would work. I wish these movies were actually written by the story developers themselves and they chose talented directors, and this might actually be ok.
  • As I've said time and again. Play the games 1-3 thoroughly before you even think to make it.
  • I have come here to chew bubble gum and make a Dead Space movie.... and i'm all out of bubble gum.
  • If there is one person that could bring the horror back in this's John Carpenter...the thing scared the absolute piss out of's still to this day the only horror movie i haven't been able to get through...that dog will haunt me for the rest of my life...
  • @9 I would never ask ANYONE to play Dead Space 3.
  • This could be friggin awesome. I'd definitely go see it.
  • As long as they don't add The Rock or something in the movie or try and make it too commercialized it will be good.
  • OMG this must happen !
  • Except John Carpenter hasn't made a good horror film since the 90's. I'm a huge fan of his body of work. But pretty much everything after Escape from LA is trash.
  • Oh I like this idea John Carpenter hopefully wont FK it up by making it an action horror movie.
  • Heck yea, that could be very cool!!! Sign me up. This is good news.... I think? Anything to keep Dead Space around is good news. I hate the part about the future of the series being in question, because of the "failure to meet sales expectations" .... that is so vile. During the crucial part of sales, it was 2% lower than DS2.... 2% Reduce these sky-high budgets, and reduce the profit required/asked.
  • This needs to happen. My favorite director and one of my favorite horror franchises. Win
  • They already made one, it's called Pandorum.
  • would love to see a dead space movie from many classic movies (to me personally). one of my all time faves has got to be assault on precinct 13. :)
  • How about Sam Raimi?
  • How about they make Dead Space 4, and make it right this time and stop catering to the masses and make a game that the loyal fans who have loved the series will enjoy?
  • Only if it'll be as good as Street Fighter: The Movie.
  • If this doesn't come to fruition there is Event Horizon a movie the games must have been heavily influenced by.
  • Yes!!!!!!
  • Please, make it so!!!
  • Who better to make a Dead Space movie than the man whose 1982 horror classic inspired it? I loved The Thing from 1982 (I never saw the recent remake because I heard it's awful), and its monster designs helped inspire the Necromorphs in the Dead Space series. However, I'm hoping that if a movie does see the light of day, it should do its best to stick with the source material. As history has proven us, movies based on video games don't tend to be very good or make that much in the box office because they don't follow the source material (I'm looking at you, Resident Evil movies).
  • If anyone should do this, it's John Carpenter. The Fog is one of my favourite films, the ending is just phenomenal. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. Excellent watch.
  • you know the kids in here don't know who the frak Carpenter is right?
  • John Carpenter's The Thing is probably one of my all time favorite movies.
  • @2 You would be too scared to watch it anyway. You cried when you watched the lion king.
  • Just play Dead Space 1 and make it a movie out of that. I could definitely see the first deadspace being a nice horror movie with some legit gore and the suspense Deadspace 1 had.
  • Ok, you have my attention.
  • Carpenter was fantastic ... then he made Vampires.
  • @18 - Sadly true. He did some good work on the Masters of Horror TV from what I've heard, but his movie work's been substandard for a long time now.
  • As long as he doesn't use the special effects crew he enlisted for "escape from LA"..... And I thought I saw a Dead Space movie already.. wasn't it called Alien or Event Horizon? Seriously with a movie idea that has been done hundreds of times, it better be through the roof as far as cast, story, and cinematography is concerned!!!!
  • John Carpenter doesnt ruin movies a-holes! This would be all win!
  • the necromorphs really reminded me of the monster in the thing... carpenter has made some decent movies... but ghosts of mars was unforgivable.
  • @18 What do you mean AFTER "Escape from LA?" That should have been the point where you detailed his slide! Instead of Dead Space, I'd rather he did a follow-up to "They Live!" I just picked-up that "Dead Space: Downfall" on Blu-Ray. I hope IT is good, but if not... I only paid 2 bucks for it (new), and I'll have an extra Blu-Ray case, if nothing else! I don't know... even if he just threw the Dead Space games up on the big screen, played by good actors... it might be worth watching!! :-)
  • @18 and @42 The only movie he made for a while after Escape from LA was Ghosts of Mars which was shit. Then he made two one hour movies i.e. for the Masters of Horror which were amazing, and since all he has done is the Ward in 2011 or 10 which was decent, not great but not shit... Overall he is great at horror and if they were to give him the reigns it would make a great film, and if not as someone else mentioned there is Event Horizon which is pretty much Dead Space the movie anyways.
  • They should worry about taking the games back to what they fucking were before this abomination they called 3 before worrying about a movie. Though this is EA we are talking about so if they see money signs we will get a movie that was meant to be scary until they realize that if they knock it down a bit and turn it into a PG movie more people will go see it.
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