Avalanche Puts Development of Steampunk Sandbox Game on Hold

Lee Bradley

Remember those images Avalanche posted on Instagram? The ones we guessed may have been Mad Max: Fury Road or Just Cause 3? Apparently, they related to neither. Instead they were from a steampunk sandbox game upon which Avalanche has ceased production.

That’s according to chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg, the chap that originally posted the images. He told Edge that, “they were from a steampunk-style game we had in development that we put on ice.”

“I really love that art style,” he continued, “and to combine it with sandbox gameplay is a dream of mine. Fortunately, being an independent developer I can control my own destiny and we’ll make something in that world sooner or later.”

So what is Avalanche working on then?

“We are developing for both current and next-gen,” said Sundberg, “but the earliest we’ll be able to talk about it and go into any detail is after the games we are working on are announced.”

“We’re also announcing new, interesting tech development that we do internally, but that is not until later this year.”

  • To be honest, I'm happy it's not a Just Cause 3, JC2 was a disappointment for me, and it's good to see developers making new IP's, rather than playing safe
  • If only there were more off the wall glitches like JC's drive an ambulance in the water = awards all collectable achievements. lol
  • @1 Disappointment? Lol ok then. OT: My dreams of JC3 has been dashed, but maybe E3 will reveal all!
  • Never heard of mad max but I heard of just cause.
  • They're announcing the suspension of a game they haven't announced? Huh?
  • @6: Sooooo Post-modern
  • @ 2thats sounds like an awesome glitch and has jut piqed my interest in the game. steam punk sucks!!
  • @2 Is that Just Cause 1?
  • @9 Just Cause, ya
  • Looks very Infinite-esq
  • @5 Never heard of Mad Max... ... Honestly, I... I just don't know what to say
  • @5 Anyone over the age of 30 just suffered an exploding head. The game sounds promising, hope they will come back to it one day.
  • @5 .....There are no words.....
  • No way! hopefully it doesn't stay on the back burner for too long
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