Is 'The Crew' Driver: San Fran Dev's Next Game?

Richard Walker

Ubisoft Reflections, the Newcastle-based studio behind Driver: San Francisco, could apparently be looking to announce a new racing game called 'The Crew' at E3. The dev team has been pitching in on Watch_Dogs, but has reportedly been working on a new racing IP too.

There's some weight behind this rumour when you consider that as well as showing more of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and South Park: The Stick of Truth at E3, Ubisoft is also promising some new announcements during its press conference in LA this June.

The report by The Examiner notes that The Crew could be a collaboration between Ubi Reflections and French Lyon-based studio, Ivory Tower, comprised of former Need for Speed, V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited staffers. Ivory Tower has confirmed an exclusive Ubisoft partnership for publishing its next game, expected for both current and next-gen platforms.

Nonetheless, a spokesperson for Ubisoft told Eurogamer it does not comment on rumour and speculation; the usual stock response for these kinds of reports. We'll just have to wait and see if The Crew is a real thing at E3 in just over a week.

  • Meh... Driver was good on ps1!
  • Driver SF was brilliant!
  • Look forward to this. More games on way all times as I love it. :)
  • ALL NEW driving experience. Ride in all your familiar licensed favourites. Open world experience: Turn left or turn right? The choice is yours. When you do is up to you and experience the consequences of turning before a junction first-hand Colouring in is fun! Customize like never before (Excluding previous racing titles), your car is your canvas. Mocked for your 2nd grade quality fingerpaints? Don't fear. Now it's impossible to colour outside the lines. Experience rubberbanding like never before! ....Oh, and it'll have cockpit view too. *Wins all those GRID fans who still don't own their own car*
  • Hoping one of these announcements will be Far Cry HD.
  • They should bring back Driver and Driver 2 in HD they were the best!
  • ive been craving a racing experience lately, just nothing out thats calling m. might have to keep an eye on this. really dont care for anything else they do.
  • I only really liked Driver 3. If it's a racer, I can only hope for some deep customization, though.
  • @3, i agree, Driver SF was brilliant. the ONLY 2 problems i had, there was no DLC, and there was no custom garage to change car colour of the players choice and add decals. i woulda' turned the '69 Charger R/T into the General Lee. would have loved to see a '71 Hemi Cuda and a '70 or '74 RoadRunner as dlc.
  • I liked Driver SF, for the driving, but there was something missing, the world felt really dead. I don't know if that was intentional seeing as you were in a coma. But there wasn't even a day and night cycle, no weather effects, I wanted to be able to CHOOSE THE COLOR of my default spawning vehicle. Or use the abilities from multiplayer to always spawn a new car as it was annoying to damage your car then spend ages trying to get it back the way you want it. I simply just want that driving in less of an arcade style game, the boost feature made the driving disposable. I hope they can get this new game to match how awesome Driver 1+2 were somewhat.
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