Our MCM London Comic Con Highlights Reel is Awesome, These 250+ Photos Aren't Bad Either

Dan Webb

Not seen our MCM London Comic Con Game Stage videos yet? Well, why the bloody hell not? If you want something to tempt you in and give you an idea of how much fun it was, then why the hell not try our highlights reel below, jam-packed with 10 minutes of some of the very best and very random moments of the show. It's worth a watch, I guarantee you there'll be laughs.

If you've come for the photos, then you're in luck. We have 250+ photos taken by the very talented Elyse Marks in our MCM London Comic Con gallery right here (with a selection below), featuring some behind the scenes shots, some cosplayers and plenty of on-stage antics.

If you want to go back and watch the videos from the other weekend, then you're in luck, head on over to the links below for them in all their glory:

Day 1 MCM London Comic Con Games Stage Recap Videos (Saints Row IV, Splinter Cell Blacklist)

Day 2 MCM London Comic Con Games Stage Recap Videos (Camilla Luddington, Splinter Cell, Remember Me)

Day 3 MCM London Comic Con Games Stage Recap Videos (Mark Meer, Mark Fowler, LEGO Marvel)

That's about it for our London Comic Con coverage, but we'll be back with much more awesome in October. For now, we turn our attention to E3, where we'll be offering you the same amount of awesome coverage as we usually do. Two more things before I go though: 1. enter our Splinter Cell Blacklist (EU only) competition, stage 2 is due to kick in in the next few days and prizes will be going out Wednesday; and 2. watch the video below, you won't regret it!

"Sam once caught a fish this big..."

"Splinter Cell cosplayers asking Splinter Cell's Scott Lee about Splinter Cell... or maybe they're asking what type of fish."

"How many Resident Evil cosplayers can you get on stage?" "We reckon about 17..."

"Iron Man meets Toy Story in odd cosplay crossover."

"The team hard at work... and by hard at work, we mean watching that Will Smith clip from The Graham Norton show."

"Quite easily the most disturbing cosplay EVER! We're not sure if he is cosplaying or just a mass murdered actually..."

"Where's Wally (or whatever you Americans call it) is certainly getting easier as kids get dumber."

"People. Lots of people. Everywhere!"

"Naughty Dog's Bruce and Neil, with voice actress Ashely Johnson, showing off The Last Of Us."

"The Lara Croft cosplay competition is spoilt by some random woman not dressing up... oh, wait!"

"Moments after Camilla received a fish off one of her fans... no, not the fish that Scott was talking about..."

"TT Games' Phil Ring tries to work out how big this fish really is..."
(Sorry, no more fish references!)

"Mark Meer with Commander Shepard lookalike... oh wait, he's just some random punter..."

"The brilliant Mark Fowler finishes the show with some classic video game music."

  • the res evil ones are average, except the guy dressed as nemesis, that one is totally awsome
  • 11th Image 3rd on the right ;) That is all!
  • Love the Iron man/Buzz lightyear mix.
  • Oops meant the left silly me
  • I was a much bigger fan of Camilla's work in Californication if I'm honest ;)
  • Gads, that looks fun. Color me jeolous. Thanks for sharing pics of my vacation. You know, that one that you took and I didn't. ;)
  • @ #4. lol mate i was just bout to say wtf to your first post say 3 from left defo has the 'guns' for it lmao!
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