Doodle Jump for Kinect Coming to XBLA This Summer

Richard Walker

Doodle Jump for Kinect is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade this summer, bringing the addictive, vertical-platforming action from the mobile to Xbox 360, making it the first time the game has been released on a home console. It'll only work exclusively with Kinect.

It'll have new content and an entirely new control scheme thanks to Kinect integration, and is being developer by original developer Lima Sky in collaboration with Smoking Gun Interactive. You'll move left and right to control the Doodler, blast nose balls with your arms and fly by flapping your arms. Presumably there'll be some jumping too.

“We’ve brought the Doodler onto new platforms before, but never like this,” said Igor Pusenjak, co-founder of Lima Sky. “The unparalleled freedom afforded by Kinect for Xbox 360 allows us to explore new gameplay experiences we never even imagined were possible when we first developed the original Doodle Jump.”

Packing in three new worlds, new bosses, power-ups and achievements, Doodle Jump for Kinect will be available from the Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points in summer 2013. Check out some screenshots below.

  • Oh my god
  • Is this one of the MANY Kinect core-games?
  • Anything above 200msp for that game would be a rip-off.
  • Hadn't read the article before commenting...
  • I can't even get it on my fucking windows phone and they're releasing it for Kinect, what a joke.
  • This is the sorta price Angry Birds should've been
  • If I never bought it on my phone, I won't be buying it here. At least it's only 400 points though. Anything above that, at all, would've been ridiculous.
  • Love it! Should be suited well for Kinect and at just 400MSP I will buy it day one.
  • I may have to check this out. Even if it's just for the shits and giggles.
  • Doodle Jump is awesome. I would gladly pay 80,000 msp for this, but I'll settle at 160.
  • @5 I have doodle jump on my windows phone with achievements so you might want to look a bit harder. anyway ontopic might be fun.
  • @11 It was recently discontinued on the Windows Phone, if you already had it downloaded you keep it, but otherwise you can't get it anymore.
  • Honestly, this looks great. My kids love Kinect. Their weekly gaming diet consists of Kinect Party (Happy Action Theater), Fruit Ninja, and Sesame Street TV. This looks like one they can easily add to their fold!
  • @12 Wow that's sucks I had no idea. It's probably my most played phone game.
  • For 400MSP ill give it a try.
  • ...sounds good. If it is not buggy or something like that, I will buy it after the first reviews.
  • I'd rather jump outside.
  • @17 I guess people are lazier than I thought.
  • Please don't let it be a Summer of Arcade title.
  • [Comment deleted]
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