Resident Evil: Revelations Rachael Ooze and Lady Hunk DLC Trailered

Richard Walker

Capcom has released a pair of gameplay trailers for the forthcoming Rachael Ooze and Lady Hunk characters that will be available as DLC for Resident Evil: Revelations' Raid Mode next week.

You can see each character in action in the videos below, with both rocking their guns to blast through the waves of shambling Ooze monsters.

Why's Ooze Rachael shooting her fellow Ooze? Who knows... Anyway, you'll be able to download both Lady Hunk and Rachael Ooze for 240 Microsoft Points each on June 11th.

  • Sometimes it seems like they just want to over sexualize the female characters. Were these really necessary? Why not Krauser or someone else?
  • Lady Hunk just looks like the same character model as Hunk with some girly legs pasted on imo
  • Rachael has CC Mastery 4 and Regeneration 2 Lady Hunk only has Magnum Mastery 4 I wanted this but not if I'll never use them do to poor perks :(
  • New achievements add-on? If not then I not get it cos I usual get some DLCs for achievements. Anyway DLC not important so main game were great so I am so pleased with Capcom that bought this better Resi Evil once again since Resi Evil 4. :)
  • Ivan Ooze had a messed up daughter.
  • Capcom: masters of reusing models and changing the textures slightly of an entire model to call it something brand new.
  • @5 hahaha good days them
  • Number #6 has hit the nail on the head there......still a good game though
  • They could make 'Gaiden' story DLC... Just as an excuse to let us play as Barry! Just a thought.
  • Any word on raid mode dlc or the season pass i heard about? I need more its by far the best extra mode of any resi game
  • Why shit on your cannon, like this? If you want to add DLC characters for what is a great mode fine, but please release relevant characters from the same franchise, like Wesker and maybe even sheva. If you feel the need to shit on your game by adding jokes that break the cannon, why not add guest characters from your other franchises?
  • I wanted these more: Leon, Sheva, Ada, and Wesker.
  • capcom just don't get dlc
  • @11: It's for Raid Mode, which is non-canon anyway, so what's it matter? Remember, Capcom is the company that forced Slant Six to make an ENTIRE GAME purposely non-canon, a couple of characters in a game mode specifically created for fun doesn't really matter in the long run. Do you count all the alternate skins for characters in 5 and 6 as shitting on the canon as well? Those can be used in the main game. In an unrelated note: Why did HUNK shave his legs and put on Jessica's bathing suit? I would have never figured he had such exotic looking legs.
  • Capcom should change their name to DLC.
  • hey, Crapcom... STORY DLC PLEASE!!!! for crying out loud, i rember when Resident Evil games focused on good stories and not add-on modes...
  • Lady hunk just isn't right. they should have brought back Tofu!
  • Huh Barry would have been a good idea.
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