PURE Demo Coming to the Marketplace on Thursday

Geoff White
The demo for PURE will be available worldwide for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network on Thursday, September 4.
The demo takes place on the Italy - Mount Garda track, one of 35 tracks in the game. Players must mix speed and tricks to complete the three-lap race against 15 AI competitors. The demo also includes a brief tutorial on a qualifying track to get players up to speed on the game controls.
PURE is an action sports game on four wheels. Players build their vehicle from the ground up and take on 15 competitors in single-player or online multiplayer modes in seven real-world locations.
To succeed in PURE, players pull off unbelievable tricks as they soar over massive peaks. Doing tricks adds to the players' boost bar which enables faster speeds. Along with Race mode, the game includes Freestyle, Sprint and Freeride (an online-only mode that allows free-roaming and experimenting during a set time limit).
PURE was named Best Racing Game of E3 2008 by the Game Critics Awards.

  • Yeah First i know this is off topic but who knows when the nhl 09 demo is coming out?
  • Wow seriously cant wait for this. A good old arcade racer instead of the million racing sims we have! :)
  • a million racing sims? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can only count two; Forza Motorsport for Xbox, and Gran Turismo for Playstation.
  • This one looks good. :)
  • Whew. #3, chill... We do seem to lack GOOD arcade racers. And from the OXM review of PURE, it should defintiely be a good one.
  • Where are these millions of racing sims?.........
  • uhh there are more sims than that prostreet was a sim and so were race driver and toca for the original box and so is grid
  • The million racing sims that he was taking about could be over the course of several consoles. But, more or less, he is right in my mind. Games like GRID and DiRT, PGR, Forza, GT, etc. can be considered racing sims for the most part. Forza and GT are the most realistic, but PGR has several racing sim elements and a game like DiRT is a racing sim, but it is just a rally racing sim. I am excited for this DEMO though!
  • I played the disc demo a couple weeks ago. This game is a lot of fun. Plays like SSX but on an ATV.
  • Awesome. I've been waiting for this demo. Looks like a lot of fun!
  • y-e-a(sarcastically)
  • only 2 racing sims? uhm..... Forza, Gran Turismo, PGR, Cruisin USA, Dirt, Mario Kart, Full Auto, The Extreme series on Playstation... must the list go on?
  • #1 - Absolutely nothing to do with this game at all. In your stupid first sentence and your equally stupid second sentence. I hope you enjoy your infraction. #12 - Mario kart, Full auto are not racing sims. I dont think PGR is either. Can't speak for Cruisin USA or The extreme series cos tbh i've never heard of them. I think this might actually be quite fun to play.
  • I got the demo from GameStop - this game is so much fun, and the tricks are over the top but in an entertaining way. Too bad it's coming out amoungst a swarm of other games (Fallout, Force Unleashed, Fable 2, Saint's Row 2, Rock Band 2, Nuts and Bolts, and I'm curently playing Tales of Vesperia) that I want, so that's $60 I won't have. But I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point down the road.
  • @#3 Wow....
  • dont care...GAY GAY GAY
  • Wow finally a good demo,I'm sick of all these sports games,can't wait!
  • Will definitely be downloading this demo. I love racing games like these. I really enjoyed MX vs ATV: Untamed so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this game.
  • No NFS game can be called a sim. GRID didnt even feel like controlling a car. @12 Mario Kart, you gotta be kidding me. PGR is barely a sim, just not good enough. DiRT is rally, so its not the same. So, on the 360 at least, we're left with Forza 2. It's just not enough. At least we can look forward to RACE Pro.
  • I'm really looking forward to this. I hope it lives up to the reviews.
  • Gosh, #4! PGR a sim? is there something more acrcadish than PGR?!?!? I don't even consider DiRT or GRiD a sim (although thats the kind of game i like, not too sim) the only sims i can think of are like #3 said PS: oh and good old Richard Burns Rally is a good sim too, and its damn hard!
  • @22 Definitely, and the TOCA games were bloody hard too.
  • Fun game
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