E3 2013 Summer of Arcade Line-Up Announced

E3 2013: Summer of Arcade Line-Up Announced

Lee Bradley

Microsoft has announced its Summer of Arcade line-up for 2013. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, the HD version of Flashback, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Charlie Murder make up this year’s roster.

The Summer of Arcade kicks off from August 7th. You can see a trailer for it all below. Below that is a standalone trailer for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Exact dates and prices have yet to be announced.

  • Definitely looking forward to Brothers. Love Starbreeze. Syndicate, Riddick, and the Darkness are all fantastic.
  • Thats actually a pretty solid set of titles, was after Brothers and Flashback HD anyway. I wonder if they will do a deal where you get MSP for buying all four like theyve done in the past... im actually tempted to do that for the very first time.
  • Can't wait for Flashback, remember playing that back in the day on the Mega Drive, Day one purchase
  • Wouldn't be surprised to see the price point (on some, if not all) creep up to 1600msp, now that there's been several XBLA games at that price...
  • Funny. I assumed that Ducktales was gonna be the anchor of the SOA this year. Doesn't look like any big games so far, but will have to wait. I didn't think Dust would be a good game and I was very wrong on that.
  • i loved flashback on the amiga so i will be buying that, also brothers looks good, i haven't seen much of the other 2 titles though, i will have to have a good look at those.
  • I was convinced it was going to be TMNT, DuckTales and Castle of Illusion. Only getting TMNT out of these.
  • Charlie Murder could be a sleeper hit.
  • Brothers looks super interesting, and I am curious to try Flashback, as I never played the original. I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on Charlie Murder too!
  • I have been excited about Brothers all year. That is Day One. I'll wait for TMNT to be on sale (and since the XONE is not Backwards Compatible, that will be soon). As for Flashback and Charlie, I have no interest and will not buy either.
  • I will only be buying Flashback, the rest doesn't interest me much unless it's 50% off.
  • Yeah, I figured duck tales would be the star attraction for this... That's the game I want the most!
  • Maybe TMNT. Maybe.
  • no duck tales whaaaaaaaat? cant wait to play that sad that they dont have enough faith in the game. prolly just get flashback( played out of this world but never flashback) and tmnt. I doubt any of these will be better than state of decay tho, I am really loving this game
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