Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Vid Shows Leonardo Leading

Richard Walker

Activision has released the fourth character trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, showing the leader and wielder of katana blades, Leonardo.

The one with the blue bandana, Leonardo was always everyone's least favourite turtle, probably because he seemed a bit boring, being the moralistic leader. He didn't build machines, he wasn't rude or crude, and he certainly wasn't a party dude. Sorry, if he's your favourite turtle...

Still, he's pretty darn handy with them katanas, as you can see in the new video in which he lays into a multitude of bad guys with the twin set of swords. Nice. Check out the trailer below. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is coming to XBLA soon.

  • This my favourite character. Cannot wait this August for this. Day one buy. Look so much cool fun game.
  • Ditto, he was also my favourite character, so much so i had him tattooed on my leg about 3 weeks ago!!
  • leo was -is my favorite turtle , i remember if i played videogames on the nes i had to be leo and also remember owning like 3 diferent leo toys back in the day , heck i remember i had a leo stuff toy(like a teddy bear ) that i used to sleep with
  • I actually don't know ANYBODY who liked Leo the least, so your research seems flawed. He wasn't the favorite for everybody (he was for me, of course), but Donatello was pretty unanimously the least favorite (though, to be fair, that's like picking your least favorite food out of your four favorite foods).
  • I think the new Nick cartoon is the best of the lot - I grew up with the original cartoon, movies and watched a bit of the 00's show before it became terrible (ie after S1). I'll definitely get this game.
  • Day one purchase... I've been a fan for many years and Leo is my second favorite turtle.
  • I remember watching 2000 version of ninja turtles. @4 in the new cartoon Leo is my least Fav. He is cocky,try's to be funny. The new TMNT cartoon is nothing like the original. The always try to be funny.
  • I want this game.. Leo's a boss.
  • I just want a solid release date so I can start my count down... :D
  • He may not be everyone's fave, but Leo is pretty handy in video games. Typically faster than Donnie, but still has good reach.
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