Columbus Blue Jackets’ Rick Nash to Host NHL 2K9 Video Game Tournament

James Parkin
WHAT: 2K Sports and the NHL will celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated hockey title, NHL 2K9, by offering fans an exclusive opportunity to play and purchase the video game at the “NHL Powered By Reebok” store a day before it becomes widely available at retail.  
As part of the celebration, fans can register to take part in a NHL 2K9 single-elimination tournament on Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo, with the finalist going head-to-head against NHL 2K9 cover athlete and Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash in the final elimination.  First prize is a Nash-signed jersey and second prize is an autographed copy of NHL 2K9 on the winner’s choice of platform.  
Beginning today, the first 100 customers who pre-order or purchase the game at the NHL store will get an exclusive NHL 2K9/NHL Powered by Reebok puck. 
WHO: Rick Nash – three-time NHL All-Star, captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets and cover athlete for NHL 2K9
Monday, September 8 @ 4pm – 7pm
(4pm-5pm registration, 5pm-7pm tournament)
WHERE: NHL Powered By Reebok store
1185 Avenue of the Americas, (6th Avenue at 47th Street)
New York, NY 10036
NOTE: The first 32 fans to register will receive a wristband that secures participation in the tournament.  Registration is free and open to all ages.  Fans under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
  • Cool, to bad I dont like hockey games. But good for the people who do.
  • I'd go if I didn't have to look like I was jacking off air when I played.
  • Columbus FTW
  • Sounds good to me. Probably not worth the 8 hour flight from the UK though
  • I'd go but I'd probably get my ass I doubt my parents would want to drive to NY for me to play a game. Then again, my dad is a huge hockey head, so eh, I don't know.
  • too bad its on the Wii and not Xbox.
  • Why does the first line say "the launch of the highly anticipated hockey title, NHL 2K9". NHL 09 is the highly anticipated of the two hockey games, with the flop that was NHL 2K8, I don't see this game being "highly anticipated".
  • NHL 09 will destroy NHL 2k9, hands down.
  • 2k9 is the more anticipated game with hockey fans, as 2k9 is more sim than nhl 09. they also updated the new controls that were introduced in 2k8 as well, so 2k9 should be better than 2k8(which was a good game).
  • NHL 2K9 is more sim ? lol thats one wrong comment indeed ^ @k Sports makes thier games arcade not simulation. NHL09 > NHL2k9
  • I think I met Rick Nash when I was in Jr. High. He was a pretty cool dude. I'd go if it was in Canada. Maybe Brad Richard's will hold one.
  • I'd go if it was on a weekend. Sounds cool though.
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