Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Sells 500,000 Copies, Ubisoft "Very Happy"

Richard Walker

It seems that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has become something of a success for Ubisoft, with the insane 80s inspired spin-off managing to reach 500,000 copies sold across all formats in less than two months, while also helping to boost sales of the full version of Far Cry 3.

Speaking to GI.biz, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said he was "very happy" with the performance of both Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, each of which have enjoyed success as digital download titles based upon Ubisoft's existing retail brands.

The success of Blood Dragon and Gunslinger means that Ubisoft will be looking to explore the formula further in the future with other brand extensions touted as downloadable offerings. Sequels to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and CoJ: Gunslinger could possibly see the light of day too, thanks to the sales figures.

Both Blood Dragon and Gunslinger are available on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points each.

  • I liked far cry 3 alot better
  • Blood Dragon is awesome a bit short but still one of best games on xbla. Personally i didn't like CoJ all that much
  • Blood Dragon was awesome I really loved the music so epic!
  • michael biehn is always awesome
  • I smell a sequel
  • I'll pick them both up when on sale. Not before.
  • Is it any good?
  • @7 Yes it is. FC3: Blood Dragon is somewhat of an absurd ode to all the 'cool' action flicks from the 80's. Cyborgs, robots, and laser eye shooting dinosaurs! What more do you want?!
  • Couldn't play it, the trial strained my eyes, it did look awesome though.
  • Blood dragon was awesome easily one of the best spin off games ever. Also my last 100%
  • Bought it day one, not surprised by those numbers. you get 10 Hours of entertainment so its fine by me :)
  • Also has the funniest intro and tutorial EVER.
  • Would love to see a sequel, blood dragon was alot of fun! All the 80s references were spot on too! Well worth a tenner
  • As much as I enjoyed the 80s feel to this game, I just couldn't play it.
  • Be interesting to see what Ubisoft has planned for the Blood Dragon franchise now, Since they're going to do a AAA game now.
  • How can you make a AAA game from something that gets it's charms from it's B-movie style... They might try a BBB game though ;)
  • Hopefully there won't be a milking of this...... I'm already drinking other compaines milk.
  • @17 you can milk anything with nipples.
  • YAY!!!!!'! For my Fav company!
  • Ziplines are ropes in the sky. Why aren't they called skyropes?
  • Is there a chance it becomes on sale the next few months?
  • Even though I was born late 90's, I felt so nostalgic over this game. I'd love to see a sequel. Kind of sad that the only real stealth weapons were the Bow (awesome btw) and the Takedown. I know you're supposed to feel like an action hero and mow everyone down with lead, but there were heroes that used stealth too. This game was the reason I bought Far Cry 3 at all. Both are great.
  • could be better than collecting feathers...but seriously, MAKE A SEQUEL!!!
  • Really 500`000? Im a bit surprised to be honest.
  • I am pleased with it as well. :)
  • Blood Dragon was a hoot. The dilogue, characters and soundtrack kicked ass.
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