Ninja Theory Hiring For New AAA Console Title

Ninja Theory Hiring For New AAA Console Title

Lee Bradley

Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DmC developer Ninja Theory is hiring for what looks to be a new AAA console title.

On the studio’s website, a number of job listings have popped up that constantly reference AAA and consoles, as well as a couple of details that could point to the upcoming title’s gameplay.

According to the job descriptions, the game could encompass shooting, melee combat and stealth. One listing in particular calls for talent with “Experience working on a product featuring shooting, melee combat or stealth mechanics.”

All of this is gleaned from job descriptions for a Senior Designer, a Technical Director, and a Lead Character Artist. There are also several other positions available. You can read the full descriptions through here, should you so wish.

After mixed commercial responses to its previous games, despite positive reviews, Ninja Theory will be hoping that its next game, whatever it is, will finally do the business in stores.

  • Could be either Heavenly Sword 2, Enslaved 2, DmC 2 or a new IP game. Theory made those 3 Franchises is so good games. I think Ninja Theory need break for new IPs they bought lots already and I think it is time they bring Heavenly Sword, Enslaved or DmC returns because those is need more improves and better then ever. There so many new IP games already announces. I am so happy about it. I will love Ninja Theory to bring more new IP but also Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DmC need to have sequel from this developers since they bought us those games is so good. I loved their games. Hack and Slash Action Franchises is so much fun they did it. Look forward to find out soon. :)
  • Sadly I think DMC is gone, while I absolutely loved the game it sold like bacon in a mosque.
  • Ninja blade was sick I loved it more then that dante prick. So Ninja blade two for me. Thats what I wonna see -DjWb
  • #2 Yeah DmC is so good and got fantastic story to follow throughout game. Game itself is great or so good either. Hardly to know if DmC is gone in future because Capcom might bring back original series for new sequel for DmC unlike reboot were. I dunno but maybe reasons: 1. Because DmC reboot got sexy male looking and some people think he look like gay so it might avoid lots of gamers to get it. 2. Maybe because they think it is not what Original series were and they wish new DmC game going be like original. 3. Lastly maybe because game is shorter and avoid to some gamers or even many. Not sure about this reason is link to it. But I think either 1 and 2 reasons. Shame reboot DmC is great anyway.
  • @3 Ninja Blade was made by From Software, not Ninja Theory. >.>
  • @5 my bad, respect.
  • Kung Fu Chaos reboot
  • DMC reboot was one of the best game I ever played, same as Enslaved. FUN! Don't care what anyone says the other DMC games were just boring and awful.
  • DMC might have been a decent game but Ninja Theory screwed up by changing Dante.
  • Hoping for DmC 2 myself. Can't comment on a Heavenly Sword 2 yet as I haven't got round to the 1st yet, I have it sitting there waiting to be played though as I hear very good things
  • @9 But if those 'people' who moaned about him been changed actually grew played what is a great game, that change was explained at the end, as to avoid any spoilers I'm not going to say anymore than that.
  • @4 I don't know if the length would have put people off it, it was around the same length if not longer than most of the other 4, granted the original trilogy was on ps2 so you would expect more content on 360 & ps3
  • We'll never get an Enslaved 2. That's what's REALLY sad about this story.
  • For the love of God, please be DmC 2!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I really enjoyed enslaved, ninja theory is a seriously underated studio
  • ninja theory puts out some creative and fun games. while i would love to see sequels to all 3 of the previously mentioned games, i'd almost rather see them strut their stuff and show us something new again. that's where they shine. DMC was great, to me (and i played all the originals), but it was the weakest because it wasn't their baby. I'd love to see what they could do with an actual ninja game. team ninja dropped the ball with recent ninja gaiden, would be cool to see them create a game based on all the best things from ninja gaiden and tenchu with a little onimusha flavor thrown in along with their own touch. These are the studios we need to stick around and keep creating, instead of making sequels.
  • #12 Yeah I knew it just I though might something. You knew there must be reason why DmC didn't sells very then original series were. I believe it is 1. and 2. reasons I mention earlier. Of course huge disappointed for Capcom. I hope Capcom going bring back DmC one day future but this time same developers who made of original series and let Theory Ninja making new IP or other Franchise that need sequel either. :)
  • I still havent played DmC to this day not because of Dante (I call him Etnad since it's an "alternate" world anyway) but because i was hoping for something to top DMC3 which it sadly does not. Still it's better than DMC2 at least and if they do make a DmC "2" then it can't get worse than the original one can it surely?
  • Haven't their last 3 games been considered comercial failures? Guess we'll see a new IP than a sequel. Description makes it sound like a TPS with stealthy bits. Let me be the first to say, with no evidence at all..........generic. Just another shooter.
  • @19 You were hoping for something to top DMC3 but haven't played DmC? How do you know it isn't any good then? I had a lot of fun playing's the only game I've beaten multiple times in the span of a month because I couldn't get enough. I hope this next game does well for Ninja Theory, I always enjoy their games and I'm looking forward to whatever this is!
  • @13 How do you know this? I really enjoyed that game, but I don't think a sequel is necessary considering how the game ended. Not every game actually needs a sequel. I prefer to see something new, which is equally awesome or even better, instead of more of the same. This 'let's make another one!' mindset can even stand in the way of innovation and creativity, especially when the developers don't even want to make more sequels but are being forced to do it by the publishers (not the case here, but still). I'm not saying that sequels are always a bad thing and I would be lying if I said I never asked for one in the past, but not every game needs one in my opinion.
  • Hopefully a sequel to enslaved, one that ignores the left field randomness of the last 10 minutes
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