Is Ninja Theory Teasing a New Next-Gen Title in This Video?

Richard Walker

Ninja Theory has released a new video showcasing an overview of the studio's work, from Heavenly Sword on PS3, to Enslaved, DmC and beyond. That beyond bit could be a hint at what's to come from the Cambridge, UK-based studio, with footage from an unnamed, presumably next-gen project.

With the developer recently hiring for a triple-A console title, it could be that the footage featured in the video [via the dev's Vimeo channel] is a first glimpse at what Ninja Theory is working on, with an enigmatic blue/green haired girl and an intriguing rain-slicked European-style street scene.

It certainly looks interesting. You can check out the video below for a look at what could be Ninja Theory's next game. For now however, it remains shrouded in mystery. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground for a proper announcement or reveal of the studio's next title.

  • Half life 3 confirmed
  • Is Heavenly Sword good? Never really hear anything about it.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • enslaved was the best game on their list, the rest were meh
  • I don't think it's a new game video...I know Ninja theory has been posting mass job openings, I think it's more of a "Hey, we're awesome, apply here" kinda thing.
  • #1 Hahaha funny, Valve want have word with you!!! :P Cannot wait for what new game from NT. :)
  • @2 I bought a ps3 and got to finish the game last week and even though the game came out a long time ago, it still looks awsome. It's become one of my favourite games. Great cinematics and really fun to play. Absolutely loved it. If you ever can get a cheap ps3, get Heavenly Sword. Loved Enslaved too. Ninja Theory, one of my favourite studios.
  • I didn't even realize they put out Enslaved or Heavenly Sword. I've heard good things about both and I absolutely loved the DMC reboot (needs a sequel.. now) so I guess I'll have to look into their other work. As a side note.. Andy Serkis must love doing MOCAP.
  • Normally I'm all for new IPs but their games (specifically Heavenly Sword and Enslaved) need sequels
  • Both Enslaved and DMC were awesome, definitely hoping for more
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