Assassin's Creed II Now Free to Xbox Live Gold Members

Lee Bradley

Assassin’s Creed 2 is now free to download for Xbox Live Gold members.

The latest title to be released in the Games With Gold promotion, Assassin’s Creed 2 will be available for free until July 30th. You can queue it for download here.

The free title also arrives alongside a wider Assassin’s Creed promotion, which offers discounts on a number of titles and content from the series. Full list below.

Assassin's Creed Sale


  • Assassin's Creed - £11.99 - Now £8.99
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - £11.99 - £8.99
  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations - £11.99 - £8.99
  • Assassin's Creed 2 Sequence 12: Battle of Forli - 320 MSP - 214 MSP
  • Assassin's Creed 2 Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations - 560 MSP - 375 MSP
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance - 800 MSP - 536 MSP
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations: The Lost Archive - 800 MSP - 536 MSP
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations: Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack - 800 MSP - 536 MSP
  • Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass - 2400 MSP - 1600 MSP

  • Awesome game, Ezio is really awesome too.
  • Wasn´t DaVinci Dissapearance 1200MSP? Atleast at it´s launch it was, I remember buying it.
  • I'm impressed, and we got dotw on top of this.
  • Costs 214 MSP? Fuck that
  • AC II is best in the series. Brilliant game. I wish Ubisoft go back what AC II were brilliant. I hope AC IV going be brilliant like AC II. :)
  • Too bad I've already beaten it, still awesome for anyone who hasn't checked it out yet.
  • Defense grid the last 15 days, now AC2 until the end of the month then halo 3 for half a month after that. They should really offer newer games, everyone i know has played halo 3 and ac2
  • Currently playing AC3. If I buy the Season Pass, that gets me the Multiplayer DLC and the 3 Tyranny DLC packs without any subsequent cost? I like the idea o the King Washington stuff but think they are quite expensive. If a 1600 points season pass gets me all three, that'd be nice. Not into multiplayer, I really can't work it. I played about 10 games of AC:Rev multiplayer and scored less than a kill a game. Anyway, AC3 doesn't seem as good as AC2.
  • The pic is ezio assassinating carlo grimaldi in the impenetrable palazzo. It was a very memorable mission
  • Not wishing to sound ungrateful but so far... Fable II, Defence Grid and AC2 are all on my already owned list.
  • I've never played an Assassins Creed game. It's one of those games I feel I should have played but never got round to. As a side note, whatever he's doing to him, I don't think the bloke in the beard is enjoying it. Maybe the other fella should have taken him out for a steak meal first.
  • The Creed that got me into the Assassins Creed. Every AC game is amazing but AC2 was the best in my opinion. If you haven't played it, go download it now!
  • Thanks Microsoft for rewarding gamers that bought an Xbox last week rather than the people who have been ploughing money into your service for the last 5-10 years and will have undoubtedly played halo 3 and ass creed to death already. How bout an option? Would it hurt to throw us loyal gamers a few msp if we've already bought these games? Next week we'll probably get FIFA 2008 and forza 3 Cue a bunch of people moaning about my moaning, don't bother, deep down everyone knows Microsoft do shite deals 99% of the time because they're now run by politicians /end rant
  • [Comment deleted]
  • old shit you can get ad gemestop for 5 bucks
  • Didn't have to buy the DLC for AC 2 all you need to do is buy the AC 2 game of the year edition.
  • Good game but pretty much everyone has played AC II by now.
  • 214 MSP is a random price. Assume it's due to the impending change to currency?
  • For those who already have these games... why not download them and sell/gift the physical copy? I have AC2 and H3 already but I'm downloading them anyway for two reasons: 1) sometime down the line maybe microsoft will add a software emulator to the X1 for backwards compatibility for the GoD versions of games [unlikely but who knows. Though I seem to remember reading about plans to bring out an add-on to do this, similar to the HDDVD drive for the 360 *shrugs*] 2) my physical copies might get lost/stolen/scratched so this gives me a backup of two very good games.
  • If you bitch about something and still use/buy it your complaining falls upon deaf ears. If you don't like it don't support them that's when they start listening, but everyone crying about getting FREE games for buying a gold membership should just cancel their membership.
  • Is the AC sale going on till July 30th also?
  • Never played an Assassin's Creed game so no reason for me not to download this (and by the sounds of it, it would be criminal to refuse a free game of this Calibur)
  • @7 people who complain at free stuff, you do know there is people who haven't played them for one reason or another. you do not have to download it.
  • Debating whether the ac2 dlc is worth it without achievements... They seem good so I really don't know why they don't have any
  • Haven't played this yet so i'll be downloading it. People who have to moan about free things are sad.
  • Why are people acting all self-entitled and complaining about getting stuff for free? Stop acting like you are entitled to more, when in reality, you're entitled to nothing. Microsoft doesn't have to do this. Out of all the AC games, this one is my favourite and in my opinion, had the best OST to go along with it.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • £3.99 ive just seen this in blockbuster, get a grip microsoft
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @26 neither does Sony, which is far better, value for money, more games, recent games not like many moons ago, as i said be before £3.99 in shops probs cheaper on ebay, yes i have both systems
  • Amazing how people cry about FREE Games.I do not own assasins creed 2 so its pretty cool. ITS FREE MAN . People always got something to cry about,microsoft dont evne have to give us free games. Damn whats wrong with people
  • @30 You know if you let your Xbox Live expire, you get to keep these free games forever, right? I know for a fact you don't get to do that with ps plus. It sounds like such a small thing if you intend to pay anyways forever, but for the same reasons I didn't like Xbox Ones 24 hour check in, I don't like being on the hook to a company for games I have. Id rather be able to more solidly say 'that? that is mine.'. Also, Playstations online infrastructure sucks. I say it as a proud owner for many years. Anyone who would pay money for that shit deserves 'free' games. In fact, as of the PS 4, you have to pay to play online, just like the xbox. They seriously better step it up. @Topic Free games are free games. I pay approx 4 dollars a month, if that (depending on when I buy my year), to get discounts on games every week. The multiplayer is a nice perk to me. This is something I didn't expect, I don't care if I've already played the games to death, digital copies mean I can leave my retail discs on the shelf. Its FREE. Why the hell would anyone complain. You weren't getting any of these things before, and yet you were still paying for gold. I cant wait for a free download of Halo 3. Have friends over, don't even need the disc to fire up four players.
  • @30 Actually Sony has to do it. That's the whole reason for buying PS+. While on Xbox, you pay for gold to be able to play online, not for free games. So yes, Sony's is "better" because they have to do it and people need to keep paying them in order to play those games so they can afford to give out newer games.
  • @31 stop saying CRY. It's really annoying. 95% of people have the games on offer. People are pissed off because it wouldn't kill microsoft to offer a relatively new game
  • fuck thoes free games i can't download this and last time fable 3, basicly said free1 for me you have to own on your first console i belive. im not gonna download either one of this and upcoming titels. so i dont care about this pile of shit anymore..
  • @30 Sony is doing a 3 to 4 part strategy is from what I am gathering if you look at it. First Microsoft from the day xbox live came out charged for it, as it was a superior service and sony's was well crap, now sony has made great strides to catch up but it was still free, and if you follow any kind of business knowledge you would know that sony overall is a on a downward spiral to bankruptcy (such as posting a profit for the first time in 5 years by selling close to a billion in assets). So sony cannot just start saying hey to play online games you now have to pay as a lot of people would be outraged and start screaming so you create a optional service and give free games this in turn is costing them millions upon millions as if you think 50.00 a year covers all those games you got in that package and sony is making money then your are mistaken, so they have a pretty big base of playstation plus subscribers. Step 2 start saying he you also need playstation plus to play online multiplayer, I have been saying this for close to 3 months to people and guess what they just stated that is happening for the ps4. step 3 which is a bit off you will see that those free games are going to slowly stop being the new titles and more offerings on the lines of Microsoft's step 4 is you will just stop getting free games and end up with a paid for service to play multiplayer. Honestly its a business tactic sony cannot give out free multiplayer and that geikei service will either end up being another tier 2 playstation plus (meaning up to 100 instead of 50) or a stand alone service you have to pay for. Sony has to make playstation more business orientated as the entire company bottom line depends on it.
  • anyone know how long the sales last for? im thinking of picking up the season pass this week or next
  • Shit, bought the AC:B DLC last week. But grabbed the AC3 Season Pass. Nice deal!
  • Everyone has a right to complain about the games they are giving us, the saying "if your going to do something do it right" comes to mind, clearly its a saying that Microsoft have never heard, as everything they have done over the last few months has been wrong.
  • I tryed downloading it, but it says 3 options: Change payment options Limits on use Cancel Help?? What do i do now? Its free, why cant I just download it?
  • Totally replaying this again, one of my favourite games of all times. Highly recommended for those that have not played it, come on you have no excuse its free :p
  • Too bad I already have 100% achievements on this game like 4 years ago.
  • I'm pretty sure the sale ends on the 31st.
  • lol if they think by giving me a 6 year old game i will be shelling out cash for said 6 year old game DLC then srsly M$, fuck off and die already. go sega yourself.
  • I have been a member of live for over 5 years and not once played asains creed, so for me this is a GREAT deal. Free is always a good thing.
  • Hey cool, the one and only arsecreed game I don't have on 360, score!
  • Steam have the best sales around, PSN Plus gives you so many games cheap and free. MS give you AC2.....
  • My XBOX Live subscription is due in September, and I've already cancelled my renew payment. Does anyone know if these free, 4 year old games will still be playable on my xbox 360 even if I'm no longer subscribed to gold?
  • Even though I completed it I will be DL-ing overall game in the AC series.
  • after playin first and finding it rather rubbish....might try as its free
  • @47 ps plus games are not free your paying for psn plus
  • @35 probably helps if you had the memory to download it, never owned fable 3 and had no problems downloading.
  • I don't know what everyone is complaining about, i played the game when it came out, i beat it to 100%, still own it and was super excited that it would be free, i downloaded it and plan to play it again just for fun. Forget if Microsoft is full of greedy bastards or whatever, just enjoy the free games people!!! if you don't like them then don't download it, it's as simple as that :)
  • @40 all i remember from downloading fable 3 is change payment options to microsoft points. should work. :)
  • Damn I literally bought The Da Vinci Disappearance last week. I'm happy with the games being offered as free downloads. But as ever the GoD prices are out of touch. Still, £8.99 is getting closer to a realistic price for an older game. But how about £5.99, what do you think MS?
  • @51 neither is this game as you pay for xbl.
  • Now that's more like it.
  • @56 Technically speaking, this game is free. You pay for XBL in order to play online. That is all. So, yes, this game is free.
  • Well i didnt have Fable 3, Defence Grid, and i dont yet have Halo 3, so that isnt too bad a ratio! Its free, stop complaining
  • Ezio one of my fav characters this gen. My personal fav is brotherhood and least one is 2 in Ezio arc but this is the game which starts Ezio Auditore, The Legend. Play everyone, I hope you Enjoy :)
  • This sucks com
  • So, 8.99 with a fancy L in front of it is what with a $ in front?
  • Love Assassins Creed but already completed it so a miss for me
  • @48 yes they are yours forever.
  • Best AC game of the series imo, now its free..owned it,enjoyed it, downloading it going to play it again. Really don't understand this "I pay for xbl so I DESERVE better FREE games" I pay for petrol to go in my car does that entitle me to a free car?
  • These deals are alright but would've been better if it was 50% off.
  • To all who never played AC2, it will always be the best AC game ever made.
  • If you have Netflix and Cable and your cable company starts giving you 4 year old movies for free to watch, you would start bitching Netflix already offers those movies and you want new releases to be free. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! That's what your doing when you compare MS to sony there 2 different types of subscriptions your paying for. Sony you are paying $50 to rent games MS your paying $50 to use online services. Now if MS made you pay $50 to rent games and they gave you old games then you could bitch if you didn't get your $50 out of it but there not doing that.
  • Really cool
  • Hang on a second, they aren't giving us GTA V for free. Fuck you Microsoft. Well as I've never played AC2 (or any AC) because I have a family and don't have infinite cash and time to spend playing games, I have downloaded this. I have Halo 3 so won't be downloading it but I can bitch and whine about that in a couple of weeks, looking forward to it already.
  • @70 - GTA V for free? I'm down for that!
  • I finished ALL the achievements (and the DLC) for this game a LONNNNNG time ago)... but I'm still downloading it. I've already played "Assassin's Creed (1)" all the way through - TWICE, even though I got all the achievements on the first play-through. I even collected most of the flags on my second play-through... the games are just fun! I've been waiting to play AC2 a second time, but I loaned my copy of the game to a friend 2 years ago... and only got it back a few months ago (although I never got around to playing it again). Now with the convenience of not needing to throw in the disc to fire it up: AWESOME!!!
  • Well...I found out why I could not download it! I just had to click: X Buy with Microsoft points And that way I bought it for 0 msp :D Now I can play the 4 year old free game!!! Yay!!
  • Started playing this last night, and I'm disappointed. Disappointed in myself for not playing this sooner. THIS GAME HITS ALL MY BUTTONS!!!
  • I haven't previously owned ACII so downloaded it. I agree that the games are old but they're not too bad! I did however complete it in 2.5 days lol
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