Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Coming in August

Richard Walker

Concluding Daud's saga started in previous Dishonored DLC The Knife of Dunwall, Bethesda has revealed that the follow-up add-on The Brigmore Witches is due to land this August, giving you the chance to continue tracking down Delilah as Daud searches for his redemption.

You'll still have Daud's selection of arcane powers at your fingertips, including his Summon Assassin, Void Gaze and Pull abilities, as well as his arc mine and choke powder projectiles. In The Brigmore Witches, you'll travel to the witch's inner sanctum where you'll need to prevent a powerful dark ritual from being carried out. Actions from The Knife of Dunwall will carry over to The Brigmore Witches.

As the Dead Eels and Hatters gangs feud on the dark streets of Dunwall, Daud will negotiate his way into the witch's stronghold and ultimately face judgement at the hands of Dishonored's masked assassin, Corvo Attano. The Brigmore Witches will be coming to Dishonored on August 13th for 800 Microsoft Points. Check out the first two screens below.

  • Sweet.
  • Sweet, can't wait to max out the gamerscore on this for good and also so Arkane can go all in on the sequel. This was definitely the best new IP of last year in my eyes. Even Dunwall Trials was pretty good or at the very least, incredibly challenging once you go to grips with it. More of the same please!
  • Whaaaaa! More DLC this late after the games release. I thought they were done since The knife of Dunwall DLC but Bethesda had another trick up their sleeve. I love Bethesda so much. Now they need to drop the price for the other two DLC's or make a GOTY Edition.
  • YEAH!!! Just updated the forums with this new before. I cannot wait for this, Daud's story is pretty interesting and Dishonored is just such a good game.
  • @3, Dunwall City Trials was $2 & Knife of Dunwall was $5 last week so I really don't see anymore sales towards this game anytime soon. As for a GOTY, that's definitely a possibility.
  • @3 Are you for real or just stupid? It's not even been out a year yet... 9 months actually... Look at Borderlands 2... That's been out 10 months and is getting more DLC soon!!
  • Been thinking about getting this outta Gamefly and will have to get these two DLCs. Is the trials dlc worth getting or should I just stick with the two Daud DLCs?
  • @7: Left 4 Dead 2 and Doritos Crash Course had long periods before completely unanticipated DLC arrived. Plus this isn't out of the blue; Arkane made it pretty clear that there would be 2 story add-ons after DCTrials.
  • @6 There's no reason to say I'm stupid. I'm happy their adding more DLC. I didn't realize the game was only out for 9 months. Sorry for the post and thanks for clarifying things.
  • @6 you do realize that it wasn't that long ago that DLC even more than 6months after release would have been an odd thing right? Putting DLC out for about a year after a game comes out is a relatively new concept. Personally I hope it continues. I like the idea of being able to enjoy my favorite games in the form of new content long after release, and would love to see stuff like skyrim get DLC continuously till the sequel arrives. @7 those are rare cases though. One is a Vaulve game (and we all know what that means...) and the other...well I never played dcc, largely because the fact that its free and has a brand's name in it tells me its probably 90% marketing crap.
  • I look forward to this! :) (and @3 they announced this awhile back, just not a release date). On an off topic: was anyone else having trouble downloading the Dishonored DLC via I tried to all week but it kept saying that I couldn't download it at this time and to try again later.
  • Going buy this DLC when it is come out on 13th August 2013. :D Loved Dishonored. Preorder this DLC (oh hahaha I am kidding we know we cannot preorder DLC lmfao.) Fact get this DLC on day one. Hopeful this DLC story much better then last short DLC. So I hope this new DLC come with slight longer or even much long then last DLC to complete single playthrough. I support Bethesda and Arkane Studios for this game. :D
  • @ BiggD: TOLD YAH SO!!! ;-) No regrets my friend.
  • DCT was worst DLC ive ever played. KOD was excellent.
  • #12 The Knife of Dunwall wasn't that short-not for 800 msp-and if you play Dishonored the way it should be played rather than running through it in a linear fashion,you would definitely get value for money.Add to that the low/high chaos and the variable endings for good/bad-you really can't grumble. I will be getting it day 1 myself,been looking forward to it since finishing Knife of Dunwall.Best new IP in years,since Bioshock IMO,a definite contender for my GOTY.
  • #15 Good point has been taken. But I did take time through around near 2 half hours to complete single playthrough. I did stealth and took time. :)
  • Weren't too hard to completed even on easy difficult. :)
  • @13, I LOVE IT! @14, There's definitely been worse DLC lol, but yeah the Trials were both awful and difficult.
  • @18 I don't think the City Trials are awful. They're just incredibliy hard (achievement-wise). What makes it really strange is that the game itself and the Knife-dlc are very easy (played it on the hardest difficulty right from the start and had no problems). For the City Trials they should have put in the possibility to save everytime (like in the main game and the KoD-dlc) or at least 2-3 times for each trial to make it more of a task of patience. @topic: The new DLC will be definiatly a first-day-buy for me. Until then I'll try getting the last damned DCT-achievements ^^
  • YAY more Dishonored DLC ... OH WAIT! I still need to finish getting the rest of the achievements in the Dunwall City Trials DLC that I'm not even sure if I will be able to get the rest of the achievements in that DLC because half of the achievements are really difficult to the point where you feel like ripping your hair out of your head and chucking your controller at the TV screen in Rage!
  • Have both the dlcs downloaded just need to get on it. Wait too many games with so little time.
  • Way*
  • @19, that's a pretty good idea actually. The ability to save or to get checkpoints would be incredibily useful. And in my opinion...I only found maybe 5 outta the 10 trials to actually be interesting, the other half weren't too original for a stealth heavy game. I wish I could complete that DLC, but it's really stressful in terms of achievements lol. Hopefully you have better luck in your pursuit to complete it!
  • Yes! Can't wait!
  • Just finished Knife, really looking forward to this one!
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