Go Behind the Scenes With The Division

Lee Bradley

One of E3 2013’s nicest surprises, Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third-person MMO kinda thing for next-gen consoles that looks pretty awesome.

In this new vid from developers Massive Entertainment, we get to go behind the scenes and discover what it was like for the studio in the build-up to that reveal. It has dev interviews, wilderness survival training and a douche in a bow tie. Something for everyone.

For more on The Division, and let’s face it my intro to this news piece isn’t gonna win me any awards, check out Rich’s preview. The game is due late next year.

  • Man! I want this game!
  • Easily my most anticipated game to come out of E3. Looking forward to a lot more details over the next year. Not looking forward to the wait.
  • Cannot wait for this, it's gonna be awesome!
  • Is it just me or is their an increase in mmo releases.
  • So hyped for this game. Next year is so far away.
  • Why the hate for a bow tie?
  • That sure is one comedy-laden video you got there.
  • Oh wow! That game is being developed 30 minutes from my home! Really looking forward to it!
  • who wears a bow tie with a full zip hoodie? £10 says he wear socks with his sandals. Game looks quite good, although I'm interested to see what penalties if any, you get for playing solo.
  • @#4 Dude I know, there is so many mmo's coming out I love it!.
  • @1 me too man me too! hurts my feelings to know its late 2014
  • even though im patient i must say please dont rush this make it with the most extreme quality!
  • Looks like someone's into Doctor Who. Bow ties are not cool. They just make you look an overgrown child.
  • The short clip of the gameplay looked absolutely awesome. The amount of features that were shown in that one clip is immense! Looking forward to this game very much, although I'll be on the PS4 for this one!
  • @4 there is an increase there went from being 1 on the consoles to having 2 now.
  • This game look so fantastic. I will get it for Xbox One when Division pop into stores and digital download release in 2014. Game is due for me to get day one.
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