MK Achievement List Reveals Unannounced Characters

Dan Webb

Moments ago we unveiled the achievements for the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe title. As we do with every new achievement list, we like to go through and see what's what. To our delight, the new Mortal Kombat list actually unveils the cast  for the upcoming title, some of which were previously unannounced. Kind of shocked we know, but here's the list in its entirety, all 22 characters which is what Midway told us for our preview.

Green Lantern
Lex Luthor
Liu Kang
Shang Tsung
Shao Khan
Sub Zero

  • wheres mr cage lol. good list tho
  • I'm kinda sceptical about this game - its a good idea, just hope they can pull it off. Probably a rental first. The character line-up does look impressive though.
  • BAH give me Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (esp after the glorious SF4) any day over this rubbish.
  • everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but why would you consider this rubbish? the concept is strange true, but so is Marvel vs capcom and look at how loved and successful that is. don't knock it til you try it.
  • This game will be awesome! It has 11 good MK characters (all of them are well chosen) and 11 comic characters as extra! Next-gen MK!
  • Cooool. Destroy Superman with Scorpion! "get over here!"
  • looin better and better
  • MK vs Marvel would have been 100 times better ^^ But this will have to do for now
  • Should have put more real fighters in here from the DC side like Barda, Shiva, Prometheus, Hush, Ras...
  • Very dissapointing. Baraka, Kano and Kitana are all crap characters. I would have much rather seen Jax, Smoke, Kung Lao, Stryker etc... :(
  • Bax - Jax is in it lol, it says in the list and also baraka is my fave character anyway shame not to see retial or kung lao
  • Kitana's perfectly fine if you know how to use her well, Smoke was quite overpowered in UMK3, and Jax is in the list.
  • Sorry for double post but i ment Reptial in comment 11 not retial lol*
  • im a little turned of to this just because of a teen rated mk... but i will play it just to see if it does turn out to be what i hope it would have been
  • The Dark Night was great but I always secretly wanted the Joker to win, now I'll get my chance...
  • @ #4 I've seen it move, that's why.
  • Everyone is talking about the character list but no one has really commented on the achievement list. Am I the only one who is dissapointed with the achievements? I wish developers would get more creative with the achievements rather than giving us the same old crap and stupid online achievements. I'm a huge MK fan who was not looking forward to this very much. After seeing the character list, I will play it. But I definitly want to rent it before I buy.
  • Sad for no Reptile.
  • lol lex luthor
  • My oh my how MK has fallen. I miss MK2 and MK3.
  • oh well no Power Girl.
  • i dont understand this game, on armageddon they managed to get 50+ characters into the game, so whats changed? im sad because my favorite character kenshi isnt coming back =[
  • Kung Lao, Goro, Johnny Cage ... all would have made great additions to this list. I think that this could be a good game, but not a buy. Good start, but I will buy MK vs Marvel anyday, so I guess that I am agreeing with #8!
  • Johnny Cage :(
  • no johnny cage? :(
  • Mk has sucked after 1(IMO) and I don't like DC, Think i'll pass on this game...
  • darkseid & the joker....very intresting picks. looking forward to the game
  • Good choice of classic MK characters, although I would've chosen Johnny Cage over Shao Kahn.
  • 22 is that it in the last Mortal Kombat game there were 50 characters and now there are just 22 that sucks
  • shao khan FTW, even tho he's dead...same a liu kang
  • very nice! w00t sub zero
  • where is Quan Chi, that is my main guy.
  • no reptile? wtf midway?
  • Other than the Win 25 ONLINE in a row allseem rather reasonable.
  • Has no one here seen the Joker's gun fatality? It's amazing. This is looking awesome.
  • lex luthor?! come on what is he supposed to do out think his opponents in 60 second rounds
  • Shazam is my favorite character! Aces! I'm glad Darkseid is there to represent the New Gods too!
  • the whole justice league is there!...
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