Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's Oceans Will Take 30-Minutes to Sail Across

Richard Walker

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Game Director Ashraf Ismail has confirmed that the game's sprawling Caribbean open-world will take about half an hour to sail across, giving you an impression of just how vast the oceans will be in Edward Kenway's seafaring pirate adventure.

"We don't talk about it in terms of size, that would be a little bit unfair - there is a lot of ocean in the Caribbean. But it is the biggest game we've ever made," Ismail stated. "The story and narrative itself will last 15-20 hours, but we're hoping that people got lost in the Caribbean world, in the toybox we've created.

"It will take - [to sail] across the whole game world - maybe half an hour."

Of course, with the increased emphasis on the naval aspects for Assassin's Creed IV, it stands to reason that a lot of the game's open-world will be comprised of water, but there'll be plenty to do in the big blue, whether it's harpooning sharks or whales, looting ships or engaging in other activities and side-quests.

And with such an enormous open-world, there's a more friendly fast travel system in place thanks to sync points now doubling as fast travel locuses once discovered and unlocked. We touched upon this in our E3 preview of the next-gen version of ACIV: Black Flag, which you can read here.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is out on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe. There's a gameplay video to watch below if you missed it last month.

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  • That doesn't sound like that much, assuming your ship won't go 200 miles an hour :/
  • My first next gen game. Hopefully it'll be awesome!
  • That is cool and all but I just hope that their is not any situation where you would have to travel that long all at once to complete a mission or to reach a new area.
  • Thank god for fast travel!
  • Sounds more boring than AC3 which is saying something
  • Destiny will be the game to take my next gen virginity.
  • Can see that being very boring, very quickly. Just sailing around water for half an hour doesn't really get me that excited.
  • Everyone loved the sailing in Windwaker! I'm probably not going to get this. I'm finding AC3 an absolute chore to play as they've worn the series out for me now. Same with CoD and Halo.
  • As long as there really is a lot to do, can't see how this is a bad thing.
  • Didn't really care for the boat rides from ACIII, hopefully it's better/more fun in this one.
  • @10 same they didn't really grasp me, but this sounds immense, cannot wait for this game. My first next gen game I will play I think.
  • Hmmm, I am still thinking whether I should pick this up with my PS4 or not... I guess I can hold off and wait for quite a while, as I am sure some other titles will be announced eventually. Or at least one can hope lol
  • Well that's fucking annoying.
  • Quite unnecessary...there is no reason the map needs to be that big. Especially if all you see at some point is water, why can't that be reduced without compromising all of the side stuff? Sometimes big is just not fun.
  • Hey guys, it's not jus solid ocean, there are islands-and around 75 if my memory serves. He's saying probably from one end of the map to the other is 30 minutes straight shot. He didn't once say "you'll be sailing 30 minutes from destination to destination." Don't be so daft.
  • #15 exactly...They aren't going to set mission objectives that take 20 minutes of straight sailing folks, maybe a random achievement? but that'd probably be it. To people thinking that's not that big those ships traveled at roughly 40 miles an hr I'm guessing? so picture going 40 miles an hr across a GTA map..that's a big ass world to explore!
  • #15: I understand that point but The Frontier only took less than 10 minutes to run across on foot. 30 minutes is a bit ridiculous. At least the synch points are fast travel points now. Imagine sailing 30 minutes between collectibles on your final sweep of the game.
  • Sprawling vistas like that add to how epic it is...but only the first time or so. Its stuff like that that made AC turn into a chore to finish
  • ....And there will be an achievement for doing so... ;)
  • C'mon, enough AC already. Just bin the franchise and make something new!
  • Why is everyone so negative lately. I mean, every topic or thread you go to. People are bitching about something. Im really looking forward to ACIV, and i thought ACIII was really good. The Ezio storyline was the best in my opinion but i really enjoy playing AC in general. OT: 30 minutes isnt that bad, it just shows how big the map is. (kinda) And if you think about the fact that all the viewpoints have fast-travel option, i think going from one end to the other is not going to take that much time. can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  • @20 Watch_dogs, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Crew would like a word
  • @22 I'm sure he's saying invest that time in another franchise. If they put this god awful franchise to bed they can come up with another brilliant title like far cry 3 or maybe watchdogs from what that looks like. I mean AC was good at one point but not in awhile.
  • @1 By the way, half an hour is HUGE for a game world. It takes me maybe 5 minutes to glide around Arkham City.
  • @23 So he is a just another entitled fool? He may be tired of the franchise but many others aren't. Those who want sequels will get them. Those who want new ips will get them as Ubi is working. It's a win win for everyone.
  • I'm still debating on whether to get this on current or next gen... I hope we will find out the differences (if any) between the versions soon.
  • Revelations was the start to the series' downfall. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. AC3 well and truly destroyed the reputation AC had built up over the years. Sadly, I don't see this next instalment being any different.
  • #26 very true curious what differences there are .....or like ya said if any
  • #7 then don't do it?
  • I wonder if it will be fully open at the start like fallout or locked like red dead or gta's open worlds
  • Sorry, did that once with Zelda: Wind Waker, and it was insanely boring. Not doing it again. The naval missions in AC3 were the worst part of the game, and I hate that it's the main focus of AC4.
  • ..and one month to swim.
  • This sounds very boring, unfortunately. I don't have the attention span to sail in a video game for a half hour. Gimme some shit to kill or at least platforms to jump on. Unless it's like the Gummi Ship sequences from Kingdom Hearts, I don't care about this.
  • Took me about two weeks too cross when I was on deployment(USN).
  • tske 30 mins to sail across, as James May once said "sailing, its bloody boring."
  • @35 lol good point
  • As long as the world is beautiful and there are dynamic events to partake in, I could care less.
  • And I thought I got bored in Wind Waker...
  • I'm just really hoping that the load times get dial back a bit, that was the most frustrating thing about AC3 for me, was the constant load times between zones.
  • Sounds a little boring. Bigger isn't always better. I remember driving for 15 minutes in gta san andreas to start a mission, failing and having to re-drive for another 15 minutes. Plus the ocean looks the same all the time.
  • For comparison, does anyone know how long it takes to cross the Zelda: Wind Waker map?
  • @39 about 80% of next gen games (this included) are not going to have a single load screen. Not even to start the game up. Welcome to 2013
  • I wasn't too keen on this game until I saw the gameplay trailer. Now I'm pumped. I don't really think it needs the AC brand attached though. Imagine if this wa a stand alone game, I'm sure people would think a) something new and a genre not deeply explored and b) it looks like a load of fun. I think the fact that it is an AC game is making people have a negative feel towards it. I for one (along with possibly only #21) am looking forward to this. And for the record, AC3 pissed me off. Overall, it was an OK experience for me.
  • @35 What about sailing with cannons and swash buckling pirates?
  • @43 Oh you're in for a surprise then. There is a game like that in development. Just wait and see. 30 minute ocean trek? This game is starting to sound like work. We'll see how they (hopefully) spice it up.
  • @8 Strange. I just thought the same thing. And I didn't love the sailing. Especially the whole wind direction thing -.-
  • @1 Yeah I wonder why they didn't extend it more realistically so that it takes you 6 to 8 gameplay days to sail from one waypoint to another. That would make for a really fun game. Yeah.
  • People are saying it's too big? It's not like there is going to be a mission to sail from one side of the map to the other? Imagine how long it takes to walk from one side of Skyrim to the other? That's the point of fast travel. I don't know how anyone can bitch about something like that. First good news I've heard in awhile about this game.
  • Damn, I wanted it to take a few months of real-life time to sail across the ocean -__-
  • Yeah, because sailing as a primary focus of a video game never caused backlash or was a terrible idea. I mean, look how fantastically Wind Waker is received! I mean, the best part of that game was sailing the endless ocean! [/sarcasm]
  • I remember that before the release of Zelda: Ocarina of Time it was announced that it will take a whole day to ride with your horse from one end of the overworld to the other. I was so hyped as a kid! Later I realized they were taking about ingame "day" which only takes a few minutes XD
  • cant imagine a more enjoyable experience than travelling somewhere for 30 minutes in a big blue practically empty and lifeless environment. sounds super fun in there super awesomsauce boats that everyone begged for more of /sarcasm
  • That's fairly small. Considering the 2003 Tie in game for Pirates of the Caribbean had an ocean that could take hours to get from one Island to another.
  • At least you have your own boat...Everquest, you had to wait in port, then wait out the ride.
  • I just wish they'd settle on a time difference between characters. They skip 500 years, then 100, then bounce back a generation? huh?
  • "We don't talk about it in terms of size, that would be a little bit unfair - But it is the biggest game we've ever made" If you don't want to talk about it in terms of size because it's unfair, why did you follow that by immediately talking about it in terms of size? -_-
  • This will be the first game in the AC series I wont get on the release date, if ill get it at all. The game looks good, but the series has only gotten worse and worse since AC2, reaching a series low with AC3, a game with no stealth, weak main story, and bugs and glitches all over. A AAA+ title where you cant get 100% because of glitches should never happen, but it does, especially with ubisoft where the focus is on making money, instead of delivering finished games to the us, the users. AC has turned into a Money machine, with no focus on what the series was actually about, so thanks, but no thanks!
  • so you'll sail for 1/2 hour, forget something sail back, sail back again and an 1 1/2 hours of your time is gone doing nothing. hopefully you'll be able to sail without doing anything. set sail and go do something else in teh real world for a while
  • "It will take - [to sail] across the whole game world - maybe half an hour." For the idiots who can't read, he does not say it will take you thirty minutes to sail from location to location. He was just trying to help people visualise how large the entire game world is. Learn to read.
  • Most of the people understand that, Brad. The issue is... If your ocean is so large that one end of the map takes 30 minutes to get to, there's a lot of wasted space and time there. Nobody really liked the sailing in Zelda which only took you something like 10 minutes to sail from one end of the map to the other. What on earth makes them think a world of 30 minutes across will be any more fun?
  • @59 Totally agree. @60 "There's a lot of wasted space" You think there will be nothing between one side of the map and the other? Using similar logic to most people on here, if there are 75 islands they must all be in a straight line and only take 25 seconds to get from one to the next. Because God forbid I buy a pirate game and there's sailing, that would be boring.
  • Glad to see they're putting in a lot of effort. As badly as I'll want to play it day 1 I think I'm going to wait and get it for XB1. Hopefully it's not as glitchy out of the gate as 3, and if it is, hopefully it's patched well by the time XB1 comes out haha
  • So this will be "too big" like AC3 was. By the end of AC3 we're left with a quick little ending for the main premise the first game established. I always found the premise with Desmond to be MUCH more interesting, especially when at the end of AC2 Minerva was clearly talking to Desmond instead of Ezio. That moment blew me away and I knew this was MUCH bigger than I originally thought. I think they sort of failed to deliver when it comes to that. It's almost like they forgot that the big reveal of the first game was that these time periods were just memories and that the story actually takes place in the present. They had the opportunity to deliver something amazing as far as the actual main premise and now the series seems like it has been sort of dumbed down to mostly just an action game.
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