Battlefield 4 Gets Trailer, Beta and Premium Details

Lee Bradley

Here’s the ‘Paracel Storm’ multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 4, shown on stage during EA’s gamescom press conference.

“Watch intense and dramatic naval combat on swelling seas and stormy oceans, with 64-player action in the Battlefield 4 ‘Paracel Storm’ map,” says the blurb.

In addition to this, DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson also announced that the game will go into beta in October. Battlefield 3 Premium owners, those that pre-ordered Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe, and owners of Medal of Honor Warfighter Digital Deluxe and Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition will be offered access.

The beta will contain the Siege of Shanghai map on Conquest mode.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 4 Premium has been detailed, offering access to five expansion packs featuring new multiplayer maps and in-game content, two weeks before everyone else. The expansions are as follows:

  • Battlefield 4 Second Assault – Includes four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps now re-imagined with the power of Frostbite 3. Available first on Xbox One
  • Battlefield 4 China Rising – Players fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland. Available December 2013
  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike – Experience dynamic ocean combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. Available Spring 2014
  • Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth – The US strikes back engaging in all-out urban warfare. Available Summer 2014
  • Battlefield 4 Final Stand – Bring the war to its epic conclusion. Available Summer 2014

In addition to this, Battlefield 4 Premium also offers up:

  • Unique personalization options including camos, paints, emblems, dogtags and more
  • Priority position in server queues
  • New content every week
  • 12 bonus Battlefield 4 Battlepacks
  • Transfer Battlefield 4 Premium membership from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4

Battlefield 4 will be available October 29th for current-gen systems. A next-gen version is coming at a later date.

  • I'm so glad to be able to finally enjoy 64 players at 60 FPS on console with next gen. I haven't played Battlefield on PC since BF2 unfortunately. DICE, simply put, you have done an amazing job, and I have only pre-ordered BF4 for next gen at this moment in time, as I think it's the only title I will need for a damn good while. See you on the Battlefield!
  • Still undecided whether I should get it on 360 or wait until I eventually get a One...
  • Now THAT is Battlefield :D
  • Holy Shit! This game will be massive for PC and Next gen consoles. Already preordered. PS: Have u noticed that there's the Barrett M82?
  • Looking properly awesome, I will most likely go with CoD for change this year, but BF won't be far behind=D
  • Psst 'Paracel Storm' not 'Parcel Storm' ;)
  • @4 Yea im pretty sure that Dice said that the M82 is a map weapon, meaning that any class will be able to pick it up and once it's used up, it's gone.
  • This was my 2nd game reserved and paid off. Can Not Wait!!!
  • Already have this preordered for next gen, may need the 360 version to tide me over for a few weeks haha
  • The game looks awsome but god damn that sound they play at the end of the video will blow out your speakers or your ears if your wearing ear buds for sure.
  • and people like COD better??? WHY??
  • Already have this completely paid off along with my Xbox One Day One Console. Cannot wait to get my hands on both.
  • This game is gunna be amazing! Cannot wait!
  • All that DLC sounds like dog shit actually, and no way near worth $50 or whatever they charge for it. The first expansion is just four maps from BF3?! That shit should be free, not $15.
  • @10 dont forget the inevitable seizures everyone will have if the intro is anything like bf3! ;)
  • FYI guys, the returning maps from BF3 with the Second Assault DLC are as follows; Operation Firestorm, Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro and Caspian Border. You can catch a glimpse of the maps in the latest BF4 premium video.
  • Wow, and I thought the wait for this couldn't get any worse.
  • Only played that Battlefield 1943 XBLA game before, but I'm swapping my 6 years of CoD for BF this time. Roll on next-Gen Treyarch Zombags too:)
  • Yea :)
  • I hope they leave out the cheesy Linkin Park music.
  • @14 So each expansion is valued at 15$ so that would be 75$ of content plus about another 10$-20$ worth for the extra shit thrown in. Pretty sure 50$ is a fair price Mr. I'm-Entitled-To-More-Than-I-Paid-For.
  • I'll be buying this, no question. New content every week, five total DLC packs, Battlepacks? Yes, please.
  • I've never seen the point of early access for map packs. The only thing it does is segregate players even more.
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