EA Still Has Faith in the Dead Space Series

Lee Bradley

Although Dead Space 3 failed to hit sales targets, EA still has “faith” in the future of the series.

That’s according to EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau, who told CVG that, "No it's not out of rotation. I mean, I'm not announcing anything right now, but I will say we had a great trilogy of games and we still have faith in that franchise.

"Dead Space is something that we're very proud of," added Gibeau. "We are not making any public announcements on what we're doing with the next Dead Space, but we definitely have a great set of IPs to pull out of the vault."

One of the main problems facing a potential return of the series, according to Gibeau, is that the company only has a limited number of teams that it can spread across EA’s properties.

The sales target for Dead Space 3 was five million units and although no numbers have been officially released, EA has previously revealed in an investor’s call that the game failed to hit those heights.

  • Shame, as much as people criticised DS3 for drifting away from the horror genre to the action genre i thought it was a pretty damn good game. i hope to see another sequel.
  • @1 I completely agree, more Dead Space please.
  • With the cliff hanger of an ending I hope to see another and final chapter in the series. Nothing worse than leaving fans hanging.
  • I don't
  • Why do they insist their only options are lock the franchise away in a vault or make action-oriented co-op games?
  • I don't think many people thought DS3 was bad, it just wasn't as good as its predecessors.
  • After the ending to the Awakened DLC, I'll be quite sad if they decide to end it there. Nothing like a juicy cliffhanger to leave the fanbase wanting more!
  • I'm playing this at the moment (in single player), and am enjoying it more than I thought I would.
  • What makes Dead Space stand out is its relative modern survival horror elements - a perfect blend of shooting and horror. Its recent trend is shifting from this to the mainstream shooter, which is in my opinion why it fails to meet sales target: it lost its own appeal, its own characteristic, while there are tons of better shooter games out there for players to choose. I still have my faith in the DS series (I played all 3 games), but unless EA brings the series back to its original direction, the series may really be dead.
  • @1 Ditto. I have a lot of small moans about the game but overall it was still good. They could do two things to have a MAJOR effect on the horror of the game: 1. Varied enemy spawns. In DS3 it was always the same number of enemies, the same types spawning in the same places once you cross the same threshold. Considering you'll have played the campaign 3 times before attempting Hardcore it wasn't all that tough considering you know when and when everything will come from and have found your preferred method of dispatching baddies by then. I found Hardcore tougher in DS2 because there were at least a handful of areas where the enemy spawns had two or three different patterns (Just before entering the church in chapter 3, the big open mine area in chapter 11). 2. Once you clear an area you know you're safe and can bollock around in it forever searching for swag. F that. Gimme 20-30 seconds then send some more goons my way. Keep me moving. Only a handful of areas should be perma-safe, the middle of a rustbucket ship with vents connecting to everywhere else shouldn't be one of them. This is why my fav part of DS3 was chapter 5 (expect Delays) when the immortal necro chases you to the tram station. Then ANOTHER drops in. Then a couple of those things with tails drop in too. Just trying to kill those while keeping the immortals at bay was fantastic stuff. I managed to do that section first time through on Impossible, but if the tram finally arrived and the doors opened to unveil a THIRD immortal necro I think I would have just dropped my controller and cried. I saw lots of complaints about having too much ammo/health in DS3, but I was having the opposite experience in my Impossible run. Maybe Visceral can look at the ammo/health drops system from The Last Of Us. It always *seems* like you have low ammo and need to make every shot count but when you kill a dude and only have a bullet or two left, guess what? They drop ammo. For your gun. Even though they were using a different one! Perhaps they can utilise that Dead Space trademark, Kenesis, and more destructible environments making throwing stuff a more viable or even vital option. You've always go Stasis coming out of your anus in this series so you can keep the necros at bay whilst looking at your environment for deadly stuff. Okay, that's actually 3.
  • the problem is that Dead Space has lost faith in EA!
  • This would make a killer horror game for next Gen if done right! I enjoyed 3, just not as much as the other two.
  • I loved all of them DS games. True first one was best, but I liked how they incorporated co op to third one and lengthy campaign was all I could ask for. Not in a hurry to get back into, I mean I can always replay whole trilogy, but hopefully they will come up with maybe new character and story line for the next game=)
  • 1 thing stopped me from buying Dead Space 3 ... microtransactions.
  • Probably they shouldn't do a big budget Dead Space anymore anyway. Previously they stated that DS3 needs to sell 5 million copies to recoup the input and that is the problem. The initial Dead Space was created for a specific limited audience and thats where they have to go back to. A SciFi horror game isn't something to appeal to a mass market. As event horizon is a niche film Dead Space at its core is a niche game and as such it can't have a budget of a blockbuster and stay the same in terms of gameplay. They could just use most of the existing assets of previous game and put a clever narrative and clever horror elements in there and thats it. Would probably turn in more profit than DS3 did.
  • After Dead Space 3, I certainly don't.
  • I love the Dead Space franchise, it's on the list of my favorite games from this generation but I honestly wonder how many miles it really has left in it. And please shut the fuck up forever about the microtransactions that were buried in a menu and completely unnecessary in Dead Space 3. If I see one more idiot saying they didn't play the game based on that but are bitching about it, I'm gonna throw up. So you didn't actually play the game because the internet told you it had microtransactions? The internet should have told you as well that you never needed them in the game unless you wanted to pay for a shortcut.
  • Im waiting for The Awakening to go half price, seems like forever
  • "EA Still Has Faith in the Dead Space Series" Confirmed: Dead Space/Mirror's Edge mash-up.
  • Developers have to realise that when they turn their backs on the core conventions of a successful game to make it popular, they will flop. Simple as that. The idea of a co-op Dead Space killed the entire game experience. It was no longer scary because of it, and the game fell miles short of its two predecessors. Look what has happened to Resident Evil, exact same pattern is apparent. Another example of multiplayer/co-op killing chocking a brilliant franchise. Dead Space 1 and 2 were great fun and genuinely unsettling. Go back to what made your originals so successful.
  • i really enjoyed the Dead Space Series, it was and still is my favourite game but i don't think there should be anymore because it started to slip on the third, Don't get me wrong it was a good game but it feels as though one wrong move and it could ruin it for fans of the original, quit it while its ahead
  • @3 if you played the DLC, there wasn't much of a cliffhanger left. And to those bitching about the micro transactions. I managed to play DS3 without going anywhere near that garbage. You could also "buy" the same packs with in-game credits. I'd love to see another Dead Space. As long as it made a full return to it's survival horrors roots. Something more like the original. Although we won't be seeing any sequel until Xbox One now, anyway.
  • Well at least they still have Faith in the Mirror's Edge series.
  • I agree with most that DS3 wasn't as good as the 1st or 2nd, but it was still a Good game! Good enough to wanna play through on classic & pure survival as well as the DLC.They should definitely keep the co-op as this was the 1st game I've played from start to finish on co-op which was a lot of fun. Maybe Especially when you play through with someone that has a sense of humor, not gonna say any names (Ch33zd00dle) Lol. Wouldn't hurt to have random baddies & kick the strength back up on the original guns cause they were pretty nerfed... just sayin. Just a thought: Maybe they could bring in John Carpenter to work on the horror/suspense of the game. And finally keep the "bang bang, pew pew!" Lol
  • @ 24 John Carpenter hasn't done anything good in roughly twenty years. Dead Space already stole the best parts of The Thing, let's leave it at that.
  • @ 25 like I said just a thought, could be Clive Barker, Stephen King or anybody else for that matter. Lets leave it at that!
  • That is great but I don't have faith in EA.
  • its at 1.3 million globally according to vgchartz, i dont see where that counts as "not dead" when you had a 5 million projection i can guarantee it wasnt be cause there was a shortage of microtransactions (along with actual survival horror in a supposedly survival horror game)
  • I'm still mystified how EA was able to ruin 3 fantastic games. Mass Effect, Dead Space and Dragon Age were three of my favs...My EA boycott isn't over!
  • LOVE all the Dead Space games second best franchise on 360 next to Mass Effect I dont care what anyone else says
  • Hell yea! Give me MORE DeadSpace.... From VG please, let Steve P. take more charge of DeadSpace, stay away bean counters! I don't need some action adventure that costs the Dev a ton of money to make, just make an isolated scary game. With that being said, DS3 was awesome and I loved playing, each of the 4 times, and I plan on playing more. More Dead Space is 100% ok with me.
  • @14 The game was beatable on all difficulties without buying a thing, so why complain and miss out on a good game for something that is optional...
  • still to play this game, co-op was added/ multiplayer in DS2 - stop wasting time and money on those and focus on the best possible SP experience! That's what people like!
  • They need more DLC for this!
  • more dead space please and the co op campaign was really fun however dont bring back what you done in ds2 mp wise as that was awful
  • I'm glad this happened to this game. The Story is stupid. The hallucinations are ridiculous. They think bunches of enemies are creepie When they're not. Making it look harder when it's not. Good job. I'm happy. I saved myself some money tanx.
  • What!? Who likes Dead Space 3 and not Dead Space and Dead Space 2.. wtf!? That's like all the bozo's who jumped on RE5 and praised it.. lol! I am goin to wait for another Dead Space but this time do it right! They turned the page from Survival horror and jumped into Action packed BS. I didn't have any internet and could not co op the game. Some parts were difficult by myself. I did love the weapon crafting. They need more DLC weapons and Suits! Weapons and Suit with perks like Dead Space 2.. Come on!!!!
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