Is Magic: The Gathering 2013 the Next Xbox Live Game With Gold?

Richard Walker

It looks like Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 might be the next entry in the Xbox Live games With Gold promotion, if an image spotted on the Australian is any kind of an indication.

Originally spotted by Reddit user The Geslo, the Aussie features an image in the bottom right hand corner of its Social home page when you sign in, and it ain't fake. I signed in on there using my own profile and took a snap, just to make sure.

Look, that's my Xbox Live Avatar down there. It looks like Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planewalkers 2013 being your free Games With Gold title for September 1st is looking pretty legit. We'll update when Microsoft officially announces September's GWG games.

[Via OXM]

  • I hope so. Finally something I don't already own!
  • Hoping for a retail game to come with this. Bought this about a month a go. Pretty good game.
  • God, no. I hate those cards games.
  • That would be awesome! Don't have that one, and would help get more people into Magic. Wins all around.
  • I hope not... I hate games with cards, I don't understand how to play it. Magic isn't my thing. I actually want a game, not some cheap card game which comes out each year and is exactly the same.
  • That might not be so for UK being as when we were getting dead rising 2 some other countries like Germany were getting lost planet 2. this does good either way as i have not played the game and if this free game is UK aswell it will give me a reason to play it
  • Not for me, I'll give it a go at least though.
  • Its not constantly the same actually, the new rules and abilities are added and changed and you always get different decks, and if you don't understand then play the tutorial seriously not that hard, only problem is if you are too lazy to bother learning and if its free then why moan, might as well try it!
  • Seriously why?, I would have assumed more games on demand games, it was certainly good of them to give Dead Rising 2, Case Zero since Case Zero is a prequel to Dead Rising 2 (already have both so nice to have a digital backup for DR2), I was hoping for something random like a game I might not have played before, maybe Saints Row 1 since sort of curious about it. If they did something like Saints Row 1 then it might encourage people to buy games similar to it just like Crackdown 1 got me to want to get crackdown 2 too, well this method might work for other people that haven't tried Halo before or Gta, etc...
  • It looks shit. There, I've said it.
  • @8 exactly, its a FREE game why gripe about it. They could have never started this in the first place
  • #8, I have played it, its not my thing... Its boring and slow going and I prefer not to be bored shitless while playing games. Sorry if I hurt you precious Magic. If I wanted to play with cards I'd go for Yu-Gi-Oh or Poker.
  • Where's Halo 3 that was said to be free ages ago
  • Lol, 2013... It is better than a 5 year old game, but still its a $10. I thought they were supposed to be bringing us multiple retail games for free. If they want to be as successful as PSN, they need to do one XBLA game and one retail game every 15 days. They are just digging the ditch deeper. They have good sales now and then (like the current RockStar one) but dang they missed the point of games with gold.
  • So this is the 1st of the last 4 games before they stop the service? What a massive pile of shit. "Free don't moan" doesn't wash either, My dash is flooded with fucking advertisements and I pay for my membership. If anything im in credit.
  • As long as its a game I don't have I'll be happy.
  • #15, You're right. Who wants arcade games? I know free is free but when its a boring game like this I seriously wonder why I pay for my membership each year. I hope the last 4 games are at least good and more recent.
  • Hah i was deciding between 2013 or 2014, and decided to buy 2014 the other day, good decision!
  • why would they choose a relatively new arcade game? especially one that has a small target audience
  • Same here, no interest what-so-ever. Tried the demo, and utterly hated it. 1 point from victory, and the CPU manages to have all the exact cards it needed to win, yeh.... After the 2nd time it did it to me (in 3 games!) I wiped that POS from my HDD. I have to agree with @15 too, why are we bombarded with adverts for a paid service!? >:(
  • Ugh
  • If this is true then you can start to see a pattern: Month 1: XBLA game first, then a GoD game second Month 2: Both games are GoD. and then here we are back at 'month 1' again. People seriously need to stop complaining about the choices they are giving you. You are already paying for Gold... this is something extra that you weren't getting before. If you don't like the things offered then don't get them. You'd just be paying for Gold like you were before... sheesh
  • Still better than FIFA 14.
  • I hope this isn't true because I brought this the other month :(
  • No thanks a card game that makes out to be something other than a card game i'll pass. But will give it a shot if it is.
  • I seriously don't understand why don't have some sort of voting system every month. For instance, put 5 games on offer and let the subscribers vote for the game the most like to see in GFG and the winner is free the following month. It will stop all the people moaning and make everyone happy. #20 I agree, lovefilm is seriously starting to piss me off,always in the corner of my eye. I hate advertising!!
  • I'll pass. I can't stand card games like this.
  • God dammit, its like they're picking games from my played list, of the hundreds of arcade games to chose from i dont own they pick this :/ (It is a great game for those who've never played magic, btw) I agree with #26 their should be a vote
  • @23 Um no.
  • Never liked Magic. And didn't GwG start off saying it would be classics on the console? Then why do we get Magic and Defence Grid...? We'll see which games we get tomorrow, as majornelson will reveal it tomorrow, and he'll get much hate by the community if it's Magic, no doubt.
  • Please. Not Magic. A friend of mine had whole stacks of that game, but it was vague and boring as hell, because I didn't know the rules, and he talked about this and that card like it was as normal as doing dishes or brushing teeth.
  • Oh no... Not an arcade game... Not a "card" game... I want real video games!
  • I think the games that have been given for Free* have been..Well, they needn't have bothered. My opinion, but i've had Xbox Live since '07 and had owned pretty much every game that's been given so far other than this 'Magic' stuff. I wouldn't appreciate this game like others do, sadly. I see them as 'Glorified mobile games'. (*Membership fees apply)
  • Whiny bitches, complaining because you don't know how to play. Sorry if you're just itchy trigger finger gamers jacked up on Mountain Dew all the time, and can't play a game that requires thought and strategy. Id be all over this...if I didn't already have it.
  • #8 Yes there are new rules in magic, but the problem is it won't effect the 2013 edition since they just brought it out for the M14 block (2014 edition). Also for the duel of the planeswalker edition the only new rules that change are the legendary creatures since we don't get a sideboard or planeswalker for that matter. I highly doubt they did an update in the older versions just to change the rules.
  • lol xbox only getting borring and old crap
  • I am not a big Magic person, but this is a welcome sight. Why? Cause its free and I like card and board games :D
  • @20 and @15, Ads aren't all that bad, I mean, some even give you avatar shit, gamer pictures, and all that other stuff. I don't mind them. :/
  • I'd recommend trying this even if you think it's not your thing. I'd never played a card game until the 2011 Magic was free on PS+ and now I buy them yearly, it's quite addictive and relaxing!
  • @23 LOL genius.
  • As long as magic will be released on 15th september, I'm fine GTA V will keep me busy for a looong time!
  • I don't get why people are downvoting #1, it's a pretty legitimate comment. The past three games have been things I already own, so I'm actually rather happy with this.
  • I already have it, so I'll at least recommend it. Planeschase is wicked fun (even if it can be horribly long). I'd really love if some of the DLC were free, though. I haven't got any for this one, and a few of the bonus decks are sweet (my roommate also has this game on the PS3, and he had way too much fun with the five-color deck).
  • I hope not don't nobody want to play that shit lol
  • easy 200 g thanx
  • never played it due to it being a card game of sort. Free might get me hooked.
  • Pokemon for "adults" No thanks.
  • This such BS! Microsoft said retail games & they're jumping around giving us arcade games. Out of all arcade games though....why this??
  • Isn't this a game where you have to buy cards with real money? How is that "free"? If that's the free game, it's just as bad as the North American PS+ tomorrow, which is just HD versions of old PS2 games. Europe gets Assassin's Creed 3 though, which is leaps and bounds better than what Microsoft or NA Sony offer.
  • How about something like Gears: Judgement?
  • Man, Games with Gold really sucks so far. The only worth while game so far was DR2, and that's only because I didn't really play it much when it first released cuz I just rented it. Atleast with my PS+ I get some relatively newer and good games. M$ really needs to learn from Sony with this. They could have atleast made it the newest MTG game.
  • Holy crap no!
  • @50 hahahahahaha You do know this is mircosoft don't you?? More chance of getting Gears 1
  • just posted bij major nelson him self see link
  • Already have this game. I'm not very good at trading card games, but I still fire this up every now and then. Wonder what the next free games will be. We already know Halo 3 will be one of them. When that's going to happen is another story.
  • Well I own all 4 magic games, so this is a wash. In fact I've owned every game so far that has been given away except for the very first arcade title released. How long does it take for Halo 3 to show up???? (I own that game already too) IIRC the service is ending this year, so we get 6 months of old as dirt games and arcade titles? I'm confused I thought this was supposed to get people excited? Oh and Major Nelson posted that Rainbow Six Vegas was the other game. Another really old game (but fortunately I don't have it anymore)
  • I am hating the sound of this game, but there is a high percentage that I may like it. I always like strategy and luck in some deck based games and uno not sure how this one plays. Glad something I don't have as opposed to some of the previous releases. This could have been better but free is always free :D
  • Wow...I don't usually complain because free is free. But Defense Grid first and now Magic. This is just an example of Microsoft getting by without releasing full retail games every time. I don't have a problem with arcade titles but if your going to release them you should release good ones: (ex: Braid, The Cave, Castle Crashers, etc.) not some card game that 75% of the community doesn't even play. Oh well, I will play it anyways because its free. Not that I will find it enjoying or entertaining but for the cheevo's.
  • @56 NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO ONCE AGAIN: NOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO Rainbow 6 Vegas and not even the second one, God it's 7 years old, it's disgusting
  • Ben 10 The Rise of Hex arcade game (800 msp) is now free.
  • Doesn't sound too bad, at least I don't already own it. Might even like it, who knows?
  • On playStation Plus network they have 18 free games & counting. Title games such as Uncharted 3, Hitman, Saints Row, Oddworld Munch's Oddysee just to name a few. WTG! Micro$oft on giving us these free junk games.
  • Could you imagine what it would be like if Games With Gold were giving away books? People would complain about Moby Dick being too old, The God Delusion being a niche book, and Catcher in the Rye because they already had it. Magic The Gathering, both in cardstock and digital, is a thinking man's game. If you like Chess, Lord Of The Rings, and math, you'll love it. If you hate thinking and wear diapers while playing COD, you'll probably just eat the cards.
  • Ah well it got me Dead rising 2 and case zero, i'm not complaining about Magic not really a game i play but still its free and its a give-away. They don't say you need to download it, that's only a option..... First games where for the trigger-fingers, and second ones are for the thinking peeps... relax, take it easy, take a sisi and download what you like and skip what you don't like even with a voting system people would complain because the majority votes for a game that others don't like and guess what they start complaining. Xbox gold never had any free games so i like the fact that there is a game give-away ;)
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