Batman Arkham Bundle Revealed

Lee Bradley

A bundle of the first two Batman Arkham games, as well as much of their DLC, has been unveiled.

Containing both Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and a range of add-ons, the bundle is listed by GameStop for a September 23rd release, though that may just be placeholder.

Batman: Arkham Asylum comes with the Scarecrow Nightmare, Crime Alley, Totally Insane, and Nocturnal Hunter challenge maps, as well as Trioviz 3D vision.

Batman: Arkham City, meanwhile, comes with Harley Quinn's Revenge, the Catwoman Pack, the Nightwing Bundle Pack, the Challenge Map Pack and the Arkham City Skins Pack. In total this gives player access to an extra seven maps, three playable characters and 12 skins.

Planned to release ahead of the third game in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins, the bundle is listed for $49.99. If you’ve played neither, you’ve got no excuse.

  • Seems like a good a deal. I'll be surprised if no one has played these wonderful games yet. Still, if not, then here's a good chance to enjoy them to it's entirety!
  • While the games are fun the camera view and angles are annoying as hell, they always make me feel like it's third person over a particular shoulder rather than directly behind Batman.
  • Should this be under the GFWL version? Also steelbook with nice boxart and I'm definitely in
  • That's a pretty good deal for two of the best games ever made. It should be an insta-buy for those who haven't played them. But lets be honest. How many out there haven't.
  • @#3 that's because it IS over the shoulder. It's weird at first, but you quickly get used to it and after a while it becomes a really comfortable way to play.
  • Sorry, that was meant for #2!
  • @4 I haven't. They're sitting in my backlog with most of my other games.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • @8 I'd say if the first one didn't do anything for you then the second probably won't change your mind. I personally preferred the first so, if you didn't like it, I definitely can't recommend the second!
  • Haven't played it #ManOfSteel fanboy here
  • This seems like a stupid deal. In most stores I can find both Arkham games for 20 dollars each and with ALL the DLC. At most, the price for Arkham Asylum is 30 and AC GOTY is 20. This bundle isn't worth it folks.
  • @10 I'm one of the biggest Supes fans I know. Heck..I even named my son's middle name Kal-El (also look to your left, I'm a Supes fan :-D). However, the Batman series from Rocksteady is nothing short of epic! The best of ANY super hero franchise and some. If only someone can create a good Superman game. Don't cheat yourself out of these great games. PLAY THEM!!!! They weren't contenders of Game Of The Year for nothing!
  • This was released in Japan about 2 months ago - makes sense that it would be a global release.
  • bit of a rip off as you can get both games with dlc for roughly £25 £15 for arkham city GOTY less than £10 for arkham asylum so just buy them aeperately and save yourself some money
  • So each goty edition is $20...Harley Quinn Revenge DLC is $9.99 (GOTY doesn't have) and Robin Bundle Pack (New Bundle doesn't have) is $6.99, so I save $6.99 if I buy them separately...
  • @1, I haven't played either of these games. Are surprised now? lol
  • I haven't played either of these games so this is definitely a priority for me...
  • @16 dang keyboard didn't pick up *you* when I typed it.
  • Wonder which achievement list these will fall under. I still need to track down the original from my original play. Had no idea that the GOTY edition would have its own achievement list.
  • If its a bundle, then where the heck is Robin?
  • @1 & 16, I haven't played either of these games. The GS bundle looks good. However, im waiting til Black Friday.
  • Seems lame to me. Why not bundle it with new game instead and release is a whole trilogy for current gen. Now that would be awesome. I don't care either way this game was well worth buying on day of release and is worth much more than that, but if they try to make some extra money, that is the route I would go.
  • @21 origins comes out the week before Black Friday, and even though it's the third game in the series, it is a prequel. So if you want to go chronologically then try to get origins on sale. But you really should get these two games at some point. They are fantastic
  • Why the hell is it missing DLC? What is the point of these packs when they are more expensive then buying separately and isn't even complete. Blows my mind.
  • @23 what? Origins comes out October 25th. Black Friday is in November. Lmao
  • My Xbox won't read new games anymore... was hoping it would be on Wii-U as well, but doesn't look like it. Oh well, guess I can get the damn thing fixed.
  • @9, I didn't enjoy Arkham Asylum at all, but I absolutely loved Arkham City!
  • This is great for anyone who has not yet played these games. I have several friends who still to this day have not played either and flat out refuse to play them based on absolutely no reasoning what so ever... their loss.
  • great games but I believe it would be cheaper to buy separate.. pretty sure I saw AC GOTY for $20
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