NBA Live 14 First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Lee Bradley

EA Sports has finally released the first gameplay footage from NBA Live 14.

With the series’ problems seemingly out of the way, NBA Live is set to return to next-gen consoles at launch, so this footage represents our first look at EA’s renewed attempts to topple the mighty NBA 2K.

Have a look below. NBA Live 14 hits Xbox One on November 19th.

  • This trailer is stupid. Very!
  • Just an editors note but this trailer is listed under the game information for NBA 2k14. Unless that's an intentional funny dig or something :P
  • Yea that's not gameplay. I hope its a decent game.
  • I look forward to watching this franchise fail again next generation. The 2K series has always outclassed the Live series, other than the NBA logo, there's no comparison. Put it back in the grave and bring back a good franchise like Skate instead.
  • That looks more like a trailer than "Actual Gameplay".
  • not gameplay. not NBA 2K14. fail article.
  • So . . . what part of that was gameplay, again?
  • I'm sure it freezes and is full of bugs like every other game EA Sports puts out
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