NBA 2K14 Video Examines the Pro Stick Controls

Richard Walker

2K has released a trailer for NBA 2K14 taking a look at the game's 'Pro Stick' controls, which promises "the most intuitive controls feature to ever be implemented into a basketball game."

You'll be able to utilise the Pro Stick to pull off "show-stopping moves" including no-look passes delivered with accuracy, intricate shots, lay-ups and dunks. Of course, this has been the case in NBA 2K for some time, but this year it's better. Or something.

Check out the Pro Stick controls trailer below for a look at the moves you can pull off, with input from Senior Producer Rob Jones and Lead Gameplay Designer Mike Wang. NBA 2K14 is out on October 1st in North America and October 4th in Europe.

  • Considering all of the issues 2K had with their awful servers last year, I'd steer clear of this one.
  • With 2k having a monopoly on the basketball games for 3 years now I've noticed some lack of detail with little glitches in some playoff series, loading screens, and basic animations. Maybe this year they'll keep tweaking their game to perfection. 12 and 13 felt so half asked in some ways. Still the best NBA series ever and looking forward to this one.
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