Batman: Arkham Origins Adds Electrocutioner To Its Rogue's Gallery

Richard Walker

Over the weekend at New York Comic Con, WB Montreal revealed another assassin for Batman: Arkham Origins, joining the motley crew of killers gunning for the Dark Knight at the behest of Black Mask and his excessive financial reward for disposing of the Bat.

It's the Electrocutioner AKA Lester Buchinsky, one of the lesser known Batman villains, who'll be joining the cast of Bat baddies, which includes Bane, Joker, Firefly, Copperhead, Deadshot and Deathstroke. You can see Electrocutioner in some shaky cam footage captured of the announcement trailer below.

We'll replace the video with the official one as soon as we get hold of it. We had been waiting for it to pop up, but it's nowhere to be found. Check it out here. Batman: Arkham Origins is out for Xbox 360 on October 25th.

  • Shocking!
  • i love all the batman characters and its universe, but honestly, that name sounds like it belongs to Marvel! :/ haha
  • KGBeast next!
  • I thought Shocker was a Spider-man villain...
  • He is to Batman what The Brooklyn Brawler was to the WWF.
  • Wasn't he Stone Cold's best mate hahaha
  • Shiva is the last assassin, she was announced with the achievement list
  • I swear I saw Batman implementing those shock gauntlets in another screen shot somewhere.
  • Wow....haven't seen the Electrocutioner in a video game since the 1990 Batman NES game along with Joker, Killer Moth, and Firebug.
  • Killer Croc is gonna be in the game as well again too - there is tracks named after Firefly/Copperhead etc, he also has one which is as good a hint as any for me.
  • I just love how one guy in the video was like "I KNOW IT!" right as soon as they had shown the Electrocutioner.
  • So here we have it: 1. Deathstroke 2. Bane 3. Deadshot 4. Copperhead 5. Firefly 6. Eletrocutioner 7. Lady Shiva 8. Killer Croc
  • Steeeeeeeeeve Bluuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!
  • And then there was even more interest in an already intriguing game!
  • @3 I second this! KGBeast is probably my favorite of the less popular Batman villains. I wouldn't mind him or Manbat. I feel like he doesn't get enough love.
  • Oh. Good. Someone to jump over and attack from behind. Again.
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