How to Survive Gets Launch Trailer and Screens

Lee Bradley

How to Survive hits XBLA today and developer Eko Software has released some launch screens and a trailer.

“How to Survive puts players in the center of the action as someone who, after an accident, finds themselves on an island amidst a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia ... but there are other inhabitants, many whom are undead,” explains Eko. “There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a brain-hungry horde of zombies to get the adrenaline flowing ... What will you do? Who will you trust? How will you survive?”

How to Survive costs $14.99 / £9.99.

  • Wow! haven't played a survival Zombie game in a while...must buy this. (SAID NO ONE EVEEEER!!!!) Think of something new to cash in on developers please.
  • €5 and i'll think about it
  • I eagerly await the day when Far Cry Classic gets a release trailer *sigh*
  • For some reason this reminds me of Diablo III.
  • It's like an ARPG (Diablo 2/3) and a zombie game.That is pretty nifty if you ask me.
  • It looks good and Ill definitely try the demo. $15 is pushing it, for a game that wont transfer to a new console, I will definitely wait to see if it comes out on xbone before I purchase for the 360 tho.
  • There's too many zombie games... Said no one ever. But seriously I love Zombie games so IMO there is never too many. You know what there is too many of? Old war games and now modern war games. Also too many football games and oh how many racing games are there? Compared to them there is hardly any zombie games. Beside it's not like it's a gameplay thing almost every war racing football games play the same with a few tweaks. But state of decay, dead island, dead rising, left 4 dead, resident evil 6, COD zombies, and this all play completely different the ONLY thing they have in common is zombies but gameplay is all completely different making them very different games. Where as modern warfare, black ops, battlefield, medal of honour, how different are they really?
  • Looks Boring and and not worth the price tag, i'll pass.
  • Just played the trial, and it does feel like it might be somewhat overpriced. Questionable voice acting, generic and repetative scenery, bad and unsatisfying animations, a conflicting atmosphere (how the light humour of the in-game guide book pick ups take away from how the game world has a serious and dark tone to it), and the pick ups are 9 times out of 10 impossible to see as they just look part of the scenery. The positive thing I have to say for this game is that it could be fun for a short while with a friend. Unless you're desperate for another zombie twin stick shooter that comes across too ambitious, you should pass on this one. Give the trial a go though and see what you think for yourselves.
  • Finally a game not centered on America or Americans. I like that part. I am kind of tired by zombies, but I get it. Zombies offended no race, religion, or nationality. They are enemies of mankind, so zombies games are an easy sale in every country. If this had been a dinosaur game, I would have paid full price, however.
  • On my list as a sale game to grab. 15 bucks is too much.
  • Man, people are still complaining about Zombie Survival games? Everyone acts like developers have been their and done that but none of them have actually created a survival game, mostly Zombie Horde modes. DayZ and State Of Decay are just the start of what a zombie survival game should be, and i can't wait to try How To Survive to see how it holds up in that genre. As for #10, i agree, i am kind of getting bored of Zombies being a main theme in the Survival genre, and i have always dreamed of a DayZ style dinosaur game.
  • @12 So Turok basically? Survival genre games are always enjoyable, but instead of focusing one enemy type the developers should just create an environment for the game where anything is possible. Allow for zombies, dinosaurs, aliens, ghosts, and whatever else they want that could make an interesting survival game. Many fun games don't have backgrounds that make sense for how the enemies exist so It wouldn't bother me much to see all of those in one game if it was a good game.
  • @13 Turok was always a linear FPS, not survival. Farcry 3 is probably the closest an FPS has gotten to the survival genre. What i was implying was that Survival games should be about surviving, not just seeing how many enemies you can kill before you die with cut-scenes in between levels. A survival game should be about Surviving, having to adapt in a new environment, scavenge for food and supplies, Make shelter and fortifying your defense, even having to make the choice to trust someone and being able to take them out if they betray you. It's not really survival if your given a shotgun and butt loads of ammo and told to run from A to B killing everything till you reach the end and if you die, you can just start over at a checkpoint. It's loads of fun, but i don't think i can label it as a survival game. In that case, every game that you can die in would be a survival game, you know? I think developers are starting to realize that now since the Survival genre is more alive than ever.
  • Too expensive in my opinion
  • So...... Some asshole went through the ocean and basically got the Palanai virus with him to this island??? Should have been called ' Dead Island in State of Decay, III'. Come on! Something more original for 10£?
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